Women love to be in shape and flaunt gracefully. Most women want to have a perfect figure, dress well, and be ready to conquer their era. We are introducing Diane & Geordi for all those women who want to have a good shape and perfect figure. This brand offers the Diane Poitiere Fajas, the exclusive collections of fajas from Colombian brand Diane & Geordi, known as one of the best positioned fajas brands in the whole United States. Diane & Geordi has a vast catalog for men’s and women’s underwear, outerwear, and body shapers. The most well-known Fajas designed by Diane offers quality and anatomical design for all kinds of body sizes, shapes at reasonable prices. The products are made in Colombia, with sizes ranging from 32 to 46 or XS to XXL. The product also comes in many colors like black, white, skin, and blue. It is made with a wide variety of materials and textures of microfiber like Powernet, latex, micro latex, spandex, cotton. It can be lace or without lace, seam, or seamless.

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Brand History 

Diane and Geordi is a Colombian brand that focuses on producing and selling good-quality shapewear and underwear at a reasonable price along with the highest quality standards. Like other brands, this brand has a huge history of their journey, but they have shared their experience and the products they use to make the brand world-famous. Diane and Geordi were first set up on Dugotex in Colombia. A family ran this S.A. brand for more than 30 years in their textile industry. The founder of this brand dedicated his whole life to making some innovative designs within its industry and then delivered trendy and high-quality products to the customers. In this way, Diane & Geordi became the best Colombian shapewear and underwear brand. They have promised their buyers to give the product superior comfort, incredible prices, and the highest quality material. In this way, the brand came into being. Now they are one of the leading brands in the whole world. 

Diane & Geordi- Women’s Collection

Diane & Geordi Brassieres Collection

Full cup

Nowadays, women are very passionate about choosing Brassieres. And why not search for the best in the market when there are so many new launches and styles available in the market? Diane & Geordi, one of the most sensational brands of women’s underwear, lingerie, and bodysuit, comes with a wide variety of bras starting from sports bras, full cup, half cup, push-up, strapless bras. The most selling Full Cup Lace and Microfiber Bustier is a unique set in full cup bras. It is made with lace and microfiber, which makes it comfortable while wearing. It comes with the best Colombian underwear, which makes the full set complete and sexy. This product is a new classic collection of POWERFUL LOVE, full cup bustier. A full cup for greater coverage of the bust is recommended for women with large breasts. Apart from this, the bra comes with side rods that always keep it in place and don’t fall off. It has got a wide back for greater coverage along with a special designing lace and microfiber. The bra has removable magazines, which makes it wearable. 

Bustier Copa Completa En Encaje y Microfibra Negro 3 3 720x

Sports Bra 

Women in this era of 2021 want to keep their bodies fit, slim and sexy. To maintain their figure, they rush to the gym, work out and do yoga sessions to make themselves look stunning. And thus, sports bras are always on demand to work freely and effortlessly. A good sports bra reduces the movement of the breast and reduces discomfort while working out. Diane & Geordi have their own sports bra session, which includes various new designs of sports bras. Cotton Sports Bra- Diane is one of the best underwear in Colombia and the best product of the brand on BRASSIERES, sports bra section. The bra contains a cup that does not contain rods or for the waistline. The product is pure poly-cotton that provides extra comfort, softness, and freshness while sweating and workouts. The wide elastic bands contain a countermarked Diane logo to flaunt the brand name. It has also provided greater security and support for the breast. 


Strapless Bra 

A strapless bra is not generally for everyday use. But yes, women are very fond of this as it’s the best way to hide the bra straps when wearing sleeveless, off the shoulder or any strapless dresses or clothes. Diane & Geordi provide a wide variety of options to their chart of strapless bras. Brassier Balconet Strapless Microfiber Cups is one of the unique designs in Strapless Balconette Bra by Diane & Geordi. This strapless balconette brassiere is made with microfiber cups. The smooth design makes it wearable, which allows it not to be marked or create any internal rings or red lines on the skin. It has got both a back and wide base for greater support. The silicone elastics material adheres to the skin and gives a basic and fashionable look to the body. They are available in many colors. And the products are designed and produced in Colombia. 

