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Cervical cancer in Females- the leading Cause of Death

cervical cancer

You’ve recently visited to your gynecologist for regular medical screening. But, when the doctor asked you about any abnormality have you seen in the few past months. You answered ‘Yes’. On further investigation, your doctor confirms that you’re suffering from the cervical cancer. Quite shocking news for you, isn’t it? In all over the world, […]

You’re Probably Showering Wrong in the Winter


You shampoo, condition, &  body wash as usually what is  the problem? A lot, it turns out, depending on dermatologists. Continue reading for the top winter showering don’ts, and what to do actually. Mistake #1: Taking long, hot showers After traversing the icy tundra, there is  nothing that warms you up really like a steamy […]

Best Massage Oils According to Massage Therapists

Body Massage is always considered a preserve of the Bourgeoisie and some elite. Nothing could be more incorrect. While the occasional naughtiness clouds massage parlors it hasn’t robbed its relaxing, remedial or importance in the eyes of the community. Nowadays, it is important to relax and loose the stiff muscles. This isn’t tied to only […]