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The famous brand Lysse was founded in the year 2009 by Beth Gold Cohen. Lyssé, also known as Lyssé New York, produces a range of clothing lines that are modern art and urban lifestyle inspired. Each product from the collection is designed to meet the everyday needs of today’s modern women. Women are ensured comfort, fabulous fit, and remaining in fashion through the various products from the clothing lines. Just like the fact that women need to be treated well and respected everywhere, it is equally important for women to love themselves and understand their needs better in terms of dressing up in every corner of the world. The needs are mostly met through comfort, fit and new trends. And in these terms, Lysse has got every woman covered. Let us see how!

Lysse Women Collection 

The Lysse has fewer collections compared to other well-known brands. Having said this, it is important to mention that the Lysse Women Collection has a unique Lyssentials section. The Lyssentials consists of the bestsellers of the brand. Some bestsellers include Flattering Cotton Crop Legging, Lysse Payton Seamless Legging, Boyfriend Denim, Tank Tops, etc. Another collection that has every woman’s heart is the Schiffer Collection. Schiffer fabric is highly comfortable, breathable, stretchy, and gives a trendy look to one’s outfit. There are several Schiffer tops in the collection, with several unique designs. The collection includes Schiffer Tops with Roll Tab, button-down shirts in diverse colors. There are several seasonal collections like the Fall Collection, Spring Collection, etc. The one Women Collection that tops every other collection in the Denim Collection. The promotion for Denim Guide begins with the caption, “Find your Forever Fit.” 

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The brand claims itself as every woman’s ‘denim matchmaker.’ They have taken the responsibility to make ‘denim dating’ appear less exhausting and more exciting. Lysse’s 360-degree slimming inner waistband technique makes you fall in love with your body all over again! Women of every shape and size would feel confident and ‘flirty’ enough to carry themselves in this range of denim bottom wear from the collection. The wide-leg types of denim are a specialty of the collection that brings out the boldness that every woman needs to feel empowered and conquer the world. Well, if you live for Sundays only, the Boyfriends Denim from the Denim Collection is what you and your wardrobe needs. With a few more collections ranges, Lysse seems to be getting bigger every day, with every new collection and mind-blowing collaborations too! Let us take a look at the different range of clothing lines of the brand.

Lysse Women’s Tops Clothing Line

In today’s 21st Century, fashion has become inclusive of women of every shape, size, and color. Lysee humbly welcomes all women from various walks of life to try their tops collection. The tops have been crafted keeping in mind the comfort of each woman while assuring the tops never go out of fashion. The workers and management staff work together to craft each unique piece keeping in mind the needs of women. It is as though; the tops are made by the women and for the women. The brand concentrates on curating classy, trendy, and highly comfortable pieces for the women population worldwide. The stress is laid upon both fabric and fit to ensure the making of these timeless jewels. 

Lysse Womens Tops Clothing Line

The motto of the brand Lysse is to make every woman feel great in their garment; otherwise, what is the point of such collections. This is why we urge every woman from all around the globe should own at least one piece of garment from Lysse. Every wardrobe should have at least one top or bottom or jacket or any other clothing from Lysse at any point in life. The tops especially add something comfortable and stylish to your everyday routine and make it more exciting! Every top flatters and accents every body type, no matter where they come from. You could put on Lysse tops for everyday work like grocery, office work, or you could go for a long drive with your friends and family, or even enjoy a soothing dinner date with your special someone.

One of the items from the Top Collection is the Lyssé Schiffer Button-Down Shirt, composed of 75% of Nylon and 25% Elastane. This shirt could be machine washed and has a button type of closure. The shirt gives laser-cut edges at the hem, neck, and cuff areas. The bottom part of the tail of the shirt has a hemline. In summer or preferably spring, you can wear it with shorts or even just a belt to make it look like a gorgeous shirt-dress. Other than that, you could pair it with jeans or leggings. It is best for wearing on weekends when you need that comfort and style at the same time. It could dominate your wardrobe as your favorite workwear or maybe your go-to shirt for shopping or even hanging out with your close ones. 

The shirt’s design starts from a collared top in the front that moves back with a longer tail than the front down portion. As mentioned above, it also sports a round raw-cut hemline—the microfiber and the design help in preventing wrinkles in the shirt. Our top style will be pairing this beautiful travel r work shirt with denim bottom, a dark ankle-length boot, and top it all up with a gorgeous faux leather jacket or no jacket if it is warm. 

Lysse Womens Anatomical Cotton Tank Top
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Another product would be Lyssé Anatomical Cotton Tank Top. Lyssé produces fabric for this tank, keeping in mind all women’s basic needs, ensuring great breathability and comfort. The quality of the tank top is excellent and can last for several years. The 4-way stretch of the fabric gives an effortless touch to the top and makes it wrinkle-free. This top is made up of 86% Cotton and 14% Spandex. It has no type of closure and can easily be washed in the machine. This super-soft tank top has a beautiful slimming seaming and a body-hugging fit. This anatomical tank top can be worn bare, with jeans or solid capris, or topped with a flared shirt or crop jacket, with a denim bottom. One could also try palazzo pants of various patterns or solid or stripes. Either way, this top would rule any woman’s wardrobe for a long time.

Lysee Women’s Bottom Clothing Line

Women’s bottom wear is not interesting as compared to other clothing lines. This statement, however, is true for several brands, except for the star brand, Lysse. At Lysse, the designers make sure that each item from the bottom wear feels and looks great at the same time. Otherwise, where lies the fun? The brand offers an exceptional fit for women of all sizes and shapes. Every woman could own the products from this clothing line, and it would be the star of their wardrobes. Along with designing bottom wear that is trendy, classy, and fashionable, Lysse ensures that every person has complete freedom of movement in them. While some items are for special occasions, most of the bottom-wear products are affordable and for everyday purposes. You could wear it to the mall, to dinner and casual dates, or for a fun, adventurous day out. 