Strapless Bra


Unlike bras and other lingerie, panties are also in demand for every woman’s wardrobe collection. Panties generally come with the bra set, but what if it doesn’t fit your body properly? You must go through the panties section of this brand, where you get a comfortable, sexy, and awesome collection of panties that will go with your bras. The Tull and Lace Brazilian Panty is one of the best and sexiest collections of Diane and Geordi. The Tull and Lace Brazilian Panty by Diane, one of the best Colombian underwear brands, comes in several sizes and colors, which will surely fulfill all your needs. This is one of the best products of the new POWERFUL LOVE collection. The ultra-sexy Brazilian panty is made of tulle and lace. The design is made in tulle, which gives it a transparency effect and gives delicate side details. This intimate reinforcement is made of 100% cotton and gives a comfortable feel all day long.

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Although the brand Diane & Geordi is known for its shapewear and underwear, there is also a section of comfortable tees and t-shirts which anyone can use anytime and anywhere. They are available in sleeveless, half sleeves, and full sleeves. The best Colombian underwear brands produced this Basic Cotton T-shirt. This product comes under the OUTDOOR line collection of basic t-shirts, which gives extra comfort and soft texture. This comes with the best comfort of cotton. This t-shirt generally comes with straps and a tight silhouette and without any side seams. 

T shirt

DIANE & GEORDI Bodyshapers Collection

Tummy control girdle shaper 

Want to look slimmer and sexier? Then it would help if you tried the shapewear of this brand. The brand’s famous body shapers, postpartum girdle shapers, are made only for women to feel comfortable and control the abdomen and waist fat and extra curves while wearing this body shaper. DIANE & GEORDI Fajas Girdle Body Shaper for Women helps reduce every possible inch and mold the body to give it a perfect fit with this zip girdle. At the same time, enhancing your hips and your butt. It perfectly adjusts every bit of the body curves and gives a silhouette look to make you look great in any outfit. Try this Colombian shapewear bodysuit once to fall in love with. This can also be used as an underwear garment. The mid-back design helps to hide armpit fat and belly fat without revealing them. Not only this, the brand is already known for its factory-made material, which is lightweight and breathable. By wearing this, you can control the tummy fat. Experts in Colombia make this postpartum shapewear. The customers enjoy every shaping technique of Diane & Geordi. 

Tummy control girdle shaper
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Apart from this, the postpartum girdles for women are made with Powernet, a highly resistant weave, and reinforced seams, and it keeps the material in places and avoids falling from the body. This girdle faja with zipper for women is wearable for any size from fit to skinny women and available in plus size. These garments can be used as bbl post-surgery supplies recommended by many doctors. You can also use any comfortable bra over this shapewear for outstanding comfort fit and comfort. The butt lifter shapewear also comes with a great design and cannot be noticeable. These body shapers have postpartum girdles for women which fit in the body so comfortably after wearing them. With its invisible lining and flat zippers, the butt enhancer shapewear can hide the curves under any look. You can also flaunt your short torso and an hourglass or pear figure worry-free. Wearing this may form some wrinkles at the waistline, which can also be avoided using an ab foam.

Shorts Shapewear 

You can shape your body with faja post-surgery torsette shapewear for women by one and only, Diane & Geordi. This high compression body shaper is worn for weight loss and for controlling the abdomen and waist. It adjusts perfectly and gives your body a good look. It comes with a C-section panty along with high-waisted shapewear shorts that will look great under your favorite fits. DIANE & GEORDI High Waisted Shapewear Shorts for Women is one of the shorts shapewear women are very fond of. The Diane & Geordi c-section postpartum girdles for women are made with a strong Powernet outer layer and a highly resistant weave which gives absolute guaranteed compression under any circumstance or body type. 

