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How to get the best out of your beauty routine – 5 great beauty tips!

Natural Beauty 1

It might surprise you that many of the most effective beauty tips are based on common sense. Therefore, seeking a professional make-up specialist or personal trainer is unnecessary to appear attractive. You probably know your strengths and weaknesses more than any other person. This article will discuss some of the most effective beauty tips to […]

Bikini Look: Get The Tips For Hair And Makeup

Bikini Look Get The Tips For Hair And Makeup

According to the photography session, your hair and make-up will vary from plain and plain to vivid and voluminous for Bikini Look. You must give the most impressive outcomes as a model, and that means knowing what is appropriate and what’s not for each kind of photograph. In addition, as a model, you must be […]

Avoid Being the Victim of Fashion- Living Lovely


Everyone wants to flaunt those curves and look petite in the dress they found on a glass rack but do we realize what mistakes are we making while choosing clothes? Although, some dresses look hip and chic but are they age-appropriate or for your body type? Women usually don’t ask themselves these questions because they […]

Facts to Consider for Laser Hair Removal At Home

Lasers are the stuff of science fiction and many people seem to agree with that. However, they are making their way into our lives in dramatic ways. Do you not want hair? Laser hair removal at home will remedy that. Do you regret a tattoo? Get some laser on that. Is there something wrong with […]

How to do Airbrush Makeup at Home

The only thing that can help you arrive at a perfect foundation is a quality airbrush. Using an airbrush is the best way to get flawless makeup quickly and effortlessly, improving a person’s natural beauty. However, this technique of using an airbrush for makeup is opposed to the natural process of using fingers, brushes, and […]

7 Best Ways To Clean Makeup Brushes Without Chemicals

Cleaning your makeup brushes

You eat healthily, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly, cleanse your skin layer properly and moisturize. Still, regardless of what you do, it appears your skin continues to be experiencing breakouts. When you may think you’re doing everything right, there is certainly one important step you might be missing, as many women don’t even consider […]

Hot Burning Sun? Here’s Exactly What to Look for in a Sunscreen

Hot Burning Sun? Here's Exactly What to Look for in a Sunscreen.

The nearly limitless number of sunscreen choices might be confusing. If you guess wrong, you’ll get burned. Follow these golden rules for finding the perfect and most protective sunscreen options. High SPF Most dermatologists advise using the sun-protection factor (SPF) for at least 30. “Generally, the amount of protection going from SPF 30-50 is approximately […]

Korean Everyday Makeup Tutorials For Winter

Korean Everyday Makeup Tutorial For Winter

The popularity of Korean makeup looks is steadily rising. With the growing success of K-pop worldwide, the Korean culture has come to light in the global spotlight. With it, the attention has now turned towards Korean makeup. Korean makeup styles have everyone enticed. The flawless dewy skin, cute puppy eyes, and the pouty lips have […]

Spruce Up Your Locks Into A Quick Side Cornrows Braid

Spruce Up Your Locks Into A Quick Side Cornrows Braid

Side cornrows braid also known as ‘Mini French Braid.’ Cornrows are a unique method of styling American-African hair. It doesn’t matter whether the person is of which race; they can curl locks into the fabulous tiny braids. In the 90s, Cornrow arrives in a multitude of patterns and styles. Still, it’s a trendy hairstyle that […]