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Exlura is an Amazon Brand that deals with Women’s Apparel. The brand believes in building dresses and other clothing lines that add a touch of sophistication and heritage to our daily life. Though they use the best raw materials and premium quality fabric to design the clothes, they have fairly cheaper rates. Over the years, Amazon has launched several brands, most of them dedicated to Women’s Apparel. Each Amazon brand is known for its unique quality. For example, some are solely dedicated to Sportswear, some for denim products, and just like that, Exlura is an Amazon Brand dedicated to making premium-looking and beautiful flowy dresses. In this blog, we will learn everything about Exlura Collection, its initiatives, and brand growth.

History of the brand

Exlura was introduced by Amazon a few years back as a women’s lifestyle store. The store has everything modern women would require in the apparel section, and they add a hint of class to each of these products. The workers of this brand have a creative soul, and they work hard to deliver their creativity beautifully stitched and knitted into gorgeous pieces. They are here to help us understand and stand for ourselves. Let us check out their cool women’s collections.


Exlura Women’s Dresses

Women’s Mini Dresses

Womens Mini Dresses

One of the most loved and desired dress types is the mini dress. Irrespective of our shape and size, we love to own the perfect, sexy, and beautiful piece of a mini dress. EXLURA Women’s Lantern Sleeve Vintage Mini Dress is one of the bestseller items under this collection. The lightweight clothing has a self-tie type of closure with a flowy vibe in it. The square collar with smocked waist, lantern-type half sleeves, ruched bust, and mini length makes it a good choice for summer. This off-shoulder mini dress brings back the retro days with the a-line swing and cuff. The sexy finish at the back of the dress wins all hearts for sure. 

Mini Dresses

Another one is EXLURA Polka Dot Off Shoulder long Dress is another product under this category. The zipper-type closure dress constitutes 100% Polyester. The fabric enhances the stretchability and breathability qualities of the dress. The dress has a ruffled type of neckline, with sweet polka dots all over, classy lantern sleeves, an off-shoulder design, and a smocked back with a high waist. The length of the dress and the design make the dress a chic one, and all eyes are sure to follow you wherever you go!

Women’s Solid Dress

Womens Solid Dress

Solid dresses have come in fashion since the late 00s and have been subjected to modification several times. The solid dresses today are not just available in seven to ten different shades. There are endless shades of solid-colored dresses, most of our favorite being the pastel shades. Pastel-shaded dresses appear to be more flowy and comfortable than normal dresses. One of this Amazon brand’s most popular solid dresses is Exlura Tie Back Lantern Sleeve Ruffle Dress Elastic Waist Aline Casual Mini Dress. This knee-length dress will win several hearts with the design and the fabric. It is perfect for a small gathering, cocktail parties, or luxe dining.

Women’s Print Dress

Women’s Print Dress
Image Source: Amaxi Performance

There is a wide range of prints available under this section. Our personal favorite would be  EXLURA Women’s Lantern Sleeve Tie Back Dress. This vintage printed dress looks elegant and super cute for the design, the fabric used, and the fit of the apparel. The designs include a smocked high waist, long sleeves, and a ruched bust, among other details. You can pair this printed dress with a pair of wedges and a leather bag to rock the outfit. EXLURA Summer Floral Print Lantern Sleeve Dress is the other product. It is made from100% polyester. The zipper-type closure dress is super comfortable to wear and will bring any party to life with its print and designs. The designs include the long lantern-type sleeves, the high waist design, etc. the stretchy and breathable fabric is best for humid summer days.

Women’s Polka Dot Dress

Womens Polka Dot Dress

Polka Dot Dresses have been our Uno Numero for a very long time. Years before Amazon was introduced to the world, polka dot dresses rested peacefully in almost every woman’s wardrobe. Whether it was for little girls, rebel teenagers with a quirky taste in art & culture, or the 24/7 working housewives, polka dot dresses ruled all the hearts. Exlura increased their sales for this dress by making it chicer and more sophisticated. 

The EXLURA Lantern Sleeve Tie Back Dress is one of the bestseller items and one of our top picks under Exlura Dresses. This flowy dress has a self-tie type of closure. It is a perfect fit for the summer season with its super soft and lightweight fabric. The slim-fit dress has an open back with a square collar and lantern sleeves that give a vintage vibe. This sexy dress is sure to highlight and hug your curves and give an overall swing style to your attire. 