DIANE GEORDI High Waisted Shapewear
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The inner layer of the compression liposuction is made with latex. It is made to ensure that it should control the tummy and waist nicely without showing any bumpy areas. These shorts shapewear of cesarean style for women are highly comfortable as they are breathable, lightweight, and hypoallergenic, giving a soft texture. These tummy control shapewear shorts for women provide extreme control to the tummy and buttocks. They are available in a variety of sizes and colors. These undetectable Diane are also available in plus size. The Diane butt-lifting shapewear is like a boy-short bodysuit style that has a lift and holds the buttocks. They don’t contain any zippers, so there is no chance of falling and can be worn effortlessly. 

Waist Cincher Vest 

Want to hide your curves and belly fat? These waist cincher vests from Diane & Geordi will provide you with the right shaping effects. It will ensure your total comfort and freshness at the same time when you wear it. This waist cincher vest sticks with the body smoothly and molds in the right way. The product is made of a material that improves compression and provides freshness to the skin. DIANE & GEORDI Torsette Shapewear for Women is a unique brand piece that gives comfort and style just in one piece. These special girdles for women make your body feel fabulous and comfortable. Try this vest shapewear with any of your clothes and dresses, and you will surely fall in love with this. This open bust shapewear from Diane & Geordi provides an hourglass shape and makes you look slim and trim. You can go and sculpt your figure with this outstanding girdle for women, and it can look fit and awesome. Not only this, Diane & Geordi’s body shaper vest can be used as every day wear whenever you need it because of its extreme lightning and breathable material. You can wear this bodywear or shapewear for any occasion such as work or party, which will give the body an easy, comfortable, and discreet feeling. If you want to be the center of everybody’s attention, try this once and make it last forever. 

Torsette Shapewear for Women Cinturilla Reductora De Mujer
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The brand Diane & Geordi uses its fabric for shapewear made with Powernet in the outer layer. The highly resistant weave, which guarantees compression under any circumstance, is also used to make this product more usable. The mid-layer is made of latex, which provides optimal tummy control. The inner layer is made with cotton, which gives breathability and reduces the risk of irritation. The shapewear from this brand for women is hypoallergenic. So the exclusive waist cincher also comes with an adjustable hook and eye front closure for the best compression and safest. This body shaper vest also comes with an open bust design and adjustable straps, which can be maintained with your body shape. The flat seams are generally unnoticeable under clothes, and thus it controls and enhances the body’s posture with full back coverage. This vest also comes with a soft cotton lining which gives a smooth feeling. 

C-Section girdle 

C Section girdles are a special kind of body shaper that will help to reduce every small inch and shape the body. It is often called a postpartum girdle worn after pregnancy and is also known as the C Section girdle. Not only this but this can also be worn as a liposuction compression garment to help in the garment, which helps to recover from any process as a post-surgery or pregnancy. DIANE & GEORDI Women C-Section Girdle is one of the simplest examples from this brand. This C-Section Girdle makes your body feel free and pretty every day. You can wear this amazing tummy control shapewear like a butt lifter shapewear under any of your bottoms, such as jeans, skirts, or dresses. The shapewear also comes with a thick material known as Powernet and some micro-latex fabric which gives a thermo-reducer effect that accelerates and helps during the weight loss through compression. This also makes your body look better, slim, and fit in this tummy control shapewear. 

DIANE GEORDI 2377 Women C Section Girdle
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The highly durable materials always help to visually reduce the butt and waist visually and also helps to provide back support. Anyone can wear this with any kind of comfortable bra, and this braless shapewear provides extreme control to the tummy and buttocks. These are available in a wide variety of sizes, and this slimmer shapewear fits on any skin, be it skinny or fit. This is also available for plus size. It comes with a hooked close-up, and this shapewear is a cheeky bodysuit style under which you can wear any short clothing. It gives better comfort along with a hook and eye system on the front of this bodywear shapewear.


After going through each brand collection and design, we can conclude that Diane & Geordi mainly focuses on shapewear rather than other products. Diane & Geordi, one of the leading brands for shapewear and underwear, also has some marvelous designs and thoughts of innerwear, which we generally didn’t find on some normal brands. The brand features different collection types, which include POWERFUL LOVE, ELECTRIC FEEL, AND BOHEMIAN LOVE, which are extremely overrated products of this brand. If you are still struggling to decide which brand you want to try to make your body look beautiful, you must try this brand once to fall in love again and again.

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