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Yoga is an exercise where you move your body into various positions to become more fit or flexible, improve your breathing, and relax your mind. Yoga helps to improve health conditions and reduce health risks. Research shows that practicing yoga can help you manage chronic pain, relieve anxiety, improve your posture, give you a self-esteem and energy boost, supports a healthy immune system, alleviate stress, and a lot more. Thus, to have a pleasant yoga practice, you must get yourself a piece of clothing that suits your yoga training. CRZYOGA is a leading clothing brand focusing on the needs of yoga practitioners. Before starting your yoga training, make sure you have worn the right outfit. You should wear something breathable, flexible, and comfy. Here are some suggestions for you to choose the right yoga outfit. 

CRZYOGA Butterluxe

How would you feel if you managed to experience a butterlike feeling in a pair of yoga pants? Yes, you have read it right. CRZYOGa presents you with yoga pants that will give you a butter-smooth feeling once you try them on. These pants are super sexy, smooth, and have the best quality. 

CRZYOGA Women’s Butter Luxe Leggings

These yoga pants are rich in color. The fabric contains 81% Polyamide and 19% Lycra, making the material highly soft and unbelievably comfortable. These pants are designed for yoga or as loungewear. The fabric itself expresses luxury, and lightweight materials don’t let the heat inside. These pants are very stretchy and gentle with body postures. You will get comfort that feels like skin touch. 

CRZYOGA butterluxe
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CRZ YOGA Workout Leggings

These workout leggings are high-waisted, and you can customize the fit. These are specially designed for yoga or training. The fabric bears 71% Polyamide 29% Spandex, making it convenient for all sorts of body movements. You will get a soft-naked feeling. Best of all, these yoga pants have side pockets so that you can store handy stuff close to you. The fit will give a taste like you are wearing a second skin. 

Womens naked yoga pants
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CRZYOGA Shorts & Skirts

Have you tried too many yoga pants already? Then it’s time for you to grab some shorts or skirts for a change. CRZYOGA has an excellent collection of shorts and skirts which you can’t miss. 

CRZ YOGA Women’s Mid-Rise Shorts

These shorts are one of the best kinds. These are made of 88% Polyester 12% Spandex, making it a feathery-fit fabric. These shorts give a fantastic fit, neither too tight nor too loose. The fabric is soft to touch and highly durable for all-day wear. These athletic shorts come with inner lining and help prevent rubbing and crafting. You can run in these as much as your heart wants. 

Mid risse quick dry athletic sports
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CRZ YOGA High Waisted Pleated Tennis Skirt 

This high-waisted pleated skirt comes with buttery-soft touch providing extra coverage and support. The outer fabric of the golf skort has a quick-dry material. The inner short is ultra-stretch for casual comfort. And the wide elastic waist gives a custom fit and excellent breathability. Best of all, there is a side pocket for a tennis ball and storing essentials. A pleated tennis skirt is perfect for tennis, badminton, table tennis, gym, and other sports. 

high waisted pleated skirt
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CRZYOGA Sports Bra

Sports bras are one of the daily essentials. A sports bra is a “must-have” innerwear you have in abundance. If you are an athlete, a yoga trainer, or a runner, you cannot manage without a sports bra. A sports bra helps you support your breasts during practice or workouts. 

CRZ YOGA Strappy Sports Bras

This sports bra is designed for low-impact workouts like yoga, pilates, weight, or everyday bralette. These are made of 71% Polyamide and 29% Spandex. This light support sports bra is as beautiful and sexy as functional and supportive. The fabric is very smooth and flexible, making the sports bras contour your body nicely and wick sweat quickly. The sexy cross-back straps are placed in the right place so they won’t rub your armpits. And the thick stretchy shoulder straps won’t dig into your skin. 

CRZYOGA strappy sports bra
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CRZ YOGA T-Back V Neck Longline Sports Bra

This T-Back longline sports bra is manufactured of 81% Polyamide and 19% Spandex. The V-neck top contains comfortable elastic fabric providing a naked feeling with a sweat-wicking function. This sports bra makes you look sexy and charming. However, the longline wire-free sports bra shapes you perfectly and supports your shoulders. It is perfect for yoga and other stuff. 

CRZYOGA T back V neck longline sports bra
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Tank tops are great for yoga, gym, training, exercise, workout, jogging, and other sports. CRZYOGA tops are lightweight and breathable. Also, these loose-fit tank tops are extremely comfortable when you are practicing. 

