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PGA Tour

PGA Tour Superstore has a somewhat predictable motto, much like its other competitors. The brand is set on inspiring a large population ‘to play their best, and grow the game.’ What distinguishes the brand and sets it apart from other brands is its unique approach to achieving its goal. The highly skilled set of workers have thorough knowledge in this field. The hard work and immense passion clearly show up in their products that, in turn, encourage the golfers to give their best in the game to excel, and in the process, these players enjoy themselves as they grow the game. 

Brand History

PGA Tour is a part of the Blank Family of Businesses. One of their major core values is to put the needs of people ahead of themselves. They design and manufacture products that address the needs of the people along with being in fashion. They are well-updated on the fashion front and build collections that include men and women of every color, shape, and size. In other words, PGA Tour promotes diversity, unlike several of its competitor sports brands. Let us go through the PGA Tour Women’s Collection in the apparel and accessories categories. 

Throughout the years, PGA Tour has certainly faced its share of rough and dull patches to reach the apex of the sports-fashion industry. It is one of a kind and has set high standards for newcomers and the old ones. We believe that the brand has more to offer. It has a unique method of continuously innovating and coming up with new techniques to make the lives of several people easier. They reinvent, innovate, and show constant productive growth, both in terms of comfort and fashion. The brand also believes in giving back to society. In the past, they have participated in several campaigns aligned with humanity and the betterment of society. Currently, they have joined hands with a few groups and campaigns to help each other grow through talents, labor, etc.

Women’s Collection

PGA Tour Women’s Tops

Womens Tops

The collection possesses a wide range of tops that could be arranged according to their sleeve length. The tops are available in sleeveless, short-sleeve, and long sleeves. The air flux technique in the tops helps in regulating air and keeping the body cool. Nothing could go wrong in the game with the correct top paired with the most comfortable PGA Tour shorts or skorts. 

PGA TOUR Womens Airflux Sleeveless Golf Polo Shirt

One of the examples of the tops would be PGA TOUR Women’s Airflux Golf Polo Shirt. This shirt has excellent air flux ventilation that helps in keeping the body cool for premium-level comfort. One round of golf will not make you all sweaty and in loss of energy. The moisture-wicking property is also an innovation that helps in keeping excess moisture and sweat at bay. Along with that, sun protection and stretchable seams help keep the body comfortable, and women excel in the sport they play. Overall, the fit gives a slimming effect to the body and sports a contoured style. It is available in all sizes. PGA TOUR Sun Protection Golf Shirt is another example. This has 90% polyester and 10% elastane. It ensures maximum stretch and comfort.

PGA Tour Women’s Skorts

PGA Tour Womens Skorts

Skorts are the best thing that happened to women and for women in sports apparel. PGA Tour gives a large range of skorts, from pretty patterns to solid colored sporty-looking ones. Another plus point is that skorts are available for every size and shape, along with plus-size. One of the examples is the PGA TOUR Airflux Golf Skort that comes with a Tummy Control Waistband. This pull-on closure skort has excellent air flux ventilation properties. It is achieved from the premium quality mesh fabric that ensures high ventilation. This innovative idea helps in keeping the women cool while playing. Along with that, the moisture-wicking property, the sun protection, and the tummy control techniques aid in getting the perfect fit for each woman. Additionally, the stretchable fabric is used to build the inseams of the shorts, and it ensures maximum flexibility. 

Womens Skorts

Another such example would be the PGA TOUR Painterly Floral Print Golf Skort. This innovative and extremely sporty product has pull-on type closure. It is easily washable in machines, and the skorts tend to maintain the stretch and smoothness even after several washes. The skort features a modest back pocket and has an inseam of 16″. The back pocket is handy for storing small accessories that you have to keep aside while playing. The knit fabrication is of interlock type that ensures close and stretchy stitching. With this floral print skort, you can add a pretty and bubbly side to the sporty look that the game demands.

