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Haven’t all of us been at a stage in our lives where all we crave is a wardrobe full of leather products? To be precise, this is not a phase or stage, and it is what we want, and brands like Estalon help you get what you want in terms of bag collection. Estalon is a leather bag giant of a brand created initially in connection with the famous Mosay International. 

Estalon leather bag
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Estalon is well known among a huge population for creating exquisite leather products under an affordable range. Their range of products covers women’s wallets, handbags, fashionable shoulder bags, and duffle bags for both men and women; you name it, Estalon has got it. One of the major reasons for Estalon’s huge popularity is their building of leather products both for women and men. The workers put all their thought and muscle and create such useful yet stylish unisex items. As Estalon rightfully claims, they are the present as well as the future of leather.

About the Mega Leather Brand- Estalon

Estalon portrays itself as the designer, the manufacturer, and the wholesale supplier of the finest quality of leather accessories and products. But where did this giant come from, and how did it grow? Let’s go through some brand information. In 2012 Mosay International was introduced to the world. Their motto was to fill their customer with a maximum level of satisfaction by providing them the products in a highly affordable range. 


Today Estalon has made its name in the list of the top-tier leather and bag brand in the fashion industry. And they have achieved this position by creating premium quality products at a cheaper price. Originating from the heart of India, Estalon and Mosay have come a long way in these excellent leather items and other relevant accessories. The official operations generate from the City of Joy of India, Kolkata. Other than crafting the highest quality leather products, Estalon has made its name as one of the world’s largest and most successful manufacturers of jute items as well.

The brand has spread its wing and currently has a production rate of about 160000 Leather Bags per annum and a high rate of leather wallet production, which is 1200000 pieces per annum. Additionally, it brings us immense joy to spread the happy news that the brand is expanding in its creation field and products. Estalon has upgraded its services to become a global exporter as well as supplier of industrial gloves. They ship items worldwide; that is, Estalon covers every part of the USA, the UK, the whole of Europe. With the introduction of highly modern and sophisticated machines, the Tannery and other factories in Kolkata and other parts of India have become highly technologically advanced.

Estalon bags

 With the help of technology, machines, and most importantly, highly skilled workers, Estalon has showcased immense growth over the last few years. Without much further ado, let us directly jump into the women’s collection of Estalon.

Estalon Women’s Bag Collection

As mentioned earlier, Estalon creates women’s handbags and shoulder bags. They also create unisex portfolios, wallets for women, card-holders, and other fashionable items. Other than that, they produce gloves and other accessories. Each item from the company carries a perfect blend of craftsmanship, material quality, and modern technology. From the raw material to the soft good, everything is managed efficiently by Estalon. Let us check out an item from each of the categories.

Elegant fashion

Leather crossbody bags Collection

Leather bags Collection

Under this collection, our favorite is the set of Wash leather Crossbody bags. One of our favorite products is the Leather Sling Bags for women; it is manufactured in India, the material used in this product is 100% genuine oil-rich leather. The leather and the design together with make this women’s crossbody bag look vintage. The premium quality of the leather is long-lasting and stands the challenge of time. This versatile piece has been constructed so that it possesses two zipper compartments on the exterior side and 1 zipper compartment on the interior.

Leather crossbody bags

Along with that, the bill compartment is a fully lined one along with a mobile holder pouch. These pouches and compartments certainly will help you carry all your important and tiny belongings. The Y2K zippers and the sassy strap buckle add to the bag’s look and make it an aesthetic and chic one. The beautiful craftsmanship has resulted in creating this excellent, timeless, and vintage piece of art. The art looks fashionable but does more than that. It comes extremely handy in storing important belongings and is durable enough to be carried for years. 

Leather bags
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You could pair it with a casual dress, or a formal co-ord set, or even carry it on a fun party. Whatever you do, if you want to bring out the vintage lady in you, this bag will do the job. We guarantee that you will fall in love with the bag. But in case you have a problem with it or wish to return it, Estalon will help you out. Within a given range of days, you should let the company know about your wish for a refund or return, and you will be guided respectively. Estalon also offers a full refund in case you didn’t know. 

Leather crossbody bags Collection

Coming to the next section under this category is the section of Colorful and Vintage Satchel. One of the most common products is the Crossbody real leather bags for women. Now, there is no need to examine and re-examine the material of the bag. You no longer have to carry a sack made of faux leather or PU nylon leather. With this cowhide genuine leather crossbody bag, you can add class and sophistication to your everyday look. Suppose we are to discuss the unique style of construction pattern of the bag. In that case, there is one zipper compartment on the interior portion, along with a regular pouch for mobile holders and a spacious bill compartment. These compartments and the material make the bag durable and give a long-lasting effect to it.

