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Loving your body is a positive behavior, well-being, and happiness through acceptance, affirmations, and confidence, to name a few. While it can be different for a person, When you’re learning to enjoy your body and figuring out what is enjoyable to you, practicing self-sexual stimulation with Satisfyer can help you love and comfort your body. Loving yourself can also teach you discipline. You can rely on yourself for pleasure. Some people might not feel nice when they spend time with a stranger, but you can love yourself and not be disappointed if you know what you enjoy.

Motive of Satisfyer 

Satisfyer is a brand that wants you to take care of your own needs and not sacrifice your well-being to please others. This is not something you can feel guilty about. Sex toys aren’t just for self-pleasure but can help couples discover new ways to connect to maximize their intimacy levels. So to secure your personal life, Satisfyer is that name where you can rely on it!!

Satisfyer women’s section

Satisfyer air plus stimulator

A tingling pressure Satisfyer coupled with arousing pulsations provides you a touch-free stimulation of the clitoris in a way you have never experienced before! The Satisfyer is equipped with a plus/minus button, allowing you to increase or decrease the intensity according to your needs at the moment. 

Satisfyer air plus stimulator..
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  • AIR-PULSE CLITORAL STIMULATION – The Satisfyer uses non-contact pressure-wave technology so that it can provide feelings of suction and pulsations, similar to the sensations you get to feel during oral sex.
  • QUIET AND DISCREET – The satisfyer comes with a stronger motor than its predecessor and, it is quieter and more discreet than ever before. Once the skin-friendly silicone head surrounds your clitoris, you won’t hear a sound!
  • 11 INTENSITIES – The new button design easily increases or decreases the intensity of the satisfyer. And with 11 intensities to switch through, it guarantees to find the sweet spot that brings you intense pleasure.
  • WATERPROOF – The Satisfyer has an IPX7 waterproof rating to give you a chance to make it the perfect companion for the shower or bath. It’s protected against immersion in water up to 1 meter deep for up to 30 minutes of use.

Vibrating dildo

The Satisfyer Master vibrator is specially made from soft and sensual silicone. It has powerful vibration settings and has the maximum diameter and flexible shaft with an insertion length, and this luxury specimen leaves nothing to be desired. 

Satisfyer vibrating dildo
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  • G-SPOT STIMULATION – The Master’s minimalist natural design has generous stylized glans and slight curves to search out your G-spot, making it a particularly seductive number, giving women the wonderful feeling of being filled.
  • IMPRESSIVE XXL SIZE – This generously proportioned gent is made from soft. The sensual silicone has a maximum diameter of 1.85″ and a flexible shaft with a 6.7″ insertion length, leaving nothing to be desired.
  • WATERPROOF – The Satisfyer Master is IPX7 waterproof rated, inviting you to enjoy sensual pleasure in the shower or bath. It’s protected against immersion in water up to 1 meter deep for up to 30 minutes of use.
  • TWELVE VIBRATION PROGRAMS – the vibrator is made up of 6 intensities and 6 heavenly rhythms, giving you a multitude of ecstasy-inducing combinations. The vibes are perfectly distributed over the entire shaft and give you intense stimulation in both the tip and the lower part as well.
  • INTUITIVE CONTROL PANEL WITH RETAINING RING – You will find your favorite vibe intuitively at the push of a button and, at the same time, can have a firm grip even when things get wet with the help of passionate pleasure bringer.

Satisfyer anal plugs

The Satisfyer anal flexible plugs are made from medical-grade silicone, caressing your anus with a soft-to-the-touch surface. The narrow tips and smooth, ultra-soft texture are also perfect for beginners and explorers.The different textures and designs of anal sexual wellness devices ensure you can enjoy variety and diversity in your lovemaking.

Satisfyer plug sets
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  • FLEXIBLE & SMOOTH – The Satisfyer Anal Plugs are very flexible as they made of medical-grade silicone, pleasuring you with a soft-to-the-touch surface.
  • PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS & ANAL TRAINING – The narrow tips with smooth, ultra-soft texture, the Satisfyer Plugs are the perfect gateway toy for beginners & explorers looking to experiment.
  • SUPPORT RING – Each Satisfyer Anal Plug of this product is designed with a support ring, and it provides extra safety and pleasure.
  • INCLUDES 3 DIFFERENT SHAPES – You get a chance to choose between a seductively twisted spiral design, a narrow cone shape, or the “classic” design for increasing sizes. Each shape will provide you with a different sensation, that will add a range of sexual pleasures to your love games.