PGA Tour Women’s Shorts

Give your best shot with the best women’s sports shorts. The extremely stretchy, comfortable, and stylish shorts will not only boost your confidence but will act as a bonus while playing. Pair it with a top or t-shirt along with casual sneakers, and you are good to go out with friends and family. The moisture-wicking property is a built-in technique that the brand proudly boasts for each of its products. 

PGA Tour Womens Shorts

One of the examples from this category is the PGA TOUR Golf Short with Motionflux. This short could be easily washed in the machine and has a zipper-type closure. Additionally, the short gives a 4-way stretch. It ensures a premium degree of comfort along with widening the range of unrestricted movement. This, in turn, helps the players to get a 360-degree stretch in every possible direction. Along with that, the sun protection property helps in preventing the short-covered area from getting excess UV rays exposure. Overall, the durability is great, and the straight fit helps in giving a sleek and confident look to the outfit. 


PGA TOUR Women’s 4.5″ Woven Golf Short is another such example. It has zipper-type closure. The satin fabric of the short has an ultra-smooth drape, and the short gives out a beautiful sheen. Besides its graceful look, the product has an excellent moisture-wicking property that helps absorb or evaporate the excess sweat off one’s body. This helps in keeping the body cool and giving a drier fit to the outfit. The workers commit to excellence, which is evidently reflected in each of their items from the collection. 

PGA Tour Women’s Pants

Pants in the sports section are as important as the tops or skirts. Though most sports for women today require skorts or shorts, pants are the basic to every sports apparel. And PGA Tour rules the fashion and sports industry in terms of owning a classy and highly durable collection of Women’s Pants. Now, women of every color and shape can hit the tracks with these premium quality pants. The collection mostly houses golf-wear pants, but anyone could wear even these for other sports. Other than that, you would find almost every woman who is slightly close to maintaining health and keeping themselves updated on fitness matters owns at least one pair of PGA Tour pants. 

Another good news is that these PGA Tour pants are available in all sizes, even for plus-size women. Hence, shape and size are no longer barriers for women to look and feel good in sports pants. In some households, these pants rule the women’s wardrobes as they wear them for a morning walk, for yoga, or simply for casual hangouts. With PGA Tour Pants, you will always be ready for whatever life throws at you, and you will be prepared to face it in style! The premium quality fabric is super-smooth, comfortable, and highly durable in terms of the brand’s major competitors. Most of the pants also have sun protection techniques that prevent anybody damages from the harmful UV rays. All these small properties have helped the collection rise high in terms of sports and fashion standards today. 

PGA Tour Women’s Pants
Women’s Pants

You could pair these pants with a PGA Tour Polo shirt or a casual top or t-shirt, and you’re good to seize the day! The fabric has several body-cooling techniques that help you remain calm even during hard training sessions. The PGA TOUR Women’s Plus Size Golf Pant with an excellent Tummy Control design is one example. It is made of 73% rayon, 24% nylon, and 3% spandex with a pull-on type closure. It has excellent moisture-wicking properties. This built-in technology helps in preventing the accumulation of excess sweat in the body and fabric. All that extra perspiration gets evaporated to give you a dry and cool comfort and urge you to perform better. The fabric is highly durable and stretchy. This innovative fabric of the golf pants helps in providing a wider range of movement and a greater amount of unrestricted motion. 

One of the other applaudable properties is the sun protection property. The fabric prevents any damage to the body from harmful UV rays. The trousers reflect the UV rays to the atmosphere, thus protecting the skin from UV rays exposure. Another feature that most women die for is the tummy control feature. There is shapewear designed at the tummy region that maintains certain pressure on the tummy while working out. Overall, the PGA Tour mid-rise golf pants give a flattering look, and the pant could pair them with a polo shirt and a pair of decent golf shoes. 

Another product from this collection is the PGA TOUR Women’s Motionflux Capri Golf Pant. This Capri is made up of 98% polyester and 2% spandex. These machine-washed pants have a stretchable waistband that provides high levels of comfort. It has moisture-wicking properties and absorption methods that regulate the body temperature by keeping cool and dry at all times, thus ensuring a rather drier fit. Much like the previous one, this too has UPF 50-year sun protection property that prevents causing harm to the skin from excess sun exposure. If you love capris and are a sportsperson (by that, we mean if you like being fit and healthy at least), this product is for you! Try it on and let us know!