The bottom wear range of comfort and style could go from slim fit to regular, from ankle-length to capris; you want it, Lysse Bottom wear has it! The designs are all modern and urban lifestyle inspired. The bottom would sculpt the body and make you feel more confident than ever. Good news for the ladies! While out, you no longer have to carry every little thing in your hand anymore! Gone are those days when you would step out of the house hands full with a purse, keys dangling from fingers, bottles, mobiles, etc., and constantly cursing the pant brands for not having put spacious pockets in them. Lysse has got you covered effectively in this matter! The pockets have been stitched strategically in the best reachable position and enough space to store every little essential. 

Lysse Denim Bottom

Lysse Denim Bottom

Lyssé Women’s Split Denim is one of the highlight-worthy products. The denim is made up of 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex which is machine-washable and has a pull-on type closure. This denim is full-length and skinny, with somewhat stretchable elements in it. The designers have added a cherry on the top with their extremely savage ankle split in the front. Lysse has made this product with its signature concealed waistband, providing four times more stretchability than other brands. The denim gives a comfortable body-hugging fit overall. Along with the smoothing inner waistband, the legging has a slimming effect. One could follow a slightly different and complex washing process to ensure that no grey tints are observed in the legging.

Lyssé Cotton Bottom Wear

Lyssé Women’s Flattering Cotton Legging is one of the products under this category. The cotton legging is made up of 86% Cotton and 14% Spandex. The legging has a pull-on type closure and could perfectly be machine washed. The legging has a smoothing 360-degree inner waistband fit. The waistband is of concealed type with four times stretchability. Overall, the legging gives a body-hugging fit and is high rise. This yummy stretchable cotton fabric and the seaming give a body-hugging fit to the body. You could pair the leggings with cropped jackets, shirts of pretty patterns, and solid colors. Laura Legging is the other product under this clothing line. The ultra-flattering look is achieved quite easily with this beautiful Laura Legging.

Lysse Legging
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Lysse Suede Bottom Wear

One of the products under this clothing line is the Lyssé Women’s Plus Size Hi-Waist Suede Legging. The legging is composed of 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex. It is machine washed and has pull-on type closure. As with every other legging from Lysse, this one too is designed with a 360degree smoothing waistband fit and is knitted mostly. The high-rise legging offers a four-way stretch that gives a smooth texture to the look of the product. We suggest that mules go best with this classy bottom wear.

Lysse Hi Waist Suede Legging
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Lysse Vegan Bottom Wear

Lysse Women’s High-Waist Vegan Legging is the ultimate wardrobe essential you need this year. The legging is composed of 95% Rayon, around 5% Spandex, or one could also say that it is made up of 100% Polyurethane. This machine wash legging is made up of faux leather that gives an ultra-soft lining. The seaming acts as both a decoration and ensure comfort. If you are one of those people who go from cruelty-free products, this one’s for you! The vegan leather is highly comfortable and stylish. It gives a shiny look to the entire attire. The classy design ensures that you feel confident wherever you go. You could pair it with a shiny pair of boots and a happy-go-lucky top!

Lysse Womens High Waist Vegan Legging
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Plus-size Women’s Top Clothing Line

The Plus size women are offered a wide range of clothes from the Lysse plus-size clothing collection. Lyssé Women’s June Button Down is a great representation of this collection. The product is made up of 75% Nylon and 25% Spandex. This top has a button-type closure and is machine washable. The fabric helps in getting a wrinkle-free look to the top. Overall, it is easy to fit and comfortable.

Plus size Womens Top Clothing Lines

Plus Size Women’s Bottom Wear Clothing line.

The plus-size range is wide among bottom wears. Lysse has your back, irrespective of your size and shape. One of the products is Lyssé Women’s Plus Size Hi-Waist Vegan Legging. The product is made up of 95% Rayon and 5% Spandex. It has seams both at the front and back. The seams add to the streamlined and sleek look of the high waist vegan legging. The high waist offers super soft stretchability and ensures that the legging is a flattering, relaxed fit. The 4-way stretch gives premium quality comfort to the legs. 

Plus Size Women’s Bottom Wear Clothing line

Lyssé Women’s Boyfriend Denim Legging is another example of the clothing line. This plus-size denim clothing is made up of 95% Cotton and around 5% Spandex. It is machine washable. The denim is perfect for plus size with its relaxed fit leg and cuff that are rolled up. This Boyfriend Denim legging is customized so that it offers utmost stretchability to every woman, irrespective of their shape and size. And all this does not make the denim lose its edgy look. Play the cool, laid-back, and fun lady in these easy-fitting boyfriend denim leggings.

Lysse Women’s Bottom Wear Clothing line


The brand Lysse works on clothes for women keeping in mind the three Fs. They are Fabric, Fit, Fashion. Lysse has maintained its position as one of the top brands in the fashion industry. We believe every wardrobe should own at least one garment from this brand. This brand has seen many rough days and had hit a bit of a rough patch a few years back. But all this did not stop Lysse from regaining its position as one of the top names in the fashion industry. All the products under the clothing line are breathable and stretchable. The clothes, be it shirts, jackets, or pieces of denim, are of premium quality and assure that women worldwide feel loved and confident enough in their attire to conquer the world. 

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