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RBX Ative

When we mean purchasing activewear that is super comfortable and gives immense support to the body, RBX Active tops every list. Well, it might not top every list, but the brand has been successfully maintaining a position among the top 5 such brands consistently for a decade now. Welcoming RBX Active or the Rugged Bear X-Treme brand into our workout lives and wardrobe has been one of the greatest positive decisions ever made by us. RBX Active, unlike several other competitors, has a motto of making durable and comfortable activewear available to every sector of the human population around the globe. RBX Active wants activewear to be given importance as a basic necessity rather than a luxury. The brand has collaborated with several well-known celebrities to promote fashionable fitness apparel for their large customer base and attract the younger generation.

Fitness Tops

Women’s Collection for RBX Active

The RBX Active has a famous tie-dye collection that has a huge range of clothes with tie-dye print. From mere tank tops to extra-supportive bras, this print collection has got you covered. Another interesting collection is their range of solid bottom wear. Sweatpants, joggers, capris, you name it, the collection has it!

Women’s Leggings

Womens Leggings

The entire team of well-experienced designers has worked together to build a bottom section of ultra-soft leggings and promote ultra-hold. The workers have skillfully designed a four-way stretch fabric to ensure the comfort of each customer. The leggings also promote freedom of movement. The vision behind creating this excellent range of clothing lines is to build a wonderful variety of leggings, keeping in mind the quality. Unlike its other important competitors, the brand has leggings with deep pockets. The capris ensure the ultimate degree of comfort. Each product has a high waistband that provides great support to the lower region of the body along with the gut region. 

The leggings and capris come in various fashion trends and details. Some of the products are designed with silhouettes and little seaming details. These add to the beauty of the product while not hampering its comfort and coverage. Women, we have some important news! Ever since man and woman descended on the face of the earth, women have been experiencing the constant problem of not having enough clothes that have pockets. But RBX Active has got you covered. The side tech pockets have been attached to the bottom wear with enough space to keep your phones in it. You can now store your house keys or other important items in your pockets. The tech flex fabric of the pants is smooth enough to ensure utmost comfort along with giving a cozy body-hugging feeling to your body. 


One example of RBX Active’s leggings is RBX Active Women’s Ankle Full-Length Athletic Yoga Leggings. As in almost every legging, this one too has side tech pockets that would help you store essential items in it. The excellent fabric helps in providing smooth, total coverage of the body. This legging is perfect for squats and stretching in yoga. The product gives a body-hugging feeling while bending and doing other forms of exercise. The fabric is moisture-wicking and gives a cool feeling by drying out the excess moisture from the legging. The product is opaque and body-hugging. It fully exercises proof, and the prints give a fashionable look to the legging. 

Another example under the leggings clothing line is the RBX Active Women’s Power Hold High Waist Athletic Leggings with Pockets. The opaque nature of the fabric gives it total coverage and serves to do effective yoga, stretching, or bending, both indoors and outdoors. Just as the product name suggests, it also has pockets to store small valuable items or phones. The quick-drying X-Dri technology is very helpful in absorbing extra moisture. The fabric with its 4-way stretch material retains the shape of the legs and gives confidence and support. 


The product should be ideally worn for doing intermediate to advance level workouts, HIIT, yoga, jogging, brisk-walk, even hitting the gym. It is great for both indoors and outdoor activities. You can now do squats, Pilates, or plank sessions with full confidence. This supportive legging is super comfortable to be in it for hours and not experience the slightest discomfort. This product is available in various sizes, from XS to higher as XXL in leggings with Capri length and size range of XS to XL for bottom wear of full length.

RBX Fitness Tops


The fitness tops from RBX Active are made with a range of breathable fabric that lets one move freely. The skilled group of workers spends day and night building the tops with an ultrasoft and breathable design. Although comfort is given a huge priority, fashion is also a major component of each clothing line. Hence, the brand ensures fashionable tops that would serve as brilliant activewear. Ultimately, the tops, be it a tank top or a long-sleeved one, are made with great care to ensure a maximum comfort level throughout the year. 

One example of the clothing line is the RBX Active Women’s Regular Length Flowy Yoga Tank Top. The peached fabric is highly soft, breathable, and lightweight. The longer hemline at the back ensures extra coverage to the body and maintains the natural curve of one’s body. The scoop-type neckline and the silhouette give a body-hugging and body-loving fit. The top is excellent for light to intermediate workouts, like yoga or brisk walking, etc. It could also be worn for casual outings or brunch with friends and family, etc. You could pair it with something over the sleeveless top, or it could be worn alone. So stop worrying and add this item to your wardrobe today itself! 

