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Spanx, a sensational brand of shapewear clothing that focuses on all kinds of body shapes, constricting or enhancing to make people look thin and sexy. From the year 2000, Spanx company evidenced several difficulties to come into being. Shapewear has made a great change in the evolving forms of beauty standards and gender roles as looking good is the only motto of this fashion-friendly world. From actors to designers, media, celebrities, gym-going people all depend on the best shapewear to look fit and healthy. By promoting this female self-reliance masterwork, shapewear holds the marketplace icon as it has maintained a constant marketplace in the body-centered market. So the women’s most favorite SPANX shapes the female body to help women to play their women’s roles.


A graduate of Florida State University (FSU), Sara Blakely started her “Billionaire Entrepreneur” journey by selling fax machines door to door. While selling she came up with the idea for her company Spanx. The idea of her running brand came from cutting her feet off of pantyhose under the scorching heat of the sun. 

After that, Blakely used her personal savings of $5,000 and moved to Atlanta at the age of 27 to start up her new company Spanx. Although at that point she had not decided on her brand name. She went to Coca-cola and Kodak, which were the most successful brands at that time, and noticed that both the brands sounded like “K”. After that she kept the name as Spanks. Later she heard that constructed names are more attractive than the normal ones. So she renamed her company “SPANX“.  

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Later in 2000, after her 15 years of journey, she launched her brand from her own apartment. After earning a great profit, in the year 2002 Goldman became the CEO of Spanx. According to Colleen Leahey, Goldman was called as the key aspect for the successful fame and name of Spanx in the Fortune magazine in February 2014.



This summer forget about your stockings. Deck your wardrobe with the most comfortable hosiery: Spanx leggings. These leggings can be used as workout essentials, office wear as well as comfy legwear. You will find several high-rated brands subject to many internet fights and trends which have galore from morning till dawn. But you will surely not be able to put off your Spanx body-friendly leggings and have no idea that you would fall in love with the brand too. The price is not a piece of change but surely the comfort does! After trying a few Spanx products, you must see the difference. 

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The most famous Spanx faux patent leather leggings are designed with a hidden contoured waistband and sleek smoothing fabric to make it walk free. These leggings are shiny which is a unique style for girls. These come with a Hidden shaping cover and can be paired with muffin tops. These leggings are tight when you wear them for the first time, but gradually they will become your body friendly.  

Because of the patent leather, some squeakiness may appear when you wear it. It is absolute figure-flattering activewear for your workout sessions. This Booty boosts Active Leggings are designed with a contoured waistband and are very comfortable for gym-goers, yogis, marathon runners. These leggings support your back and make you look amazing. You can also go for other categories like seamless, jean-ish, velvet, everyone wears active except faux leather and booty boost active which will equally please your needs.


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Whether it’s office time or a wedding night all you need is body fit shapewear to make your body look stunning. Best shapewear gives a slimmer appearance, gives support to the curves, and highlights the natural body shape. There are many small brands which also sell their body shapewear to the market and it’s impossible to know which suits you more. Spanx is well known for its Undergarments and best shapewear. These are available in all sizes starting from small to extra large for plus-size bodies. 

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Girls really get their confidence through their clothing. And here shapewear has a great impact on women’s bodies. You must try Power ower Open-Bust Mid-Thigh Bodysuit which features very soft yarns and gives smoother results and doesn’t squeeze if you bend or move more. These give day-to-night conformity and target the tummy thighs and hips compression. It comes with adjustable straps​ and a double gusset. You can also go for waist cinchers which are exceptionally made for tummies. These usual body-shaping waist cinchers are made with powerful microfiber and are very flexible to get rid of the tummy fat and offer a cling-free, comfortable fit for the users. Not only this, there is various new and best shapewear that are present in their stores and websites. You will get every design depending on your clothes and body shapes, sizes on their official website.


Women are always very fascinated about innerwear, especially their bras. These are the daily essentials and comforts for every girl. The brand Spanx didn’t only stop pleasing women with their shapewear but also launched a new collection of bras that will comfort better than most of the innerwear. Now you don’t have to make your bra fit better under your dress or shirt, as these brands have promised to serve the best body fit and smoothing bra that won’t leave the breast unfit for any kind of clothing. Spanx has always been looking for their customer’s comfy underwear, bras, and even classic black leggings that go with just about anything. Women always 9start their days with sports bras and end with strapless or backless bras. Here are some new bra details which will surely make you want to buy them once. 

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The brand has launched a new category called Bra-hallelujah which is already very famous amongst the stars and celebrities. This Lined Racerback Bra is customized for the back zones which provide additional support and comfort to the users. These are designed with a back made completely of hosiery and hook at the front and labeled as most soft, free to use, and sumptuous bras in the SPANX bra- segment. These also come with soft dig-free SPANX SMART crisscross Straps along with lined foam cups which give the best shape to the girls. 

