Tired of wearing old-fashioned, boring colored clothes? Here is the brand of colors, LittleForBig, which will make your dress glow brightly and make you look happier and fresher. LittleForBig is best known for its unique prints and color combinations to make you look more energetic and beautiful. The brand also contains old-fashioned clothing like a corset and overall skirts, which no one usually prefers to wear or buy because of their dull and straightforward look. This brand made those simple and boring clothes filled with colors and prints to make them more attractive and adorable while wearing. Let us go and check more of this brand’s products to know more about this brand’s unique foundation

LittleForBig Women’s Collection


LittleForBig Womens pajama Collection

Women’s all-time favorite pajamas are always on trend because of their comfortable fit and style. But have you ever tried romper pajamas or onesie pajama suits? If you haven’t tried the new designs of romper pajamas in your size today. Now romper pajamas are available for newborn and all aged women only by this brand, LittleForBig. You will get a series of beautiful, cute, and sexy, and attractive romper pajamas from this brand. The product has beautiful and vibrant prints on the while clothing. It is also long-lasting and fade-resistant. It is made in magical girl print, which gives a cute look upon wearing the pajama. The flattering cut, along with a short-sleeved scoop neckline bodysuit, makes it more comfortable while wearing. The brand, LittleForBig is best known for its unique products for Women, like newborn babies. These pajamas are made with thick fabric and have an excellent bodycon fit that gets stretched because of their contoured cotton. This brand pajama fits into the human body and comprises 95% organic cotton 5% spandex material. Not only this, but all the products of this pajama section are also available for plus-size women. 

Littleforbig Cotton Romper Onesie Pajamas Bodysuit Magical Moon

The signature crotch snaps make it easy to dress and undress. It makes the body feel secure. You will not need to undress the whole pajama while going to the restroom. Littleforbig Cotton Romper Onesie Pajamas Bodysuit – Magical Moon is the best example of this brand, rompers pajama, which has a US-based customer service that ensures the best shopping experiences for all their customers. It has also got several other designs and ideas for new pajamas that will make you buy these pajamas. Littleforbig Cotton Onesie Pajamas Bodysuit – Teddy Bear is another cute collection of the brand, LittleForBig. This pajama is made from a cartoon-inspired design. It gives a bodysuit shape with ears, bowknot, and a heart-shaped belly print to make it cuter. There are three crotch snaps which makes it easy dressing and undressing. It also gives a secure fit, and you can run towards the restroom without undressing the whole dress. It is made with thicker and higher quality fabric which other brands generally do not provide. This brand also gives a good fit design that typically flatters the human body as it is made of 70% polyester and 30% cotton to make it feel soft and stretchy on the skin. It also gives a bodycon fit which usually is comfortable for any body type. LittleForBig also offers a US-based customer service to ensure the best shopping experiences for all their customers. 


Littleforbig Womens Lace Up Boned Overbust Corset Bustier Bodyshaper Top Teddy Friends Pattern

You must have seen beautiful Corset dresses and tops in the famous Netflix series Bridgerton. This old-fashioned clothing was almost lost from this modern world of new fashion. According to researchers, this kind of dress was first used by the Minoan civilization. After that, it became famous throughout the world. The first evidence of these corset-like garments was found in the art of the Minoan civilization, which tells that some women were wearing metal plates that made the waist look slim and accentuated the bust sizes. The corset is a support garment commonly worn to hold the torso to give the desired shape traditionally. It makes the waist look more minor and aesthetic. It also helps to support the breasts. This corset now becomes an integral part of women’s wardrobes after so many years. The brand, LittleForBig brings some new and unique corsets that will make you fall in love with traditional fashion. Nowadays, women always go after those clothes which will make them look fit and beautiful. They are more figure conscious than health-conscious. LittleForBig brings unique changes in the corset tops by adding some touch of body shaper in the whole garment. 

Teddy Friends Pattern

To make your waistline look slimmer, flatten the tummy and hip bulges, you should try this brand’s corset. This is the best option if you want to make your waist achieve all those perfect hourglass figures like models and celebrities. You have to boost your confidence with this dual cinching effect caused by lacing up the back and four rows of hook and eye front closure. Littleforbig Women’s Corset Bustier Bodyshaper Top comes with some teddy friends pattern which adds some sex appeal with this traditional look. The front hook and eye closure make it easy to dress and undress the whole dress. The corset has four loops at the top and hem that can be equipped by yourself whenever it is necessary. It has also got some shoulder straps and garters. This “Teddy Friends” pattern has some vibrant prints and is made of 100% polyester fabric, which makes it feel soft on the skin and gives a good stretch to fit many body types. This Bustier top makes your body look sexy and cute all in one. This is also very good for any intimate special occasions like movies and dinner with your partner.  This can also be worn in any costume events and holidays, parties, and bold fashion shows.



Lingerie is a key wardrobe essential for every woman out there. It is the first thing to put on and the last thing to take off every day you wake up. You must have tried the branded and the best lingerie out on your starting from Victoria’s secret to some local designing brand. But have you ever tried some new cute prints on bras and underwear that you can appreciate at a very affordable price? The brand, LittleForBig has some simple yet sexy styles that will give good support to your breasts and butt and come in a wide range of sizes. Add this brand to the list of your best places to buy lingerie for all sizes, budgets, and occasions. Be it Valentine’s Day or anniversary; you can buy or gift your loved ones from this beautiful brand from any corner of the world. Littleforbig Women lace Babydoll lingerie set comes with a chemise halter V neck along with sleepwear and thong, which makes your night more romantic. 

