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RVCA Collecction

If you are someone slightly aligned to skateboards, other skate accessories and understand fashion, you should be familiar with RVCA. They bring fashion and sports together. Let us understand the name of the brand. The name of the brand, RVCA is actually pronounced as ‘Rew-Ka’. The name has originated from the concept of balance. Today famous, this brand was originally named based on the letters, ‘V’ and ‘A’. These letters look opposite to each other, hence, they symbolize the balance of the opposites. The founder of RVCA, PM Tenore, solely concentrates on proving that opposites coexist around us, through his clothing line and fashion accessories. His concepts had to do with the balance between two contrasting features or thoughts like Nature and Industry, Past and Present, or simply Man and Woman. His idea of design and fashion is centered around the fact that the designs of past and present experience will pave the way for a better fashion sense in the future.

Holiday collection
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RVCA- A brief history

The RVCA company was founded by PM Tenore. At first, the store was all about sports apparel. There was still innovation and creativity in it. In contrast to the traditional approach of sports apparel, RVCA gave sports apparel the power to be stylish and in fashion. It is a lifestyle brand that is highly design-driven. One can always spot the new trends in their clothing lines. RVCA promotes the association of similar-minded people to come together and discuss art, culture, and fashion.

 PM Tenore wanted to create a space that would let each form of art flourish with fashion and technology to make beautiful lifestyle products. It puts forward both men and women in the field to create a balanced environment. RVCA is one of the few brands that organize various artist programs to derive inspiration for their upcoming fabulous collections. During the early days, PM Tenure tried to pull the mass of Southern California by interesting them in the art and fashion of subcultures. These included introducing products like skateboards, surfboards, and other accessories related to it. It did not do the trick in a big way but was enough to develop the brand’s voice. RVCA hasn’t always made such huge profits. It had a very poor start, with nothing but 50 dollars in PM Tenore’s pockets. But his idea of fashion and balance made him come up hugely and still manages to stand strong in this competitive world of fashion.

Women Clothing Line


The RVCA is a brand that strongly believes in the balance of opposites. The members of the company always put their best feet forward while trying to balance fashion and industry. They attain the balance by actively performing in various collaborations. Some collaborations are done with artists, some with models, some with photographers (who are artists too!). RVCA has maintained a steady and upward name in the fashion industry through its creativity. Their creativity ranges from inspiration from organic fruits and vegetables to colors in a painter’s palette, sculptor work, etc. The brand focuses on aligning fashion with nature and putting forward its innovative ideas to the world. One of the most recent collaborations is with the famous Dana Trippe. RVCA has come up with a clothing line that has designs that have been viewed from the lens of the mixed media photographer. Dana Trippe’s collection will make your trip over and fall for the various shades of orange.  


Next up is the Spring fabulous collection. The women’s spring collection brought several new trends of fashion to the world. In this 21st century, our busy life brings in stress, tension, and mental health problems in society. Under such conditions, the spring collection promises relief of stress through its range of beautiful clothes. The Spring Collection with its pretty patterns and solid colors promises a fresh start and new beginnings in terms of fashion. Their spring collection highlighted bright solid colors, patterns, and prints that symbolize nature. The pretty leaf prints have a tone of green mostly and a series of colorful floral dresses are introduced in the fabulous collection. Other than that, some tops and tees have beautiful patterns done all over them. They campaigned with a quote that said “there are no rules this Spring”. Such phrases and ideas put RVCA at the top, always.  

Special edition

With the passing over of the leaf, came the special edition collection. Another fabulous collection that we were looking forward to was RVCA’s special edition collaboration with the famous French artist, Johanna Olk. This special edition collection of RVCA was one of the most interesting news stories in the fashion industry at the time of its launch. The clothing line has intricate curves and delicate edges that are inspired by Johanna’s work. The artist’s work ranges from sculpting to illustrating and being a tattoo artist, to obviously, painting. Her art is mainly focused on conveying a strong sense of emotion through her elegant but minimal art-line work. Since RVCA represents art in the form of a balance between two opposite substances, this collaboration with Johanna Olk was being looked forward to. The clothing line represents designs in the form of balance. The balance is between strong emotion being conveyed through minimal yet intricate artwork. The fabulous collection that RVCA owns directly showcases Johanna’s artwork with fashion. The clothing lines have been appropriately created for both men’s and women’s wardrobes.

