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  1. Introduction

The name of the brand, The North Face signifies the coldest, sternest, and most relentless part of the mountains. The brand has been fighting since the late 1960s. Despite the quite common rocky start to the company, the store managed to stand still till the end, just like the mountains. For almost 60 years now, the brand has encouraged several mountaineers, climbers, and athletes, in general, to reach their destination. Much to the contrary of the name, the journey of the North Face began on a beach in San Francisco; more precisely the store was opened first in San Francisco’s North Beach area. Since then, the North Face has helped several people find their passion and have encouraged them to never give up. The brand believes in the bond between humans and nature and promotes seeking the wildness of nature through adventures. They accelerate the process and make it a better journey for millions of people by providing premium quality products and accessories.

Athletes of The North Face
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Athletes of The North Face

Some highly famous athletes trust the brand to their core for embarking on their adventurous journey. The names include the famous ski mountaineer, Hilaree Nelson, the climber, Jessica Pilz, Vasu Sojitra, the climber, Coree Woltering, the runner, and so goes on the list.

The North Face dress
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The North Face Collection

There are various collections that the North Face comes up with. Mostly, the collections concentrate on athlete wardrobe and accessories. The Summit Series is one such collection. In other words, the collection is also known as the climbing and mountaineering collection. The collection focuses on fashion mixed with technology that would help in mountain climbing. Being one of the most popular athletic brands, it concentrates on creating outfits that would boost confidence and encourage women never to give up. The next comes the Steep Series. The collection showcases some big-shots, Leanne Pelosi, Jake Blauvelt, and Victor de le Rue. The designs focus on pushing the limits and chasing the dreams of such athletes. The idea of future light fabric wins all hearts in this and many other collections. Up next is the Flight Series. This series focuses on the stretchability, flexibility, and smooth mobility of the customers. This collection is solely built for the enthusiastic runners who learn to overcome every challenge ever thrown at them. One of the most exciting collaborations that ever took place in the history of collaborations in recent years was The North Face X Gucci Collab. This is where elegance met sport and durability. The collection focuses on the theme of celebrating the spirit of discovery. The designs concentrate on drawing parallels between the two brands and combining their best in a single product.

The North Face Brand
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The North Face Women’s Clothing Line

Womens Clothing Line
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Women’s Jackets and Coat category

The brand proudly serves the jackets in their clothing line as products that provide the highest degree of protection. Their coats and jackets are waterproof and highly resistant to wind. We suppose this would help you stay fit and active throughout the winter and cold, moist climate in general. The jackets and coats, unlike its competitor brands, provide durability as well as comfort to the women. The North Face’s jackets and super-cozy coats are just the things you would need in your skiing or snowboarding adventures. They are suitable for all weather conditions. Whether it is raining outside, or the cold breeze just doesn’t seem to stop, you can pair your North Face jacket (in moist conditions, we suggest you pick one with the Dry Vent Technology) or coat with a pair of sporty bottoms and rock the outfit. Let each of your adventures be complemented by North Face’s jackets and coats.

North Face Womens Jackets and Coat
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The North Face Women’s Apex Nimble Jacket is one such example. This slim-fit jacket gives high resistance to wind. This water-repellent jacket has a soft stretchable shell that is flexible. It hugs the body in a way that gives warmth to the body whenever needed. The design helps keep off the wind from the neck region and a custom fit is achieved through the hem cinch-cord. The hand pockets that sport the reverse-coil zip style allow safe storage of your necessities. With such jackets, we assure you more safety than any other brand could provide.

Womens Jackets and Coat
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 The North Face women’s The North Face Thermoball Eco Vest Women’s is another product example. The nylon product provides eco insulation. This vest comes from the recycled collection, which means it is made from recycled materials. The brand has adapted the ThermoBall technology. It helps to provide synthetic insulation that regulates the warmth according to the internal and external temperature. The material is 100% recycled polyester that provides water-resistance to the individual. The slim-fit vest has a pocket that is excellent for storing necessary items. Its size and design help it get fit in any size of luggage and can be carried in important situations.