Littleforbig Women lace Babydoll
Image Source: InStyle

This brand product is made with camisole-style lace mesh, making this lingerie look more beautiful and cute. It has a delicate heart pattern and silk ribbon tie in its back, along with a bonus matching thong-back panty. The lingerie has an elastic back, silk ribbon bow tie, adjustable bra straps, and stretch mesh, which give a perfect and customizable fit to any body shape and size. The brand doesn’t provide any underwire design, which insists you wear some other bra under it. This set of lingerie from the brand, LittleForBig is a beautiful choice for any date, wedding honeymoon, boudoir shoot, anniversary, bachelorette party, or for a romantic hot sweet night on valentine’s day. This is made of 90% nylon 10% spandex fabric, which is super soft on any skin tone and stretchable to fit any body type. Not only this, but it is also applicable for every plus-size woman. This brand has a US-based customer who gives 100% satisfactory results. All of this brand package contains one bandeau crop top and one panty.

Littleforbig Women lace Babydoll Chemise Halter V Neck Sleepwear and Thong Lingerie Set Romantic



Swimsuits are always in demand because of their trendy looks and design. The most renowned brands like Miraclesuit and Sovoyontee have a wide variety of swimsuits, starting from the bikini, tankini, one-piece, and many others. But this brand has such a unique design and collection of swimsuits that no other brand has thought of making. The brand adds some sweet, cute school girls style to its swimsuit, which not only makes you look fantastic but also makes it attractive for any theme pool party. The brand provides a set of tankini tops and bottoms to make it look cooler. Littleforbig Ruffled Flounce Tankini Set is one of the best-selling products from the swimsuit collection of this brand. This is available in a two-piece swimwear bathing suit with an anime idol design on it. The tankini top consists of a crop-top style modest design that gives the swimsuit top full coverage. 

Littleforbig Ruffled Flounce Tankini Set Two-Piece Swimwear

Not only this, it has a feature of adorable ruffled sleeves along with two securely attached pink bows over the chest area. The ruffle bottoms have a peplum skirt-style hem design, which ultimately helps to your figure and accentuate the waistline. The bases provide little coverage to the bum and thigh region. The product is made with 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex fabric which makes it softer on any skin, and you can also stretch it to see the fit on any body type. This high-stretch fabric provides a contoured, long-lasting fit that gives comfort to any body type and retains its actual shape. This swimsuit from LittleForBig is made with shelf bra padding, which has soft removable cups that offer good support and comfort to the body while wearing. The brand’s soft spandex material gives a silky feel which makes you look comfortable. It also has a quick-drying stretch fabric perfect for summer, any beach parties, pool parties, and water activities. 


Littleforbig Overall Skirt Romper – Confetti Princess Overall Skirt

In this era of denim, shorts, tops, and fancy designer dresses, overalls are the most uncommon option for any woman. The celebrities and models avoid this because of its retro designs. But still, overall, it is the most comfortable and easy dress for any place. The brand, LittleForBig also kept a different section for this. LittleForBig Confetti Princess Overall Romper Skirt has a touch of bodycon fit, which makes the overall skirt fit on different body types. It is made with a soft, lightweight, high-quality blend of polyester and spandex fabric, making it more wearable and comfortable. This cute confetti fabric has some designs and shapes of some lavender straps, which provide some fine details of this hand-made item without compromising its quality. The adjustable straps perfectly fit on anybody and give a traditional metal look for overall brackets. This overall is great for everyday use as these overall skirts are comfortable and have a unique and versatile fit. You can also wear this in any casual workplace, college to look cute. You can pair these overall skirts with any tees and tops along with a pair of sneakers or heels to look like an absolute princess.  You can also dress up with a white blouse or wear any LittleForBig onesie bodysuits to look beautiful. 

Confetti Princess Overall Skirt 1


Littleforbig Cute Coral Fleece Thigh High Long Paws Patten Socks 2 Pairs

Socks are everyday essential from the start of the day to the end. The brand LittleForBig makes your day happier with their new printed Littleforbig Cute Coral Fleece Thigh High Socks. This sock comes with Paws Pattern Socks consisting of 2 Pairs. These high-thigh socks have some sweet and cute printed paws on their whole surface. The Coral Fleece “fluffy” material keeps the legs always warm and cold-free. This makes the feet super comfortable. These socks are available in many sizes and can be used for daily wear, role play, cosplay, parties, and photoshoots. You can also gift these sweet and warm socks for birthdays, holidays, gifts for lovers, wives, daughters, sisters, girlfriends. It has a length of 31.5 inches (80 cm), a stretch of 39 inches (100 cm). Not only that, this sock has a full stretch of 20 inches (50 cm) of its perimeter.


Final Words

You must have got an idea why this brand is called the brand of colors and prints. Every detailing of the print and color makes every woman fall for this brand. Try something new with this brand’s corset, pajamas, lingerie, and swimwear. This brand is a perfect example of a women’s brand as women always love to look bright and beautiful. If you are still searching for affordable and good-painted clothes, try LittleForBig today to get numerous new printing and designing clothes in your closet. 

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