Roxy for Rocking and Drop-Dead Gorgeous Outfits 

Demand for fashionable clothes and footwear is increasing day by day.  Styling and trends of women’s wear are changing in the blink of an eye. Women’s requirements are increasing day by day for fashionable swimwear, dresses, and footwear.  Women always try to keep themselves updated in terms of attire. Initially, different brands set attention to the updated clothes of women.  Roxy is one of the best brands in terms of fashion.  Roxy offers beautiful get-ups for women. There are stylish dresses, tops, swimwear, accessories, footwear, etc. Roxy particularized women’s outfits that are comfortable to wear and trendy. These outfits help women to stand out in the crowd. Roxy also offers comfortable footwear for women. So it is a classical and trustworthy genre for women out there.

Time Immemorial of Roxy 

The history of the Roxy brand is exciting. In the year 1990, Quiksilver manifested women surfing. It was a courageous decision for an earlier time because the surfing market was not ready to accept that. But Quiksilver could recognize the opportunities of women in the surfing field. Immediately in late 1990, the Quiksilver, Roxy got success. The Roxy brand started its business with surfing costumes like swimsuits. But there was also manufacture of denim wear and winter wear. The brand made up to one million dollar sales till the year 1992. In the year 1994, the brand was a full-on fire. It generated its first well-defined ” heart ” shaped logo. The Roxy brand launched boardshorts in the following year, and it became much popular. Roxy came to the limelight for adding the idea of women being daring, beautiful, wild with her clothes. In the same year, ASP women world champions promoted the Roxy brand. In 1995,  Roxy started organizing professional brand events.


It became a hit, and the events remained memorable for the next ten years. In the same year, Roxy added footwear, eyewear, accessories to their collection. Roxy showcased their collections in New York Fashion week in 1996. It got the nomination for design innovation. In 1997, Roxy showed a new paradigm of children’s dresses, room decors, posters, etc. So it became popular among the general public. In the new millennium, Roxy got the prestige to showcase the new lines of toddlers and fragrance lines. Soon in 2005, Roxy debuted the boots and skis collection in partnership with Rossignol’s Dynastar brand. Roxy expanded its business and debuted snowboarding events. Roxy has different outlets in different countries, and the brand has extended. The brand has favorable media coverage. Major publications enlisted this brand. The retailing business of this brand is booming all over the world. The brand is a well know fashion house for women. It can offer products of women’s every sphere of life. They keep the stone rolling by ensuring the quality of product innovation and spreading positive attitudes among women. 

Roxy Clothes

Roxy clothes are an array of fanciness. There are variations in Roxy clothes. The different prints and materials of the clothes make them unique. Women can use these clothes for several purposes throughout the day. First, one can wear sleeveless maxi dresses for beach parties. Then women can wear tops for casual day outs or workdays. So clothes are booming for women. There are maxi dresses, tops, sweatshirts the twelve pairs of pants, and within one platform.

Roxy Pelagic Maxi Dress 

The dress is poppy red. It is sleeveless and has a deep V-shaped neckline. The dress is easy to wrap and has front buttons. The backline of this dress especially makes it more appealing. The fabrication is enormously viscose, 95% in parallel; the remaining 5 % is elastane. Women can easily fling on this dress and then cease. The small white flower prints on a red base add a beautiful outlook to the dress. The maxi dress requires a regular washing procedure. However, no special washing treatment is needed. Another convenience is that it has adjustable straps. So one can tighten or loosen the dress as per wish.  Moreover, the Roxy seaside maxi dress has a graceful frill work under the dress. So, women can select this dress for summer beach parties and nights outs, etc.

Roxy Pelagic Maxi Dress
Image Source: FAO SWALIM

 Roxy Sweet Blare Hoodie 

The hoodie is a must-have thing for winter colds. Roxy’s sweatshirt twelve-year-old the twelves ravishing. The apparel of this hoodie is mostly cotton and a little bit polyester. Women can wash this in a daily process. In the front part, it has stylish criss-cross ribbon work. This oversized hoodie can keep women’s bodies warm in winter. Also, the kangaroo-style pockets give a damn cute look. The hoodie is comfy and kicky at the same time. Women can put their hands on the kangaroo pockets of the hoodie and coordinate this hoodie with jeans, shorts, and leggings. The hoodie is available in white and sunburn easy stripe color. A Roxy sweet-shirt hoodie can be the best choice for winter and casual looks. 

