How to look hot and sexy in lingerie

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Lingerie is deemed to be sexy, make you look and feel sexy. Simply, wearing lingerie means sexy by default. Sometimes merely wearing that sexy lingerie is not enough to look hot! Lingerie will stand apart from you, crying for something it can really fit into. Have you ever seen anyone looking shabby in lingerie? Even to wear lingerie, you should follow a certain things to increase the hot quotient and look seductive. Here you go.

Do simple workouts that focus your belly

Your man won’t be attracted by your love handles. Even you cannot convince yourself to wear lingerie when your belly is bloated and looks flabby. Do simple workouts to keep the belly firm and to tighten the muscle. If you are likely to wear lingerie for special occasion, do the workout at  least the day before.

Watch your legs

Legs are too sexy to seduce a man instantly and the key to make it or break it lies in how to manage your legs. Especially, when you wear stockings and garter belts, you can directly draw your man’s attention on your sleek sexy legs. Put some shimmering cream or moisturizer on your legs, make it glossy!

Do the nails, both hand and feet  

Nails doesn’t have any association with lingerie. Yet, it may considerably affect your hot and sexy look. Wearing lingerie isn’t just about your body, but everything from head to toe. Get manicure and pedicure to make the hands and legs more glamorous. Wear same colored nail polish (it would be hotter, if you choose the nail polish as the same color of your lingerie) on finger nails and toe nails.

Groom, groom and groom 

This is just crucial to get that hot look in lingerie. So, it is all about shaving, trimming and waxing. Even you won’t like you to see in sexy lingerie with hairy affairs! Get waxed (A day or two before wearing the lingerie), make you look radiant. It’s a skin show and your skin should glow.

Do the hair and keep it free from tassels

Do you know hairstyle also plays a vital role in seducing  a man. In fact, it flatters your look and indirectly adds the sex appeal. Pick the right hairstyle to go with the sexy lingerie.

Many girls think that men simply go nuts over their body. It is not necessary to have that super model body. You wear lingerie, you are in front of him and you want to indulge in sexual relationship with him. And all these make you the most gorgeous and sexiest woman on earth for him. Still, your hair counts a lot!

He will look at your eyes, face and certainly play with hair. Your hair should be nice, and soft when he run his fingers! Hope you got that!

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Go easy on makeup

Makeup is not something too necessary to spice your look in lingerie. You don’t literally want to run your mascara during middle of steamy sex and look awkward. Use the absolute minimum or simply stay off from wearing any makeup. Go for mild lipstick shades. Your man will definitely not love the lip stamps all over him, but will adore the love bites.

Just blush your cheeks (mildly and get that rosy blush when you smile) and moisturize your lips so that it looks juicy! It makes you look you are excited to see him.

Apply moisturizing lotion or baby oil all over the body to soften the skin as well induce a mesmeric smell on you! Put on a seducing perfume.

In addition to the above, choose seductive lingerie that stays in your comfort. Look sexy, comfortable and natural in lingerie, you are done.

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