Womens Jackets and Coat category
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Women’s Tops category

Most of our wardrobe is 60% filled with tops of various designs. We still lack that perfect collection of comfortable yet stylish tops. In this 21t Century, women, especially the younger generation are focused on owning a wardrobe that has a more sporty touch to it. It would not be fair to say that we want our wardrobes filled with activewear. Instead, it is right to mention that our choice of fashion demands a wardrobe that has a tinge of sport and fitness in it. And who better than the North Face can understand our needs. Their wide array of crop tops, tank tops, and tees have a sporty fashionable look along with the level of comfort we desire in each season. The tops showcase solid colors, pretty patterns, that are topped with their signature logo. The tops show a variety of designs and necklines. Various women prefer various styles of necklines. The neckline of the tees and tops showcase the occasion. For example, the regular round or slight-v necklines denote that the top is worn for spending a lazy evening all by oneself or a casual outing with friends and family. The North Face has a range of pullovers and tops that would make you never want to leave your sweatpants. The products are of premium quality with high durability and comfort. 

The North Face Womens Short Sleeve
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The North Face Women’s Short Sleeve Half Dome Cropped Tee Shirt is one such example. This cropped tee gives both a casual and sexy look to the outfit. The t-shirt brings out the modern design in it, once paired with high-waisted leggings. It has a relaxed fit that promotes comfort and durability to an individual. The tee could be worn outside or it could be your outfit of the day on weekends. 

The North Face Women’s Foundation Graphic Tank Top is one of the most popular tank tops by The North face. The material being jersey-fabric gives the ultimate level of support and comfort to an individual. The graphic tee brings out the inner fashionista in you. The standard-fit graphic tee is great for the summer season or intense workout sessions.

Womens Tops category
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Women’s Trench Coat and Rain Jacket category

The North Face brand stands strong in the fashion industry due to several reasons. One of them is that they are one of the very few brands that provide a range of durable raincoats. The brand believes in combining fashion with durability and fitness. This made them come up with the idea of introducing raincoats to their clothing line. Every wardrobe needs all the essential components required for each season. The North Face must make the wardrobe more fashionable and trendier. Their collection of trench coats and raincoats is magnificent and super comfortable to put on. 

Rain Jacket
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For example, The North Face Women’s Woodmont Hooded Waterproof Trench Coat gives a tinge of all-weather fashion. The standard-fit Metroview product is waterproof and is made up of Dry Vent fabric. The lining is from 100% recycled taffeta and the coat reaches mid-thing, which gives you the scope to pair it with several types of bottoms or even just a dress. You could also wear a sweatshirt under it or add as many layers as you would need to, based upon the seasons. The North Face designs such trench coats in a way that they would possess secured hand pockets to store small items. 

North Face Womens Trench Coat and Rain Jacket category
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The North Face Women’s Venture 2 Waterproof Hooded Rain Jacket is another example. Indulge yourself in those fun, rainy adventures with the North Face’s rain jackets. You no longer have to wait indoors till the rain is over. There is no need to reschedule those relaxing spa days, or important meetings, or simply a brunch with your loved ones. With this relaxed-fit hooded rain jacket, you are good to go at any time of the day. Thanks to the Dry Vent technology, you will retain warmth and comfort at all hours. This technology gives a Durable Water-Repellent (DWR) edge to all the rain jackets. The secured zip hand pockets help in the storage of necessary small-sized items in the pockets.

Womens Trench Coat and Rain Jacket category
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Women’s Fleece category

North Face believes in balancing style and comfort in each of the products in their clothing lines. For this, the brand does almost everything and goes up to any level to provide its customers with the ultimate level of comfort. Thus, they have introduced the women’s fleece jackets and fleece vests section. These jackets and vests are for every occasion, be it about strolling on the road, in the city or simply having a cozy evening indoors. The workers make it a point that the products are fashionable and provide ultra-comfort to an individual. The fleece category features a wide range of clothes, from the sleeved top to comfortable tees, to cozy hoodies and sweatshirts. The fleece products provide warmth and cool to an individual. The fleece products could be worn indoors, or women who want to own trendy outfits in their wardrobe for workouts. The hoodies have full zip and there are fleece pullover sweaters available too. Fleece products come in various sizes, so it is not limited to particular size or shape. A variety of designs of fleece products are available for every woman out there.