Women Leather bags Collection

You can now bring out the modern touch of aesthetic and class with the help of this bag. It is cute and durable enough for everyday use, or it could be used to show off on important formal and informal occasions. Though we are confident that you will fall in love with the bag at first sight, in case any problem arises, you are to contact Estalon within a given time frame directly. During this time range, you could opt for replacement or return of the bag, or even opt for getting a refund.

Leather minimalist Collection

Leather minimalist Collection

For those of you who are not aware of this section, it belongs to both women and men, but largely for women. One of our favorite products from this category is the Minimalist Leather Wallet for Men and Women; This benefitsexceptionallowerproduct has the benefit of advanced level RFID blocking technique this wallet ensures the utmost degree of safety and security. Hence your sensitive information inside the wallet is in safe hands. This ‘Made in India’ product has impressive construction and excellent design to make it a hit on a regular day. 

Leather women’s wallet Collection

Leather womens wallet
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There is not much to mention about this category apart from the fact that Estalon manufactures an excellent trifold wallet for women with a checkbook cover holder. Leather Wallets for Women is one such product. Available in several other colors, this product is made in India and consists of genuine leather as its primary material. Unlike most of its other bags, this wallet has a snap-type closure and is fully lined with leather. This taupe leather wallet is a fashionable one, and we are certain that every woman’s wardrobe should have at least one of these pieces. 

Leather womens wallet Collection

Although the size is smaller and the wallet is a lot more compact than other companies, it is enough to carry an appropriate amount of cash and coins, along with id, various debit and credit cards, etc. The lightweight of the wallet makes it easier to store everything in it securely. This trifold wallet has an impressive design that features 3 ID cardholders at the front, 11 card slots, and 5 different pockets for storing cash. This unique design helps in maintaining the privacy of the owner of the wallet.

womens wallet
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One of the most important features here is the possession of the RFID block technique, which is one of military level, and it protects you by keeping your data safe. Thus, the LWG certified leather wallet takes care of everything while you’re out enjoying.

Leather Portfolio Collection

Leather Portfolio Collection

Another Unisex product that we are in love with is the portfolio category. One such example would be the Leather Portfolio for Men and Women. Made from premium quality and 100% genuine leather material, this portfolio is sure to boost your overall confidence. On the important day of the presentation or for a project submission or for submitting some documents at an office, this leather portfolio will add an edge to your look and give more clarity to your appearance. This folder will leave a positive impression of you on others wherever you carry it along with you.

Leather Portfolio

This versatile piece of beauty has four relatively more oversized pockets. Other than that, each portfolio has four slots for cards, one slot for storing your ID, and three classy-looking pen holders. Additionally, this leather portfolio has a pocket for storing phones or calculators, and they possess separate document protectors. The folder has padded covers and is fully secured with a high-quality zip and an inner zipper that would reassure the security of the documents in it. Overall, this leather portfolio adds an edge to the professional personality; hence it is excellent for business meetings and presentations. Of course, working ladies (even non-working ladies) gear up and get that classy portfolio folder today!

Vintage Duffle Bag Collection

Duffle Bag Collection

Leather Oversized Travel Duffel and hand Bag is one of our favorites under the category of Duffel Bags. From attending formal meetings abroad to attending your cousin’s wedding back in your hometown to going on a trip with friends to a foreign place, the essential traveling item is a Duffel bag. Though many of you might feel that duffel bags are not merely limited to traveling, we think the same but in a different way. 

Vintage Duffle Bag Collection

So moving on to the structure, there is plenty of room inside the bag to fit all your essential goods needed in the trip. There is a main compartment that has zipper-type closure and is highly spacious. Here you could easily include your clothes and accessories. Next, there is an interior pocket present in the bag, and you can store your ids, passport, and other credentials there. 

Vintage Duffle Bag

Forget the regular faux leather and enjoy the richness of the 100% genuine leather material. With efficient craftsman skills, this bag could become your most favorite part of trips, or as a gym bag or sports bag, you could engage in a little healthy habit of boosting. Along with another small pouch as a mobile holder, you can now roam around the world without worrying about your possession being safe. What are you waiting for? Get this duffel bag before planning another trip!


Since 2012, Estalon has made quite the impression over a large base of customers across the globe. This is due to several features, including their excellent crafting skills and premium quality of the material. One of the other features responsible for such positive reviews of the brand is its hunger for gaining total customer satisfaction. They achieve this goal by concentrating on the minimal and basics, finally moving up to the advanced level. The skilled group of professionals at Estalon see that each of their customer’s queries has been answered and that they have a . Thishassle-free experience while purchasing goods from the company. We hope to see better results from them in the future.

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