GILLYA Booty Yoga Pants Butt Lift Textured Scrunch Leggings

GILLYA Booty Yoga Pants Butt Lift Textured Scrunch Leggings

How about getting a yoga pant/scrunch legging from the Yogis themselves? It’d be great, right? Here we have the Gillya Booty Yoga Pants Butt Lift Textured Scrunch Legging, a legging that is engineered after intensive research and well-defined development procedure. Let’s take a look at it.

Comfy High-Quality Fabric

This ruched butt legging is truly an ultra-comfortable one. The fabric of this legging is lightweight, soft, dry wicking, and breathable. Also, it provides a perfect fit like your second skin. Its fabric is a perfect blend of polyamide and spandex that provides the right compression making it a great fit. Plus, these high-quality booty yoga pants for girls are thicker, durable, and tear-resistant. Each of these ruched pants has undergone intense testing to ensure they are free of defects and are constructed with outstanding quality.

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Great Performance

With its comfy fabric, it ensures a superior performance as well. It is designed with the 4-way stretching feature that perfectly contours to your body thus providing a streamlined look. It will also provide maximum lift and coverage while keeping its original size. Also, there are interlock seams that eliminate chafing and reduce irritation. So go deeper with your yoga practice and achieve more profound effects.

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Look Sexier

These GILLYA Booty Yoga Pants are non-see-through and also perfect squat-proof activewear for women. It offers an entire coverage whether your bend, squat, or lift. It promotes your compression and butt lifting. So get your cellulite or dimples concealed and butt streamlined to look even sexier. Moreover, the texture of the fabric itself hides any flaws and perfectly deceives skin imperfections. Its attention to detail can be seen with its scrunch booty design. Adds to that is the high rise v-cut waistband that not only provides support but also controls your tummy to give you a sexy hourglass look. Now leave a mark anywhere by pairing these highlighted colored leggings with your favorite accessories such as tank tops, sports bras, and heels that can be used in any season.

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What Customers Say

It does make you look cute and curvy regardless of your body shape and size. And that is the reason why it has been getting so many appreciations from the yogis and the active women out there.

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