Capezio- The versatile dancewear brand

Capezio is a leading dancewear brand. It has successfully established a good position in the fashion industry as a shoe, accessories, and dance apparel manufacturer. The iconic brand was founded by none other than the legend himself, Salvatore Capezio. Capezio curates unique, fashionable, and sustainable dance shoes, tights, and dancewear. It is simply the best in the whole wide world. To achieve success in their journey, every worker, from lower to the highest ranks, maintains a healthy, ethical, and positive environment on the work front. Undoubtedly, this has given them huge profits as they continue ruling the world as the number one dancewear brand. Furthermore, the support and dedication of each employee in the company are unparalleled, thus paving the way to some unique and stylish collections. Let us take a quick look at the interesting journey of the founder and his creation, the brand Capezio.

Capezio- A Brief History

The Theatrical & Historical Shoemaker 

In 1871, Salvatore Capezio was born in Muro, Lucano, in Italy. He got trained as a cobbler in Italy back in those days. After that, he went to the United States. A young Salvatore Capezio opened his shop at the mere age of 17. It was a small shoe repair shop. However, the shop happened to be just a few blocks away from the famous New York’s old Metropolitan Opera House. His business kept blooming over months. His career started by repairing the theatrical shoes for Met. Salvatore. His job from a mere cobbler jumped up to the post of a shoemaker. This happened when he crafted a pair of shoes for the Polish opera star, Jean de Reszke. It was an emergency pair. 

While working as a shoemaker, Capezio discovered that the pointe shoes were particularly challenging on a few levels. He found it difficult to find the perfect balance between the tricky engineering and the delicate construction of the shoe. Nevertheless, he took on the challenge and started working on it.  

Capezio, the Pointe Shoe Maker

Capezio’s taking on the challenge of crafting a perfect pair of pointe shoes with all its difficulties made him earn quite a fortune. The Metropolitan Opera House heard of the news and, after a few inquiries, appointed him as their official shoemaker. Salvatore Capezio, now the show maker at the opera house, is no longer required to work several hours in his shop. The shop where he once worked as a cobbler became a gathering place for dancers. The dancers would meet share views and thoughts on their various shoe needs. 

Capezio Brand

The rise of the legend

Salvatore Capezio achieved his true success milestone when Anna Pavlova, then the world’s leading ballerina, dropped by his shop. During her first tour in the United States, she heard of Capezio and met him. She placed an order for pointe shoes for herself and her entire group of dancers. On receiving the shoes, she was highly satisfied and praised his work in a big way. This was the beginning of his success timeline. Later, Salvatore thanked her for her generosity by creating a special pointe shoe and naming it ‘The Pavlova.’ 

Early Broadway Recognition 

By the 20s and 30s, the dancewear brand Capezio was a large family business. Then, in 1923, their footwear got featured on Broadway in Ziegfeld Follies. Several other musicals followed Ziegfelds’ work, and they too started featuring Capezio on stage. This earned the brand fame and name among a huge base of fashion and dance enthusiasts. 

Fashion Feature: Vogue

In 1941, famous designer Claire McCardell included Capezio’s long sole ballet shoe in her fashion collection. The attention and praise made some major stores promote Capezio shoes in the 40s. This happened for some time, till finally, in 1949, the big moment arrived for Capezio. For the first time, Capezio made it to the cover of Vogue and gained huge success. 


Salvatore Capezio passed away in 1940, and Ben Sommers took over Capezio. His early achievements included supplying shoes to the Ziegfeld Follies Broadway. He saw dance slowly gaining popularity among the young and middle-aged population. This was when he decided to launch a series of dancewear. This series included the initial version of the modern-day leotard. 

The Capezio Dance Award & The Capezio Foundation

The Capezio Dance Award was formed in 1952. This award was presented to those who worked hard to make a significant contribution to dance. In the following year, Capezio Foundation was introduced to help recognize and support any ongoing dance achievements. 

Face of Capezio Dionne Nicolaou 1
Image Source: Dance Informa


Estelle Sommers & The Creation of Spandex

Estelle Sommers was the wife of Ben Sommers, who was highly dedicated to the company Capezio. She owned and managed the Capezio Fashion Shop in New York City for several years. In these years, she introduced Lycra or Spandex material into the Capezio dancewear brand. This set a benchmark in the fashion industry.

