Review – Remington iLIGHT Pro Plus Quartz Hair Removal System

This Remington iLIGHT is one of them but it uses IPL to do the job. There is no actual laser-like in the first one. As I said, the first one on the list is the only one that uses actual laser technology. Most of the gadgets that use IPL for laser hair removal at home are less potent than this one.

That is the reason why you will find the features here to be a little different than the ones that you say in the first one.


  • Quartz Light

With others in this category, you will find that they tend to use the flashes from regular light bulbs and that is not effective. It will take a long time to get anything done. That is why quartz light has been used here. It will give you the kind of results that you are looking for.

The model that we have here can only be used on the body if you care about safety. There is one for the face.

This kind of light will give you results fast.

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  • Period Taken

You will find that this one does not take long as compared to the others. You cannot put it on the same level as Tria because she is badass but Remington sure does try its best. The time taken will be longer because of the IPL system. They are not very strong.

That is why most people tend to go for Tria.

  • Accuracy

The thing about this one is that you will cover a lot of areas but there is the issue of accuracy. You cannot accurately target some areas like the bikini line well. That is why you will need to make sure that you have been careful where you use it.

The larger head will give you a more covered area. The work covered is twice as much as when you are using the Tria. Don’t try to use it for specific areas like the bikini line because there is a possibility this could go wrong very fast.

  • Skin Tone Sensor

When you are using IPL, there is a limit too for the skin tone. That is why you will need to make sure that you have the right kind of skin tone before you use this one. It will turn off when you have overly dark skin.

This Remington iLIGHT is very useful when you are not sure what you are supposed to do. Always read the instructions before you start.

  • Ergonomic

The job of trying to make sure that you have targeted the areas well is grueling sometimes and you will need something that you can hold easily. That is why this one has been built in a shape that is small like a mouse. That is how you will be able to handle it without any problems.

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  • Lifetime

With this one, you will have a cartridge with 30,000 flashes before it runs out. This means that you can have a year of these treatments before you have to refuel. With this one, you have a cartridge that can be replaced and that is how you will get to go on. With Tria, you will have to get a new Tria.

  • Pain Levels

With the light, you will have less painful treatments and that is something that I think a lot of people will appreciate. This one is corded and you will not have to worry about charging when you are in the middle of killing your hair.

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