 The North Face Women’s Osito Full Zip Fleece Jacket is one of the examples of a fleece jacket. The super-comfortable fleece jacket gives the customers a different level of comfort. The jacket is made up of 100% recycled fabric shell that gives warmth and a feeling of lightweight to every woman. The oversized collar of the Women’s Osito Jacket provides a passage for the trapped wind to pass out. There are zip hand pockets secured in the jacket that provides secure storage to safely store necessary items. The jacket not only provides comfort to its customers in terms of regulating warmth, but it also helps in blocking the excess amount of cold wind to enter the body through the jacket. 

Another product from the women’s fleece category is the North Face Women’s TKA Glacier Snap-Neck Pullover Sweatshirt. This recycled fleece sweatshirt gives a feeling of comfort through the lightweight fabric. The soft pullover sweatshirt features a snap-neckline, this could be worn both casually and formally outside the house. The brand ensures that each customer gets insulation and resistance from excess cold. This is ideal for athlete women. This standard fit sweatshirt has a way of customizing the coverage of the product. This is achieved through the snap neckline and a stand-up collar to allow circulation of wind and block the unnecessary cold from entering one’s body.

North Face
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Women’s Bottoms category

The North Face works hard to come up with durable yet fashionable products for their large customer population. It is vital here that we mention that most of the population consists of athletes. Hence, activewear bottoms are one of their major sub-section to succeed in the women’s bottom category. The brand works hard to satisfy its customers with leggings and tights that are highly flexible and durable. Other than that, the hiking shorts and the skinny pants are some of the best products that are produced by the brand and they top all charts due to this. Along with that, the casual shorts and capris have a touch of sporty fashion in them. In fact, high-cut shorts and joggers have gained quite a popularity among the younger generation. Each of the products is available in various sizes. There are pockets provided in the high-rise bottoms. The high-rise tights and leggings give a body-hugging appearance that is super comfortable. Additionally, the Flash dry technology helps in providing light compression in the thigh region. One could pair these pants with sweatshirts or graphic tees to perform yoga or high-intensity workouts. The North Face has pants for all occasions. If you are tired of wearing floral dresses or jumpsuits with solid colors or simple maxis, you need not get stressed about it. The company has cargo pants and high-rise shorts that would go with any tees or tanks or blouses. Be it a casual outing with friends, or a romantic date, or a brunch with the entire family, the North face has you covered. 

Womens Bottoms
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The North Face Women’s Everyday High-Rise Pant is one such example, this paint sports a zipper-type closure that helps in staying active. The super-soft fabric helps in regulating the body temperature. The regulation of body temperature is one of the features that the brand provides best in the fashion industry. The pants help retain just the required amount of moisture and get rid of the rest of it. Women would be highly benefited from this collection of clothing lines. The various bottoms, especially the shorts, cargos, and joggers have huge flexibility and could be used to go out for random adventures, skiing, camping, mountaineering, or working out. 

North Face Womens Bottoms
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The North Face Women’s Halfdome Logo Short is another example from the collection. The short with the famous brand logo gives a sporty look and boosts the outfit. The shorts do not compromise with your comfort and are extremely trendy. Your wardrobe will have a complete appearance with a soft fabric that is flexible enough. The shorts could be paired with cropped tees, or tank tops, or graphic tees for an outing or workout for an athletic adventure. The short provides premium level comfort and support. The pockets present in the shorts serve as storage caps for storing phones, wallets, etc.

Women’s Hoodie category

Another product that helped the brand gain name and fame is their famous hoodie. Hoodies have gained immense popularity over the years among both genders. Having said this, seeing celebrities like Rihanna, Sofie Turner, and Kendall Jenner rock the hoodie outfit paired with little shorts have increased the craze for hoodies among women even more. A millennial’s wardrobe today is incomplete without a set of hoodies, each for a separate event. Hoodies might sound very basic, but paired with the right bottom at the right event gives the entire outfit a chic look. The relaxed type hoodies are for spending my time or lazy evenings with friends indoors. The standard-fit ones are for a casual outing or maybe a terrace party these days for the younger generation. Some hoodies might say “weekends are near” or “today is grocery shopping day”. More than jackets and other accessories, hoodies have a special place in every woman’s wardrobe today. If it is too cold, you can start layering and topping them up with a cozy hoodie. On a normal, cold day, a tank top under the hoodie might do the trick. You can pair hoodies with shorts, or tights, or even cargo pants.