RBX tops

Another important product under this clothing line would be RBX Activewear Women’s Fleece Pullover Sweatshirt. The hand pockets are big enough to store phones or other important items one might require while out. The pockets are warm enough to keep one’s palms warm on typical colder days. The pair of comfortable pockets are ideal for keeping little essentials while out on a casual date or for a quick brunch with family, etc. The pullover sweatshirt is made up of a new type of breathable fabric. It is designed to maintain warmth and cool inside the top depending upon the weather that day. The fabric is super-comfortable and is easy to maintain with just a wash. 

RBX Fitness Tops

Unlike other tops for women, this fleece sweatshirt is not boxy or unnecessarily bulky. The pullover has a flattering faux wrap-front design that accents the body shape and helps in providing support and comfort. The X-heat technology of the fleece fabric helps in keeping the body warm and cozy. It is ideal for chilly days to require something more than just a mug of hot cappuccino. The colder nights would require you to put on this pullover sweatshirt to keep yourself warm throughout. The top also has an adjustable zip neck technique that lets you mock up your neck region, depending on the style you want to keep or the warmth you require to maintain.

RBX Women’s Sweatshirt

RBX Womens Sweatshirt

The motto of building RBX Active’s separate collection of sweatshirts is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle with a hint of fashion in it. The team has come up with the idea of creating a beautiful range of fashionable sweatshirts that would allow women to stay warm and stay active. The fabric used is a midweight soft and cozy fleece fabric. The fabric and the design make it perfect for any tough activity on chilly days. The nights are often worse, but this range of sweatshirts will surely ease the pain of working out on colder days. 

One of the products is RBX Active Women’s Quilted Cowl Neck Pullover Sweatshirt. The sweatshirt is of the length of a typical tunic with a design that provides extra coverage to the body. The mock design, along with slits in the side, gives a more relaxed appearance to the sweatshirt. It gives a breathable feeling to all its customers. The thumbholes present in the sweatshirt ensure coziness and warmth and lets the sleeve cuffs be in the proper place. A premium range of support and comfort is ensured through the soft quilted fabric. This highly lightweight sweatshirt could be worn alone or as a layer over a tank top. 

Womens Sweatshirt

Another product that would describe the best sweatshirts is the RBX Active Women’s Quilted Cowl Neck Pullover Sweatshirt. The product has a drawstring attached to the adjustable mock neck design. The slightly medium-weighted fabric helps in keeping ourselves warm. The product is short in length and gives a relaxed fit. The soft textured fabric provides the ultimate degree of comfort. It is highly fashionable and could be worn over something on colder days or worn alone on warmer nights. This pullover sweatshirt is appropriate for intermediate to advance level activities in extremely cooler conditions. It could be worn as casual wear, random family outings, or shopping with friends. 


RBX Active brand focuses on combining fashion with comfort. Its wonderful and colorful range of sweatshirts are great for everyday wear, or even for few formal meetings. The little details of each product make it more fashionable as well as highly comfortable to purchase. The quilted fabric gives the desired look to each product and ensures complete confidence over themselves.

RBX Women’s Pants and Joggers

RBX Womens Pants and Joggers

The activewear RBX Activewear gives you the perfect opportunity to do workouts in immense style. Never feel out of fashion. You might not be updated with the latest casual wear or formal wear trends, but with sportswear, especially with pants and joggers, one can always be in fashion, following the latest trends. The super-comfortable woven fabric helps you to stretch and move in style. The moisture-wicking technology absorbs excess moisture and helps in regulating the body temperature. The pockets provide help in storing small essentials or the phone while going out. The pants are available in various sizes and give a customized fit. The extended size range might go from XS to XXXL. Compared to normal pants, the capris have a more relaxed fit. The joggers, be they cropped or full length, are available in various designs. 

From tie-dye prints to classic solids, the RBX Active joggers have got you covered. Your wardrobe must own at least one of the products from this clothing line if you like sports and style. Each of the pants and joggers is made up of extremely lightweight, French terry, breathable fabric. Some of them have a tapered design and cuffed leg openings that give a relaxed fit appearance. You could pair the joggers with a casual top for grocery shopping, or you could pair a cropped one with a shirt while out with friends for an early brunch or even wear it indoors on a cool winter night and be cozy in your room. One of the products under this clothing line is RBX Active Women’s Woven Drawstring Cargo Capri Pant. This product screams casual appearance. The street style could be brought alive with this activewear Capri pants. 

You can replace your standard joggers with this one for beginners level workouts or walking outdoors. The product gives a customized fit. The adjustable, elastic, drawstring waist is just right to wear indoors as well as outdoors. This Capri is styled in cargo fashion to give a travel look with its convenient side pocket system. The breathable fabric is a lightweight, woven fabric. This super comfortable fabric has a quick-drying technique that helps in getting rid of the excess moisture fast. This ensures optimal cooling or warmth to the legs, according to the weather demand. These Capri pants could be thus worn for hiking or other activities. Great as yoga or indoor pants, this product also gives a relaxed fit that matches everyone’s basic comfort level. However, it might get a bit baggy for some, so we advise you to check your respective sizes carefully. 