EXLURA Long Sleeve Ruffle Swing Short Dress

The other example from this collection would be EXLURA Long Sleeve Ruffle Swing Short Dress. This smocked waist dress has a pull-on type closure and is made from polyester as the primary material. The dress is soft and lightweight, which makes it easier to carry. This off-shoulder dress length goes above the knee and has a square collar with long sleeves. The mini dress is highly fashionable and comfortable for office work or a casual outing with friends and family.

Women’s Sweater

Women’s Sweater

Who doesn’t like the frosty, chilly winter season? We all love to flaunt our glowing selves in cozy yet stylish sweaters and pretty caps or hats or scarves. With the rising competition in the fashion industry, offline or online shopping, it has become an almost impossible task to find the perfect, premium-quality sweater that also fits our budget. Thankfully, Exlura has got our backs in such a situation. With excellent craftsmanship and a lot of effort, Exlura has successfully introduced one of the best quality and stylish sweaters on Amazon. This Amazon Brand has made its name as the brand that sells one of the classiest sweaters online.


EXLURA Drawstring Front Sweater Knit Pullover Crop Top is one of our favorite items from this brand. The relaxed-fitting, v-neck sweater should only be washed with hands. This pull-on closure sweater is made from premium quality Acrylic fabric. This makes the sweater soft and warm to the touch. Another example is EXLURA Off-Shoulder Sweater Batwing Knit Jumper. This well-knitted jumper is beautiful for a lovely evening date or a party or fun traveling. The blouse is off-shoulder and gives a hint of chic and class together.

Women’s Skirts

Womens Skirts

Exlura creates Amazon’s most colorful and prettiest collection of skirts. The skirts have various lengths, cuts, prints, and fabric. Some dresses come in solid shades of pastel, some in stripes, polka dots; the list goes on. One can not want to own something as pretty as their skirts. Your wardrobe demands something pretty; you get an Exlura skirt. 

EXLURA High Waist Polka Dot Pleated Skirt is one of the examples under this. The skirt is made from polyester and has an elastic type closure. The lightweight fabric could be washed in a machine and is easier to wear. Depending on your height, the skirt could look like the length of midi or a maxi. This high waist skirt has an elastic waistband. The pleated skirt has pockets and is of A-line with cute polka dots all over it. The pockets are the most significant advantage of this skirt as you can now keep your little essentials in them while going out. This classic skirt is simply perfect for any event and in any season. Be it a date on a flushed summer evening, or a casual outing with family, or an in-house gossip session, you will be ready for anything with this gorgeous skirt.


EXLURA Faux Suede Pleated Short Skirt is the other product under this category. The mini skirt has a zipper-type closure and is made from classic faux elastic suede. The pleated skirt is lightweight and feels smooth on the skin. This is a high waist skirt that gives a bodycon effect. The solid pink color looks sporty and sensual at the same time. Whether for a party or workwear, the skirt will surely compliment your look in the crowd.

Women’s Sweater Dress

Womens Sweater Dress

Dresses in winter? Most of us would LOVE to wear pretty dresses in the winter season. But the coat, sweater, boot, and scarf seem to hide the elegance of these dresses. Well, not anymore! Exlura has come with the most comfortable and beautiful sweater dresses. These sweater dresses come in various lengths and colors; we guarantee you will love each one of them. 

One of the bestsellers under this category is EXLURA Knit Sweater Dress with Belt. Since it is an oversized dress, we highly recommend you wear a size down. The dress has a closure of tie type and could be perfectly washed in a machine. The product is made from 65% Acrylic and 35% Nylon. The excellent craftsmanship is observed in this well-knitted dress that provides high comfort and warmth. The design of the dress will make you the talking point in every group. The maxi dress is of split type, with a sensual V-shaped neckline, ribbed hem, cuffs, long sleeves, and tie at the waist region. You can wear this dress on several occasions and for different types of events. 

Sweater Dress

Another example would be EXLURA Ribbed Bodycon Pullover Sweater Dress. This beautiful bodycon sweater dress is made from around 55% nylon, and the rest of it is viscose. It should be strictly washed with hands, not a machine. The fabric makes the dress exceptionally durable and gives a warm touch. The dress is designed in a way that it hugs the body in a flattering way. The long puffed sleeves, with a mock neckline, mid-length, and slim fit design make the dress all the more desirable and loved among the huge fanbase.

