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Women’s dress collections include regular dresses, fancy dresses, and innerwear. Different dresses are for various purposes. Likewise, the comfortable, bohemian, beach-vibe dresses are for summer; the furry, warm dresses are for winter and so on. In all seasons, women like to pace up with the best collections. So, chic and comfy dresses are always women’s first choice. Initially, the women’s innerwear is also necessary according to using purposes. Different innerwear has various purposes. But women want comfortable and also trendy innerwear. In this case, trendy inner-wear can be those which can shape and uphold a women’s body beautifully. Nowadays, women are concerned about their body shapes and outlooks. So, here is the YERKOAD body shaping innerwear collection for women. The YERKOAD promises to deliver worthy and comfortable body-shaping innerwear for women.

YERKOAD Waist Shaping and Butt lifter Underwear

The YERKOAD butt shaper
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Women are concerned about their body outlook. Sometimes they want to hide their body curves and want to look perfect. The YERKOAD tummy control underwear is super efficient for this. These underwears have butt lifting and tummy control features. Women can use these YERKOAD butts lifting underwear with any outfit because of the appropriate length. The butt lifting and tummy control YERKOAD underwear are long-lasting because it has a wrap swing all over. One must buy tummy-controlling underwear according to waist size for best use. This underwear can hide your belly fat curves and give a perfect shape to your body.

The YERKOAD Waist Shaping
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The fabrication of this YERKOAD underwear is super stretchy and feels smooth to body skin. Initially, the cotton crotch of the panty is healthy for the sensitive part of the body. Women who become new moms can try it and recover soon as these high waist tummy control underwear can help get rid of pain and swelling. So this YERKOAD underwear is appropriate for medical recovery. Among the eye-catching features of these body-shaping underwear are the three-row adjustable hook, spiral steel bone at the back part that keeps everything in place, spandex fabrication that helps to hold the body accurately. So women can grab the YERKOAD underwear for butt pulling and curve hiding. And enjoy wearing underneath any clothes, jeans, gowns to have the sassy and chanting approach.

Compressing Top 

Compressing Top
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The YERKOAD shaping top is best for bust shaping. There are two available colours for this top. Initially, the top can give a definite shape to your breast area and hide the body fats arm fats. So, it is an all-in-one top and fits your body perfectly. One of the best things about this YERKOAD body shaping top is hiding the back fat. When women only wear bras, it can create curves in the backside in underarms due to bra straps. But the YERKOAD body shaping top can hide those curves. The top has three hooks row for easy adjustment, then stretchy fabrication. Initially, the top hands are half-sleeves, but they do not roll up due to elasticity. Women can wrap the YERKOAD compression under full-sleeve shirts, tops, gowns, and wearables for gym and yoga. The essential story of these body-shaping upper tops is that they can be effective after surgeries on arms. Women can pick up this YERKOAD Breast shaping top to get rid of the saggy bust and end up with a firm, sassy and beautiful look for any event throughout the day.

The YERKOAD Reshaping Cincher

The YERKOAD Reshaping Cincher..
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The YERKOAD tummy control underpants works like magic. The under pant can hide the tummy fats waist curves. Initially, the panty has a criss-cross waist portion. These panties are suitable for the skin and sensitive parts of the body. The under pant can protect the pubic area from bacterial infection as the crochet of the panty is made of soft fabric. One can wear the shaping panties under any pants, shorts, jeans, leggings because they have a high-cut design. The YERKOAD high-waist panties can trim up to one inch of belly fat and offer you a slimmer look for any event.

Reshaping Cincher 1
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The high-waist underpants do not roll up as they are stretchy, and the sewing of these panties makes it persistent. So, the YERKOAD tummy-crunching panties are affordable and long-lasting. One can use this high-waist panty as a butt lifter too. The YERKOAD high-waist panties can shape your hip and build an enchanting look. Initially, the high waist panties have a mesh design at the back part and in the cross design of the front portion. The outlook is sassy and less layering because of the see-through mesh design. One can choose it if she does not like the hook system cinchers because the YERKOAD cinchers have no adjustable hooks. It is pull-on closure and is super stretchy and elastic. These high waist pants can boost your confidence and give you a definite body shape. In some cases, the salsa dancers, Latin dancers can wrap this high waist cincher to have a firm body shape that can showcase their every dance move.

Ultimate Shaping Bodysuit

The YERKOAD Ultimate Shaping Bodysuit
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The YERKOAD body shaping suit can remove all extra fats in the waistline back and uplift your butt. These trainer shorts are available in black and beige colors and give you the ultimate skinny appearance. Initially, the best part of these body-shaping suit is that it has a double-layer tummy controlling technique. The first layer can compress the body’s curves and tummy fats, and the outer layer can help you adjust the tightness of the first layer’s compression. The YERKOAD shaping bodysuit has three rows hook adjustment. So, one can control the compression level. These shaping suits length up to the thigh and make the thighs look skinny. One of the best things about this YERKOAD body shaping suit is it can uplift the butt with double layer compression. And the open crochet is perfect for breathing to give you comfort, and women can effortlessly use the washroom without opening the suit. In the case of the bust, this body-shaping suit can push up the breast, and the shoulder straps do to roll over. 

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The body shaping suit is from the breath to the thigh, but it has a partition at the bottom and top. So, girls can easily open and close the top and the bottom. Initially, the YERKOAD body shaping suit has a fantastic lace design in the bottom pant, holding the thigh comfortably. New moms and women who go through surgeries can give it a try. These body shaping suits keep their back straight and also get rid of saggy tummies after surgery. Women can wear these full-body shaping suits under gowns, long dresses, jeans t-shirts, and have an elegant outlook.


waist trainer
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The YERKOAD body shaping products are desirable and affordable. Women can choose to keep the compression top, whole body shaping suit, butt lifting underwear, cincher. These products are demanding according to their usage. Women always seek a skinny and appealing body. But due to motherhood and hormonal imbalance, women may go through saggy bellies, increasing body fats. In such cases, YERKOAD is a satisfying brand that can showcase different body shaping innerwear that is cost-effective, skin-friendly, and suitable to wear with any outfit. The butt lifter, breast pushing body shapers can help performers showcase their dance moves perfectly. Women can use this YERKOAD body reshaping tops, underwear, suits, cinchers in gym, parties, occasions, offices, and where not. In a nutshell, girls can trust the YERKOAD innerwear collection to have a happy reshaping experience.

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