Roxy Sweet Blare Hoodie
Image Source: Stock

Twine Colorant Pant

Roxy women’s pants are super comfortable. Women bluntly love to wear these coloring pants as pajamas at home. The ribbons on the pants give more detailing to the waist. The Roxy pants are available in different shades of colors. The material of these pants is 85% cotton and 15% linen. One can wear these pants at home with oversized t-shirts or sleeveless t-shirts and seriously enjoy being at home.

Twine Colorant Pant
Roxy Twine Colorant Pant

Roxy Swimsuits 

Women always hunt for the best swimsuits on summer days. However, summer days are incomplete without a stylish swim style. The Swimming costumes must be trendy and comfy enough to enjoy sunbathing. There are bikini tops, set swimsuits, bikini bottoms, one-piece swimming sets, and so on in a row.   

Vintage Bikini Top 

 The vintage bikini is undoubtedly perfect for a summer escape. There are different colors and different printed vintage bikini tops. The bikini top is easy to wash. The fabrication of the top is mostly with nylon and elastane. So the body is massively exposed as it gives less coverage. The straps of this top are thin, and the bikini top is embedded with a deep v-shaped neckline.  And it has an elastic band on the chest. So it can only offer a stiff triangle-shaped outlook. But this Roxy vintage bikini top is stretchable and easy to carry. So girls can give it a shot on summer days combining it with good bikini bottoms.

Roxy Vintage Bikini Top
Image Source: Glamour

Signature Single Piece Swimsuit

The Roxy single-piece swimsuit is breathtaking. It is available in different floral prints with soothing colors. These one-piece swimsuits are just worthy of wearing in the summer holidays. First, the twelve-year-old swimsuits are feathery and stretchy. Then swimsuits have around the regular neck. The ribbons at the waist portion make the swimsuit more attractive.  One can wear this regularly while swimming in pools. It can lift a woman’s confidence and give a positive vibe.

Roxy Signature Single Piece Swimsuit

Roxy Symbolic Bikini Bottom

The Roxy Bikini Bottoms are fashionable and comfortable. Classic Bikini bottom is available in different colors. The colors of the bikini bottom are mainly red, blue, black, and other dark colors. The bikini bottom’s fabrication is 87% nylon and 13% Elastane. The signature bikini bottom requires hand wash only.  It doesn’t give all-over coverage. But It is just perfect to choose the Roxy signature bikini bottom for summer beach days. The classic bottom can coordinate well with other bikini tops as the bottoms are available in different dark colors.

Roxy Symbolic Bikini Bottom
Image Source: eBay

Roxy Extensive Full-Sleeve Rashguard

The full-sleeve rashguards are the most wanted product of Roxy.  The material of this extensive rashguard is polyester and elastane. There are different colors of Roxy full-sleeve rashguards. There is a print of heart at the chest of these rashguards.  The rashguard can protect women from harmful UV rays on summer days. There is a logo of the Roxy brand on the left sleeve of these rashguards. Mainly women wear rashguards while surfing. Women can easily coordinate the rashguard with bikini bottoms. The rashguards are must-have swimsuits for all the women out there.

Roxy Extensive Full Sleeve Rashguard
Image Source:

Roxy Inexshautible Summer Boardshorts 

Women love to dress with boardshorts on sensational summer days. The boardshorts are skin-friendly. They can give ultimate comfort to women on summer days because there is a drawcord waistband, and the apparel is fantastic. The Roxy boardshorts fabrication is 90% polyester and 10 % elastane. The boardshorts are machine washable. The drawcord feature of these boardshorts ensures to fit well with a woman’s body. So, women can do any activities like surfing, boating at coast area wearing these Roxy boardshorts. 

