Spruce Up Your Locks Into A Quick Side Cornrows Braid

Side cornrows braid is also known as ‘Mini French Braid.’ Cornrows are a unique method of styling American-African hair. It doesn’t matter whether the person is of which race, he/she can curl locks into the fabulous tiny braids. In the 90s, Cornrow arrives in a multitude of patterns and styles. Still, it’s a trendy hairstyle that is worn by African women.

In cornrows made via the French braid technique, the braid below is weaved to give them the body rather than crossing the side strand over the middle piece. In the method of side cornrows braid, twists on the one side of the head are created and continued towards another side.

When it comes to styling your cornrow, there is no shortfall of innovation and creativity as it comes as twisted, thin thick, braided, and in many colors. However, side cornrows braid consumes more time, but the outcome is fantastic.

Step By Step Guide To Create Side Cornrows Braid

STEP 1: Wet your hair by rinsing and dry it with a towel or spraying the water from a spray bottle.

STEP 2: Brush your hair to free it from tangles and then section it off from where you want the cornrows to start.

STEP 3: Separate a tiny piece of hair using the rat-tail comb, and then clip the remaining hair back.

STEP 4: Split the hair section into three equal parts.

STEP 5: Now cross the left strand beneath the middle strand so that it becomes the new middle hair strand. Then pass the right hair strand under the new middle strand. Finish the first stitch by crossing the left hair strand once again.

STEP 6: Select a little amount of hair from under the braid using the end of the rat-tail comb and then add it to the middle hair strand. After that, braid out another stitch.

STEP 7: Continue the procedure of braiding, add up the hair to the middle hair strand and then weave again till you get at the end of your initial cornrow. Then rotate the end and fix it with a rubber band.

STEP 8: Separate another hair section to start another cornrow. It is on the same side of your head as the last one or the opposite side.

STEP 9: Voila, your side cornrows braid is ready.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRaza9sGDSI]

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