Holiday collection RVCA
Image Source: RVCA

Holiday collection

We can all agree to one thing, holidays get extra special with your wardrobe being filled with a new fabulous collection of trendy outfits. To boost your wardrobe, RVCA introduced their Women’s Holiday fabulous Collection. The clothing line has outfits that are breezy, yet elegant. They were made keeping in mind the comfort we crave in the holiday season. Though, the comfort did not affect the cool and delicate designs. The collection has a range of comfortable tops, along with well-knot cozy sweaters. RVCA cares about individual’s points of view and works very hard to be accessible and flexible accordingly. The holiday collection has endless options to choose from and the brand promotes versatility in its highest form.

RVCA with Brook Power

RVCA collaborated with the model from California to be the face of their fabulous collection. The famous model discussed her favorite brands, her routines, and other things in the interview. The cool girl was asked about her life in the period of isolation, her favorite RVCA styles, and her excitement to participate in this campaign. The collection showcases a variety of products, mostly solid-colored dresses or tops. This collaboration gained much popularity among the youth.

Some artist collaborations

Painting and Art with Velia De Iuliis

The very creative and talented Velia De Iuliis is a muralist and artist. She appreciates nature and gets inspired by it to do art. 

Painting and Art with Velia De Iuliis
Image Source: RVCA

Ceramic Details with Michelle Blade

The pandemic has certainly taken a toll on us, but RVCA has left no stones unturned to help us out during these tough times. They collaborated with an ANP artist, Michelle Blade. They got together to discuss her artwork, and how her surroundings have influenced her to come up with yet another new form of art, ceramics. Michelle Blade’s journey from a painter to creating ceramic goods is an inspiring one that RVCA would like to share with the world.

Vella De Iuliis Collaboration for Floral Imprints

The age-old prints are displayed in this collection from a more creative point of view. Since RVCA supports a diverse range of perspectives, it has combined the old prints with new technology like floral imprinting and dyeing the fabric. The technique of floral imprinting requires undergoing a process of getting prints out from organic materials like leaves or flower petals. These organic products are usually found everywhere, they are always near us. This technique has helped RVCA in creating several clothes in their new clothing line.

Vella De Iuliis Collaboration for Floral Imprints
Image Source: RVCA

Special RVCA Giveaway Alert

The Fall season too brings upon the famous Fall Collection that we patiently wait for. The designs are splendid and fresh, each year. This is the best time for RVCA to host giveaway events usually, it is this time of the year that they arrange a major giveaway alert for their huge fan population around the globe. The RVCA Women’s Giveaway alert usually gives away products from the Women’s accessories section to the winner/s. The Giveaway is won usually by following a few conditions set by the company.

RVCA Women’s Section

RVCA Women’s Apparel Category

The RVCA Apparel section for women is usually dominated by comfortable outfits, mainly from the Sunday Collection. The Sunday Collection focuses on having clothes that are comfortable as well as fashionable. RVCA’s Women’s Apparel puts you in the weekend mode in no time. Be it the nude shades of sweatshirts, or comfy shorts that say ‘Don’t want to leave the bed’, or drawstring pajamas, this section is for filling your wardrobe with daily wear, especially indoor wear. Having said this, let us not forget that RVCA concentrates on balancing comfort with fashion.

RVCA fabulous Top Collection
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Hence, with the latest fashion trends like tie-dye sweatshirts or pants, the outfits could also be worn outdoors, for activities like quick workouts or so. The RVCA Women’s Sunday Collection Pullover Sweatshirt is one such example. Taken directly from the Sunday fabulous  Collection, the sweatshirt is a super light-weight french terry. It sports a hoodie with crossover front detail like a small front pocket. It has the classic tie-dye wash. Another one could be the RVCA Women’s Sunday Collection Cropped Henley Pullover Top. Pullover tops never go out of style. This Sunday Collection product has a relaxed crop fit that would put you in the perfect weekend mood. The fabric is super soft and comfortable. It features a snap henley pocket and has an elastic encased at the waist.