Roxy Inexshautible Summer Boardshorts 
 Inexshautible Summer Boardshorts 
Summer Boardshorts 

Roxy Footwear 

 Roxy footwear is another mesmerizing cluster. The footwear section is full of sneakers, sandals, heels, shoes, and boots. A comfortable and trendy pair of footwear is undoubtedly essential. We choose our footwear that matches well with our outfit. Roxy footwear serves women with varieties of footwear. Roxy has several types of footwear for casual use, parties, and for a variety of seasons too. So Roxy footwear is something that a woman or young girl may not ignore. 

Kids Comfy Sandals 

The sandal is especially for little girls. It has sizes available for twelve years old girls, starting from one year. It is available in black, sky blue, pink, many colors. The sandal got a logo of the Roxy brand on the sole of the sandal. The sole is rubbery and EVA.  Little girls can comfortably wear these sandals at beach or pool sides and so do not worry because the sandals are waterproof. It is more like slippers. Mothers can buy their little girls this stylish footwear pair for daily usage. 


Bang on Sneakers 

 These sneakers are super comfortable. The sole of these sneakers is enormously synthetic.  Women can buy these sneakers for daily use as they have no heavy pad inside the sneaker.  It is a lace-up sneaker. They are comfortable for the foot. Sometimes sneakers have rigid padding and don’t have foam pads. These Roxy sneakers have foam pads. So it is special footwear for women. Young girls can use them in universities. On the other hand, aged women can use these in the office. 

Roxy Bang on Sneakers

Roxy Hip-Hop Boots

On cold winter days, women wear boots. Boots coordinate well with leggings, jeans, tees, and overcoats. Boots are overall synthetic leather. There is metal shaft work in front of the Roxy boots. The soles are mainly made of rubber. It can keep the feet warm as it has furry lining insoles. The boots give proper grip and a flat heel that helps walk nicely. The zip system closure and metal tab closures are in the upper part of the boots. Women choose these boots as their favorites in winter and wear them at winter parties.

Hip Hop
Image Source: KINC

Roxy Accessories  

Women love to wear unique accessories. Accessories are women’s best friends. Women dress and try to wear matching accessories along with the dress. Roxy accessories give overture with hats, bags, school supplies, etc. Roxy accessories are outstanding and well-defined. 

Straw Hat 

Women can dress for summer with a Roxy straw hat. Straw is the main structure of this hat. The hats are movable again. That straw hat has a press stud. The stylish straw hat has a large periphery. So this can give shade on sunny days. It requires hand washing only.  Women can wear hats in horse riding as it promotes a majestic look.


Roxy Classy Wallet

Women’s wallets are essential to keep their money, cell phone, etc. There are separate divisions for credit cards, smartphones, and a tiny staff.  The Roxy wallet has a button closure along with a brand logo. So women can carry this nice little wallet everywhere. Initially, it combines well with every outfit. Flux leather gives this wallet an extra charm and shine.

Roxy Classy Wallet
Image Source: Pinterest

Floral-Print Comfy Backpacks

Backpacks are essential for outdoor activities. Nowadays, backpacks are becoming popular among women. Roxy floral backpacks have two zip ceased divisions. One is small in parallel to another division being comparatively broader. There is a small sunglass-keeping division on this bag. Women can use the padded division to keep essential gadgets like notepads, laptops, etc. The backpacks have varieties of floral prints with beautiful bright colors. The Roxy floral backpack has movable straps that make it more worthy to carry. This backpack has two side pockets. The bag has a foam pad in the back so, women consider this lightweight backpack. 

Roxy Floral Print Comfy Backpacks
Image Source:


The brand is concerned about women’s fashion. The brand is pretty much involved in promoting women’s dressing, footwear, accessories.  It has a different array of dresses, swimwear, sandals, shoes, bags, hats, wallets for women. Women are interested in trying newfound fashions. Roxy always tries to win women’s hearts by giving them something unripe. The fabric material of clothes, the soles of sandals and shoes, the backpack qualities are impressive. Roxy has a large fashion peripheral. So women of all ages should try their products. The Roxy products are reliable and viable. So buying Roxy products will not dissatisfy any women. 

Image Source: Amazon

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