Another from the strapless bra section is made of soft-cup molds which gives the natural shape to the body. It comes with removable straps which exactly fit on the body like normal strap bras. Along with these, there are several sections like sports bras and plus-size bras which you can explore on their own website.


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Unlike bras, panties are also the most wanted innerwear of ladies. Panties are also available for all kinds of shorts and leg wears. In case you haven’t come across these shorts and tights, you must check them from the brand Spanx. They are full-body fit and made to give comfort. They are available as briefs, thongs, hipsters, and boyshorts. Spanx higher power panties are lightweight, and all-day comfort-free. These Higher Power Panties are made with soft yarns and offer smoother results with fewer squeezing techniques. It is most comfortable and essential every day. 

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The main motto to wear this is to make your body shaping zones perfect. It also supports the tummy so another shapewear is not required. The stomach provides all-over support and is used for gradual release for comfort and movement. These panties are generally made for high waist wear like jeans and mini dresses. Another kind of example is Spanx brief panties for every body shape. These Panties provide enough shaping to keep your lower back confident and in control all day long. It is designed with a hidden shaping waistband which offers enough control for a long day. Along with these, there are several thongs. For example, the popular Spanx Multibody thongs are for everyday use and are super comfortable for any kind of body shape. These are made with thin elastic lining and are Patent Pending Topnotch Crotch. You can also try some other designs from these brands.


Swimsuits from the beginning steal all the glamor from other dresses in the shows. No ramp shows and fashion competitions have ever been done without swimsuits or bikini rounds. Nowadays ladies are also very fascinated about their swimsuits. The same way pictures in swimsuits have been trendy on many social platforms. They have been the rounds of fashion since forever. How can we forget actresses like Jane Russel and Marilyn Monroe’s swimsuits attire in earlier times? 

SPANX Sweetheart One Piece Swimsuit
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From then till now, every fashion industry has witnessed some fabulous designs, makeovers, and cuts in swimsuits. Spanx also didn’t leave the race behind. Some unique style beautifies its swimsuits. They are available in both one-piece and double pieces. 

They have a range of bikini tops that come in one piece, designed with adjustability and supportive patent-pending cups. A triangle top designed by the team thoughtfully with stay-put pads and very comfort-free. The best part about these swimsuits is that there are no strings attached. It is a kind of traditional bikini with a fully adjustable back-slider and hooks at the back so you can adjust the loose tiles on your own. These classic triangle tops come with adjustable cups which provide great shape and comfort. It has a fully adjustable back strap with a slider and is both chlorine and saltwater resistant. 

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You can pair this single-piece swim triangle top with an Adjustable High-Rise Swim Brief. These double-layer fabric shorts create a seamless and elegant, sexy look. It has customized the rise of ruching. This is also Chlorine and saltwater resistant and comfortable in the water. You can split your leg during swings. 

Another example is a full-body swimsuit named Classic Sweetheart One Piece. These double-layered swimsuits make your body good, extra glamorous, and elegant. These have chlorine and saltwater-resistant fibers. The cups are removable and are quick-drying which offers extra comfort during swimming under the sun. The dig-free leg openings prevent bulges while you are in the water. The dig-free straps can be worn in 2 ways. For example, a Flattering neckline with a wire-free band provides additional support. You also search for other items along with your body sizes.


The word hosiery came from the Greek poet Hesiod which means pilot or probably some matted from animal hairs, as a lining for shoes. From then the Romans used to wrap their feet, legs, and ankles in long strips of leather or woven cloth which was later named Hosiery. This same hosiery in modern days became very popular and women wear to make the legs look more sexy and attractive. Spanx includes some attractive and sexy hosiery in their new collection. 

Spanx Hosiery
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For example, this High-Waisted Shaping sheer makes your legs look much better than fully naked legs. There are scalloped shaping panels that offer comfortable tummy control and are made with a soft, elastic-free waistband. They are available in 7 shades which are totally invisible on the body. Another example is off Spanx honeycomb fishnet which is comfortable to wear till mid-thigh. The fabric covers the tummy, hips, thighs, and rear thigh areas. There are no-binding waistbands that can create a comfortable all-day fit. The Cotton gusset makes these hosiery optional & eliminates VPL (Visible Panty Lines). 


From selling fax machines to becoming an entrepreneur, Sara Blakely has lived like a wonder woman and set up an example for the all-new struggling woman entrepreneur. Blakely just began her company Spanx with just investing $5,000, and now she still owns 100 percent of the whole company whose estimate is $400 million in annual sales. In 2012, Forbes named Blakely as the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire who struggled for 15 years. In the recent year, she is declared as the 21st spot on the “America’s Richest Self-Made Women” magazine list, with an estimated net worth of $1.1 billion. Spanx has always been every woman and celebrity comfort brand. They not only stopped by launching the best shapewear but also launched their leggings, bras, and swimsuits which became very profitable for their brand. If you are a fashion freak, you must try the Spanx product once.

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