The North Face Women’s Half Dome Pullover Hoodie is one of the products from the collection. The hoodie has the signature logo on it. This feature makes the hoodie look sporty, trendy, and stylish. The comfort level of the hoodie does not get compromised by the design and fashion inputs put in it. This standard fit pullover hoodie is made from 100% recycled blended fabric. In the winter season, the hoodie provides immense warmth and comfort due to its adequate space for layering. The pullover sports an adjustable, drawstring hood attached to it. You can get covered and be warm in winter or whenever it is cold outside. The pocket in front of the hoodie serves as a place to store smaller necessary items. 

The North Face Womens Half Dome Pullover Hoodie
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The North Face Women’s Mountain Peace Full-Zip Hoodie is the other example from the women’s hoodies section. This, unlike the previous one, is a full zip hoodie. It is made up of very soft, comfortable fabric that provides strength and flexibility at its maximum. This poly-cotton blended hoodie has a graphic design printed on it that brings out the inner adventurer. This standard fit hoodie is ideal for camping and mountain climbing in the winter season. The hoodie has enough space to regulate body temperature and provide warmth to the body. The product sports a two-piece hood that is seam-sealed. It has customizable coverage with the feature of extra storage. The hoodie has a split kangaroo hand pocket that keeps the hands warm in really cold weather conditions along with helping in the storage of necessary goods.

Women’s Plus Size Clothing category

Everything you can imagine under a normal clothing line is provided by the North Face in the women plus size clothing line. From jeans to coats to rain jackets, the North Face has it all under control for plus-sized women. The brand believes that every person has the right to be in fashion and derive comfort and confidence from it. The North Face has come up with a separate clothing line for painting fashion in the plus-size wardrobe. The wardrobe features several designs and colors in a wide range of clothes. Be it a training session, or random adventures, or camping, or outing, the brand has got your back for all the occasions.

An example of this collection is the North Face Women’s Plus Size Resolve Waterproof Rain Jacket. The jacket is waterproof and gives a Durable Water-Repellent (DWR) edge to it. The seams of the jacket are sealed and have huge flaps that allow air circulation. This in turn ensures temperature regulation whenever required. The standard-fit of the product is achieved from the lightweight, soft, and super comfortable fabric. The rain jacket features an adjustable hood and a huge collar. These ensure that there is no cold air trapped inside the jacket and leaves it warm and dry. The pockets help in storing required small items in the rain jacket. 

Womens Plus Size Clothing
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One of the other examples is the North Face Women’s Plus Size Aphrodite 2.0 Capri Pant. The Capri is one of the bestsellers in the women’s plus size section. The cargo pants are really comfortable and trendy. The Flash Dry technology in the product helps it in being highly flexible and durable. The pants have a knit waistband and a drawcord that ensures maximum comfort and support. The pants are stretchable and lightweight. The above-mentioned technology helps the pants remain less moist and not fully dry in respective weather conditions. They are designed in a way that they would provide the utmost level of comfort and warmth to each customer. The stretchability of the pants comes from their standard fit. The fit ensures that a person can adjust the length of the Capri according to her will. Along with that, the cargo pants provide extra storage to store important items. The women’s plus section ranges from size 1X to 3X.

North Face Womens Plus Size Clothing
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The North Face is a brand that tries to boost an individual’s confidence to explore and invent. It stresses active participation in sports and athletic events. The brand has a motto of promoting curiosity and finding answers to several questions through adventure. It is this adventure that made the brand come this far and stand strong. We are hoping that the North Face would too, push their limits each time they decide to design and create something new for society. The brand has been working since 2010 to raise a sense of adventure in each person and we are sure they will continue to amaze everyone in the future too, with their amazing skills and thought process.

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