 Womens fabulous Collection Pullover Sweatshirt
Image Source: RVCA

RVCA Women’s Swim Category

The RVCA brand is widely known for the swim section, for both men’s and women’s categories. With every celebrity posting their beautiful vacation photos in a bikini or bodysuit, everyone wants a swimsuit in their wardrobe. The swimsuits at RVCA have evolved and come a long way since its opening. They will make you fall in love with you, all over again! The RVCA Women’s Tie Front Swimsuit Bikini Top is one of the prettiest bikini tops one can find. The bikini has a hook and bar-type closure. The swan hook is a fixed tie with the printed tie front of the bikini. This pretty bikini is in the shaded canyon rose, a unique shade for a bikini. Along with providing the customers with adjustable shoulder straps to be in fashion, the bikini has removable cups that ensure comfort.

RVCA Womens Tie Front Swimsuit Bikini Top
Image Source: RVCA

Today’s younger generation is more into bodysuits than bikinis. Their wardrobe is dominated by several body-hugging bodysuits. At RVCA, the bodysuits embrace your curves and add drama to your outfit. There is a wide range of bodysuits, from solid colors to pretty stripes, to deep plunging neck to frilled details at some places, RVCA has got your back in it. The RVCA Women’s Cheeky One-Piece Swimsuit is one such example. It is cheeky black in color. Usually, dark colors for bodysuits are a good idea if you want to look slimmer. This pull-on closure type swimsuit provides medium-level coverage. It has high sides and a rather deep racerback as a little style statement.

 One Piece Swimsuit fabulous Collection
Image Source: Bikini.com

RVCA Women’s Bestseller Category

This is the category that has a variety of clothes under it and all of them have high ratings. Be it the flowy dresses that would make each outing more memorable, or be it the bikinis and bodysuits that hug your body like no one else, the best selling category has got you covered. The comfortable shorts are both trendy and cozy to wear at home as well as outdoors. The RVCA Women’s Grounded Coverup Short is one such example. The shorts with its drawstring closure is a woven viscose elastic type short. The pants have small prints throughout, more like tribal prints, that makes it unique from normal shorts out there. The shorts have a scalloped hem along with a waistband that has a drawcord.

RVCA Womens Grounded Coverup Short 1
Image Source: Amazon

   Normally, all the RVCA shorts have side seam pockets. Better technology to wash that is used is the sulfur enzyme wash. The dresses usually have floral prints, inspired by the Spring Collection or they might be of solid colors. Dresses could range from normal A-line cut, V-neck dresses to trendy shirt dresses. Though, our favorite is the RVCA Women’s Avery Woven Short Sleeve Dress. The dress has small black prints. It has an adjustable lace-up back tie closure. The dress is a typical mini button-up one with a semi-deep V-neck. The dress sports a cap sleeve. 

Womens Short Sleeve fabulous Collection
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 RVCA is a brand that has an eye for the coolest of the things around them. The workers incorporate coolness with comfort and fashion to come up with premium-quality products. One of the reasons for this huge success of the company is due to the fact that they mix the coolness from South California with the legendary bohemian fashion. Selling such a lifestyle is unique and appreciated all over the world. RVCA is one of the fewest companies that are at the top of the fashion industry and have been maintaining a safe position up-till now. They come up with newer ideas to make a profit through introducing more magazines or collaborating with more artists to mix their artforms with their clothing lines. One of the major sources of their profit is through surfboards, bicycles, and music. The RVCA family believes in educating their customers and themselves by participating in several charity events, or awareness programs. They keep themselves in the news columns by attending some concerts or promoting work of art, other than their collections. The concept of balance of industry and art has helped RVCA come a long way and we are sure they are here to rule the fashion industry along with millions of hearts in the future.

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