PGA Tour Women’s Cold Weather Collection

Every sportsperson has to train in any climate, no matter how harsh the conditions are. For such powerful women, the PGA Tour has exclusively built a collection that would have only winter or rather cold weather apparel. These clothes offer a smooth balance of comfort and fashion. The sweaters, sweatshirts, or jackets for women have become a necessity to keep themselves going. Most of these clothes are made up of extremely lightweight fleece that keeps one warm. Anyone could also use the sweaters for layering up on really chilly days. On other cool days, you could pair them with warm pants and good boots. You can slay by layering this on winter or breezy days for a sleek look. 

PGA Tour Womens Cold Weather Collection 2
Golf Monthly

One of the examples is PGA TOUR Women’s Fleece Full-Zip Sweater. This sweater has a zipper closure, and its high mock collar is beneficial. It helps in protecting the neck. This piece is ideal for multiple occasions – whether it’s a casual day out, lunch date, or a fun kitty party. Another example under this category would be PGA TOUR Women’s Long Sleeve Jacket. It has a full zipper closure and could be easily washed in the machine. This jacket comes with a stylish and comfortable ribbed collar that does not let cold winter air stop you from playing your sport. This jacket has double knit fabric that is made by joining two layers of the fabric. This provides the body with extra warmth and thickness—the long sleeves and ribbed collar help improve the style and ease to play. 

PGA Tour Women’s Accessories Collection

Whether in sports or work, or casual outings, accessories are just as important as apparel. This stands true especially for women who manage things around them more than any man would ever have to do. PGA Tour has come up with a stylish yet super-comfortable and durable category of accessories for these strong, beautiful women to make their jobs a tad bit easier. Let us take a quick look at these categories.

Playing Aids

As we have mentioned earlier, it is important to have the right playing aids as it is important to find the correct clothes for the game. This PGA TOUR Golf Cotton Tri-Fold Towel is an example of such an item. The towel has no closure and could easily be washed in the machine. This tri-fold golf towel is made up of 100% cotton. The towel gets the extra sporty edge from the classic PGA Tour logo on it. You better keep this towel that comes with a carabiner in your bag and would help you clear your clubs and keep them dry. 

Playing Aids
PGA tour Playing Aids

Women’s Headwear

The PGA Tour headwear for women gives an equally high performance as compared to other sports apparel. This line of accessories, too, offers high comfort and durability and being in fashion, in terms of sports. Women, both golfers or non-golfers, benefit from this category, and they love to own at least one headwear from this category. With PGA Tour, one gets to excel in their sport and remain unmatched in terms of looks and grace. The PGA TOUR Men’s Standard Tie-dye Visor is one of the bestsellers. Anyone could easily wash this 100% Cotton hat in the machine. The rim is adjustable, and the product is overall very stylish.

Women’s Headwear

Women’s Gloves

The last category under the Women’s Accessories Collection would be gloves. One such example is PGA TOUR Women’s SwingSoft Leather Golf Glove. These 100% Cotton gloves have pull-on type closure and can easily be washed in the machine. The gloves, be it for women or men, are made of premium quality Cabretta Leather. The material is soft and has great durability as it looks good as new even after being used several times. To top the look of the gloves, it has the iconic PGA Tour logo embroidered over it.

PGA TOUR Womens SwingSoft Leather Golf Glove


The PGA Tour has played a strong role in evolving sportswear, especially golf wear, in these years. In this process, they witnessed the evolution of sports and gained inspiration from these games to curate such creative collections. The brand honors the culture of this classy game and claims to be proud of its achievement towards society in helping women achieve their goals. We hope to see more innovative creations from the PGA Tour in the coming years. If you haven’t yet purchased a PGA Tour t-shirt or skort, you are missing out on a lot. Purchase one today and let us know for sure!

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