Another example is RBX Active Women’s Slim Fit Jogger Sweatpants. The brand ensures ultimate comfort from sweatpants. This product is made from super soft stretch peached fabric. The side pockets are handy enough to store your phone or other small essentials while out. It could also help you keep yourself warm on colder days. You can now get the perfect relaxed fit with an elastic waistband and drawstring attached to it. The tapered leg and the design of the ankle cuff give the sweatpants a slim-fit look. It is a must-have product.

RBX Women’s Shorts and Skorts

Shorts and Skorts

The shorts and the skorts are the clothing line where activewear meets fashion. The skorts especially are the backbone of the sports fashion industry. It is intended to ensure a feminine touch to sports and games. The shorts, too, have a long way since their invention. The bike shorts have an ultra hold high waist technique. The lightweight fabric ensures optimal breathability. The shorts and skorts could be used to wear for running, sports like tennis or golf, or just casual outings. 

From solid colored to ribbed design, we have got you covered with a huge range of shorts and skorts. The moisture-wicking property also ensures the ultimate degree of comfort. RBX Women’s Golf/Tennis Athletic Skort with Bike Shorts is one example under the skorts category. This athletic skort provides the ultimate comfort and support as stylish activewear. It gives full coverage for handling quicker motion. The multiple pocket system ensures that you have a proper storage facility when out for a longer time. You can now store your phone or other essentials in the two side pockets. Your wallet could now rest safely in your pockets while you’re out for groceries or have few errands to run. The wide waistband gives a perfect, customized fit to the body. 

RBX Womens Shorts and Skorts

The athletic skort is a new concept and is made up of super soft and lightweight fabric. This stretch-woven fabric gives a breathable touch to the skort. This ensures optimal cooling. The skort is ideal for a busy activity day, quick adventures, or even running. RBX Active Women’s Relaxed Fit Stretch Woven Athletic Walking Short is the other product under the shorts clothing line. Get the ultimate comfort while working out with this range of products. The short is made up of extremely soft and breathable, lightweight fabric that ensures 24/7 cooling and keeps you dry. 

RBX Womens Shorts

The camo-printed woven fabric dries fast and helps to keep the body cool while walking or working out. The full-sized pockets are ideal for storing phones or other important items while you are out for work. The pockets ensure safety and warmth when needed. Get customized fitting shorts with the elastic waistband and drawstring technique. This helps in improving your style while performing activities or working out, or simply walking. Ideal for hiking or playing golf, or other activities, you can pair these fashionable shorts with polo t-shirts or cropped tops, depending on the work and, of course, your mood!

RBX Active Women’s Bras

The RBX Active Women’s Bras have got you covered for any and every activity. Be it casual outings with your friends, or a much-awaited dinner date, or a surprise party, or even a random brunch with friends and family, the range of bras from this brand has always got your back. Be it indoors or outdoors, light or high energy activities, or workouts, these bras will provide maximum level support, coverage, and comfort, all at the same time while maintaining the latest fashion trends so that you do not go out of style. Most bras have meshwork to ensure high breathability. The racerback design and the moisture-wicking property of the soft fabric ensure the body remains cool and dry. We assure you that your wardrobe will rule every other wardrobe to have the best athlete bra if you purchase these fashionable bras. 

RBX Active Womens Bras

RBX Active Women’s Athletic Racerback Seamless Workout Sports Bra is one example under the bra category for RBX Activewear. The bra has mesh panels that promote the circulation of air. This increases the breathability rate and helps in keeping the person cool in warmer conditions. The bra has padded foam cups that are removable. The super-soft fabric has moisture-wicking properties that help you remain dry throughout. This bra could be used while performing intermediate to advance level workouts or other activities. The all-over camo print adds to the sporty look of the bra and makes it more fashionable. The bra provides great support and coverage with its racerback design. It helps in movement. This is one of the most fashionable bras that your wardrobe should own. 

The other example is the RBX Active Women’s Strappy Seamless Workout Sports Bra. This bra, too, like almost all other ones of RBX Active, has mesh panels. This promotes proper circulation of air and ensures higher breathability that would keep you cool. The padded foam cups are removable, and the fabric has moisture-wicking properties. This property helps to keep the person dry and cool. This bra ensures a high degree of comfort with its seamless and racerback design. This bra should be used for low-level activities or workouts.


The RBX Active has emerged as a brand that promotes everyday activity. It promotes an active lifestyle in each home, along with both mental and physical wellness. The brand actively participates in several campaigns and firmly believes in promoting fashion and health. We believe that the brand will grow stronger in the coming years and bring a more interesting sports collection. Till then, keep building an athletic wardrobe with their products. With blogs like RBX Fitness, RBX Feelin’ It, and RBX health, the brand has been serving as an active platform to let their customers know about the latest trends in sports fashion and how they could improve their lives in general.

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