CRZYOGA Seamless Camisole Sports Shirt

This seamless sports shirt is stretchy, moisture-wicking, lightweight, and well breathable. The smooth spaghetti strap racerback design allows you maximum range of motion. In addition, this shelf bra gives you a super comfortable feeling. Finally, you can pair it up with your yoga leggings, capris, and shorts. The seamless fabric is produced of 100% Polyamide material. 

Seamless workout tank tops
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CRZYOGA Pima Cotton Workout Crop Top

Pima cotton is a round-neck knotted crop top. The sleeveless workout clothing has a roomy armhole for free movements. Above all, the lightweight and stretchy fabric give you a loose fit and a comfy ambiance. This top goes perfectly with pants, leggings, a sports bra, and shorts. The top gives you a sporty and sturdy look. The casual wear is produced of 92% Pima cotton and 8% Spandex.

CRZYOGA pima cotton tank top
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Joggers are great for running, jogging, or yoga. They are comfortable and stretchy, and breathable. They give you enough room for body movements. You can stretch your body as much as you want during a workout, and the fabric will not hold you back. 

CRZYOGA Lined Double Layer Athletic Joggers

The outer part of the jogger has a quick-dry material, and on the other hand, the inner lining is cozy, soft heather, and has jersey knit. The fabric bears 88% Polyester and 12% Spandex. This high-waisted jogger comes with a wide elastic waistband with tiny elastic for controlling the tummy. In addition, there is a mesh front zipper pocket to secure your essentials close to you. This athletic jogger is perfect for jogging, workout, and even daily wear. 

CRZYOGA double layer athletic joggers
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CRZYOGA Lightweight High Waist Athletic Pants

This high-waisted elastic jogger comes with a drawstring. The elastic cuff opening gives you a perfect fit. The fabric is lightweight and vastly breathable, offering you a comfy feeling. The vertical stripes give you a sexy and slimming look. These pants will function as ankle pants for you. The slightly tapered leg has a close button for creating an athletic look. 

high waisted drawstring joggers
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CRZYOGA Hoodies & Jackets

Nothing can stop you from exercising if you are an athlete. A cold winter morning might be freezing for others, but it will be fine for you as you will be wearing a CRZYOGA hoodie on you. Hoodies are comfortable in cold weather, and they resist the freezy air. So, technically cold won’t bother you anyway. 

CRZYOGA Brushed Full Zip Hoodie Jacket

This lightweight hooded jacket is perfect for heading out in spring and fall. Brushed fabric is produced of 73% Polyester and 27% Spandex making the material soft, breathable, stretchy, and durable. You will find two secure front pockets for holding your belongings. The elastic in the sleeve keeps you warm and gives you full coverage. It will also give you a nice slimming fit. 

brushed full zip jacket
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CRZYOGA Swimsuits 

Swimming is probably one of the most effective workouts for having a healthy body. Research shows that swimming increases muscle movement and helps in blood circulation. CRZYOGA brings you some amazing swimsuits that lift your spirit every time you swim.  There are bikini tops, bikini bottoms, shorts, one-piece swimsuits, rash-guards, cover-ups, and a lot more to serve you with the best outfit. 

CRZ YOGA Bikini Bottoms

Tie closure on both sides makes the bottom look sexy and funky at the same time. The fabric is stretchy, breathable, quick-drying, comfortable, and bears high-quality materials. On top of that, this bikini bottom is of medium waist and gives you full coverage. And, it gives you a cheeky fit and sexy feel. The best part about this bottom is you can adjust it. This bikini bottom is ideal for swimming, pool party, sunbathing, or other water activities. 

CRZYOGA bikini bottom
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CRZ YOGA UPF 50+ Padded Sports Bra

This padded bra is a “must-have” bikini top for your closet. Again, it has a quick-dry material and protects you from harsh chlorine and saltwater. This bra shows your cleavage and curve. You can remove the pads if necessary. Best of all, this sports bra is a perfect bikini top for sports or tropical vacations. Make your swimming fun with this amazing sports bra. 


Yoga and other physical activities enable a person with many health benefits. For this, you need to stick to your exercise plan. A perfect workout outfit can hold your interest to continue your exercise. CRZYOGA is the perfect brand that understands your needs. You will receive maximum comfort in these outfits allowing you to keep your training promising and effective. So, what are you waiting for anyway? 

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