Heel heights measurement for women’s shoes

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Shoe Heel heights are measured by lying the shoe on a flat working surface and measuring the heel from the bottom to the high.

On the website, we have put our shoes into 4 different heel height categories – High, Mid, Low and Flat. Refer to the chart to provide an idea of how high the shoe could be. Please make use of the chart as a basic guide only as sizes do differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Block heel

Block heels are usually high or short but they are generally square and also have a more sturdy, chunkier layout. If you are seeking a sensible higher heel to use all day, block heels, as well as wedge heeled shoes, are highly recommended.

Wedge heel

Wedge shoes are an excellent substitute for high heels, if you desire a comfy, a lot more sturdy heel. It provides a covered block and it’s flat to the ground.


Heel height chart
Flat 0 – 2.5 cm
Low 2.5 – 6 cm
Mid 6 – 8 cm
High 8 – 10 cm plus

Kitten heel

The lowest short slender heel; a kitten heel features a slightly curved shape adding to the female shape of a court shoe.

Stiletto heel

Stiletto heels are usually slender and high. They offer the illusion of height and definitely will make your feet look reduced while elongating your legs. A sexy women shoe, they’ll give you a striking silhouette because of the arched footbed.

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