Menstrual cup

The menstrual cups are made of medical-grade silicone, are particularly flexible, and can be easily removed thanks to the practical stem on the bottom. They offer protection for 12 hours and give you a sustainable alternative more than other monthly hygiene products.

menstrual cup
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  • REUSABLE MENSTRUAL CUP – You don’t need to buy expensive, harsh disposable tampons and pads! The Feel Good Menstrual Cup is reusable, and it is not only good for your wallet but great for the environment too!
  • HYGIENIC & BODY-SAFE – The menstrual cup is made of medical-grade silicone. These menstrual cups are completely hygienic. It is 100% body-safe and won’t affect your delicate PH balance or natural fluids.
  • 2 SIZES FOR LIGHT & HEAVY FLOWS – The Satisfyer Menstrual Cups come in a set of 2 cup sizes (0.5oz and 0.68oz), and the size makes them suitable for lighter and heavier flow days.
  • 12 HOURS OF LEAK-FREE WEAR – You can wear satisfyer period cups that can be worn safely for up to 12 hours (depending on flow) with no leaks!
  • EASY TO INSERT & REMOVE – The menstrual cup is super soft and flexible, also the menstrual cups are easy to fold and insert. And with the handy stem on the bottom makes the removal very simple!

Satisfyer men’s section 

Satisfyer male masturbator 

A satisfyer male masturbator gives you a chance to choose the perfect level of pressure to fulfill your fantasies. You can engulf your member in a soft silicone sleeve with a variety of resistance sensations that inspire you to feel visceral ecstasy and a vast, intense climax.

Satisfyer Men Masturbator
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The inner sleeve of the masturbator is made of soft, skin-like material and can be changed as you like for more variety in your play – and the sleeve is very easy to clean.  In addition, you can create additional tightness with the innovative pressure regulator.

  • SUSTAINED AROUSAL – The Satisfyer Men Masturbator is designed to surround your penis with sexual sensations. It gives you intense and sustained arousal for both solo play and foreplay.
  • INTERNAL PRESSURE REGULATOR – With the Satisfyer Men One, you can decide on the level of pressure. The innovative internal pressure regulator caters to your needs by providing a range of soft to strong negative pressure that fits your liking.
  • AIR-CUSHION TECHNOLOGY – Inside the Satisfyer Men, it has a unique air cushion that pressurizes the tissues deep within your shaft, allowing you to maintain arousal as you explore the variety of sensations within.
  • SUPER-SOFT INTERIOR – The Masturbator is made of super-soft Cyberskin material, making the Satisfyer Men One sexy inside and out.
  • PUMP FEATURE – Add or release air during use at the touch of a button.

Cock ring

Satisfyer coke ring gives your manhood a sensual upgrade with our Power Ring. It is pleasantly flexible, our ring adapts itself to all sizes and embraces your member creating a blood stasis effect for extended pleasure and sensual stamina. The body-friendly silicone is particularly supple and flexible. The device is waterproof (IPX7) and rechargeable with the included USB charging cable.

 cock ring
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  • 10 INTENSE VIBRATION SETTINGS – It has ten stimulating vibration settings, and with the help of the Satisfyer Power Ring, your manhood will get a sensual upgrade, ensuring you and your partner enjoy a tingling pleasure.
  • INCREASES STAMINA – The flexible cock ring nestles snugly and sexily against your penis. And with the help of the bittersweet blood stasis effect, the machine effectively delays your climax, giving you maximum stamina and a tight, hard erection.
  • PARTNER PLEASURE – The rounded tip of this cock ring not only provides exciting feelings of pleasure to the penis but also effectively rests over your lady’s clitoris, arousing stimulation at the touch of a button.
  • WATERPROOF – The Satisfyer Power Ring is waterproof rated IP*7, it invites you to enjoy sexual pleasure in the shower or bath. The product can protect itself against immersion in water up to 1 meter deep for more than 30 minutes of use.
  • SKIN-FRIENDLY SILICONE MATERIAL – It is made from silky-smooth, medical-grade silicone, it is soft to the touch and can be easily cleaned.

Satisfyer couple section

Satisfyer couple vibrator

The Satisfyer couple’s vibrator is made of body-friendly silicone, which feels especially soft on the skin. You can have fun with this, also in the shower or bathtub. The product is absolutely waterproof (IPX7) finish, the Satisfyer Double Fun is the ideal companion for wet and wild pleasure. When the device ever runs out of steam, you can recharge the integrated batteries with the USB charging cable which is included with the product.

couple vibrator
Image Source: In Bed Magazine


The Satisfyer Endless Joy pleases you with a very special shape that can be artfully integrated into any special kind of lovemaking and has 3 powerful engines. The two lower motors can be controlled separately from the main motor so you can enjoy both parts of the vibrator with ten exciting vibration programs. You can create as many as 100 combinations with two buttons only.

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Final words for customers 

You can maintain the right balance and everything to your most delicate areas. We assure you that you will get the right service and balance if you shop from us. We hope to see you in a comfortable and happy mood while using our products. Satisfyer will try their best to help you create a happy space for yourself.

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