Women’s Cardigan

Womens Cardigan

Every wardrobe in winter craves warm and cozy cardigans. What if we add something extra to it? Yes, Exlura designs stylish, beautiful cardigans that are super warm and cozy. 

Let us take the EXLURA Color Block Cardigan Coat as an example. This cardigan has been knitted skillfully enough to provide the ultimate level of comfort and warmth along with providing excellent elasticity. As for fashion, the striped cardigan has long sleeves, a tassel at the hem and gives a loose fit. It is perfect for any and every occasion. What are you waiting for? Get yours today! EXLURA Women’s Cardigans with Pockets is the other product under this category. This loose-fitting cardigan is made from a high-quality fabric of Acrylic. Thus you get super warmth and bring out the fashionista in you by wearing this beautiful piece! You could pair it with a scarf, basic tank top, and pair of tapered or slim-fit jeans. We highly recommend you to wear a size down of this! Yes, you’re welcome!


Women’s Tops

One of the essential sections under Women Apparel is the tops collection. None of us expect much from the tops; they would either be basic or super gorgeous. But Exlura somehow manages to add an appropriate amount of elegance to every top in the collection. Even with party-wear tops, you will get a touch of sophistication in them. 

EXLURA Women's Summer Casual Contrast Sequins T Shirts Short Ruffle Sleeve Tee Round Neck Blouse Tops

One of the bestsellers is EXLURA Off-Shoulder Batwing Sleeve Pullover Tops. The product is made mainly from polyester, somewhat rayon, and spandex. This is a relaxed fit enough to wear throughout the day without needing to get rid of it. The design is done carefully by incorporating a neckline that would be of multi-purpose. You could wear the shirt with a boat neck or as slash style or even pull down the shirt to give it an off-shoulder look; either way, you are sure to be the center of attraction with this piece. You don’t need a specific season to pull off that shirt. Wear it any day, whether at a party with friends or brunch with family; this shirt will be under your essentials section in your wardrobe.

EXLURA Summer Casual Contrast Sequins T-Shirts are the other product under this category. The gorgeous party top is made from polyester and spandex. The round neck top has earned bonus points for implanting contrast sequin sleeves that are short and have light ruffles. The sleeves undoubtedly changed the game for this top, and we cannot stop drooling over it!

Women’s Swimsuits & Coverups

Womens Swimsuits Coverups

Who doesn’t like to hit the beach or the pool on a happy sunny day? We do! And we do know that Exlura features one of the most stylish coverups and one-piece suits that would hug your body and make you fall in love with yourself all over again. 

One of our favorites is the EXLURA Flowy Kimono Cardigan swimsuit. This extended coverup consists of chiffon fabric. This fabric is lightweight, and you will love how breathable this bikini coverup feels on your skin. This flowy cardigan is sure to be paired with a round hat and some sunglasses to complete the beach look. Other than that, you could also wear it on a tank top and jeans while out with friends and family. 

Womens Swimsuits

Another example under the category of swimsuits would be EXLURA Crisscross One-Piece Swimsuit. This gorgeous one-piece is made from spandex and mostly polyester. The stretchy fabric aids in playing and lightly running around the beach, matching with the waves. The classic coverage of the swimsuit gives a slimming effect through the hip and smoothens the tummy region (you understand why we adore Exlura Swimsuits?). The pastel-shaded stripes have different hues all over the swimsuit and make it look beautiful and sporty. You can wear it for surfing, swimming, diving, or other water activities.

At-home Style

Exlura Womens Short Pajama Set

If we are talking about work-from-home outfits, let us not forget Exlura has the most fantastic range of clothes suitable for bringing out the lazy, home outfit. One of the bestsellers is Exlura Short Pajama Set. The product is made from polyester and spandex. The materials make the set soft and comfortable. The tie & dye print does half of the work in creating the set look incredibly chic. Other applaudable features would be hem ruffle shorts, long sleeves, elastic waistband with drawstring with elastic cuffs, etc. Overall, this two-piece sleepwear set is sure to steal your hearts right away!


Exlura believes that fashion and creative ideas related to it originate in most absurd situations from ordinary brains. Hence, they try to build clothes that would be a part of the commoner’s journey in gaining ideas and knowledge of various things in their lives. The Exlura Team consists of people from various cultures and backgrounds. They believe in inclusion and have taken several initiatives to promote their motives. We hope to see more development in strategies and growth in the business of Exlura in the future.

Image Source: Amazon

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