Big steps in MTV & Magazines as Dancewear Brand

When MTV became a success, Capezio was already one of the top brands in the fashion world and number one as a dancewear brand. Capezio was a huge success with new arrivals of bags and legwarmers and shoes, tights, and leotards. Hence, several popular models, pop stars, and rock stars brought in and promoted the brand by displaying their amazing products. Additionally, Capezio continued being the face of several popular magazine publications like Elle and Cosmopolitan.

Estelle’s Work

Mrs. Sommers took active participation in dance after her husband passed away. She devoted most of her time to several organizations and causes related to the betterment of dance. She represented the United States and became the chairwoman of the International Committee for the Dance Library of Israel. Additionally, she was also a member of the Dance Notation Bureau and an annual award recipient in 1991. She also led several foundations and competitions like the America-Israel Cultural Foundation, the International Ballet Competition in the U.S.A., the International Dance Alliance, etc.

Celebrity Collaboration & more Magazine Features

In 2003’s December edition, Capezio products and separate collections were featured in several magazines like Cosmopolitan, Lucky, Seventeen, ZooZoom, Bust, etc. The featured products varied from vibrant bodysuits to breathable tights ballroom shoes to the newest addition of skating apparel. Along with these features, Capezio was promoted and worn by several celebrities like Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and Beyonce. 

In today’s time

Today Capezio is a huge name in the fashion industry and has become a household name among dancers. The products of Capezio have made it possible for little girls to dream of becoming successful dancers and live their lives their way. The iconic brand has served the world with its unique, innovative, and thoughtful craftsmanship for over 130 years and will continue to do so. Today the brand has expanded its customer base to athletes along with dancers. Performers trust Capezio more than any other brand across the globe. The iconic brand continues expanding its expertise genre and coming up with unique collections.

Image Source: Dance Informa.

Capezio Women’s Collections

Capezio has launched several collections. One of them is their Foundation Collection. It deals with fabric and designs that support and provide full coverage to the body. This collection helps ease the process of wearing various tanks, tights, bras, and leotards that would provide support while dancing. Let us discuss some of its common collections below.

Capezio Women’s Leotard Collection


Capezio brings in the modern camisole Leotard that has adjustable straps. The leotard collection has a soft and simple texture that is perfect for fitting in and durable for long hours in rehearsals. The Capezio Leotard collection has adjustable straps that have been designed to provide an extra and supportive shelf bra. This shelf bra could adjust the length of the strap present at the shoulder to ensure security. Most of the products from the collection are made from a high quantity of cotton and little quantity of Lycra. The Leotard tank and camisoles are best for day-to-day usage. 

The designers crafted this collection, ensuring enough support and durability while keeping fashion in mind. Leotard tanks are usually designed with stylish scoops at the front and back. Additionally, they have a lower ballet leg line that facilitates better movement of the dancers. The collection products are available in all sizes and are for every body type. The leotard tanks are durable, stretchy enough, and double stitched to ensure that the tanks run for a longer time. All these ensure premium-level comfort. This traditional silhouette is available in a large range of sizes and colors. They are sturdy, colorfast, double stitched, with nice stretch and comfort! 

Capezio Clothes Brand
Best Cloth Brand

One of the examples is Capezio Women’s Leotard With Adjustable Straps. The camisole comprises 90% Cotton and 10% Lycra Spandex to ensure better endurance and stretchability. The leotard has detail on the V-back. It provides leg opening at a moderate range. This versatile range of leotards gives a perfect fit to the body. Designers maintain fashion and style with a scoop front neckline with moderate v-back. The self-fabric shelf bra also ensures support. Capezio cotton products are ideal to be worn as studio dress and ensure a perfect fit for women of every body shape. The spandex fabric material ensures better support and coverage. This leotard camisole gives better extensive wear testing, and the little details add to the flattering look of the camisole. 

The other example is Capezio Women’s Tank Leotard. This leotard tank constitutes 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex fabric. The tank has a pull-on closure that provides excellent support to the body. The tank could be easily machine washed. The soft fabric ensures suitable breathability and ensures quick drying of the tank. The fabric also provides high stretchability and flexibility. The silk touch of the microfiber material is a versatile piece that could be worn for dance rehearsals or to participate in some casual sports activity. The advanced technology ensures breathability in the leotard tank. The product is a part of their basic collection too. It is great to wear for cheering teams or dressing up in costumes apart from dancing. Overall the products from this collection give value for the price. The products come in a wide range of colors.

Capezio Women’s Unitard Collection

If you are looking for something sturdy and stretchy enough to not wear off after a few dance or yoga sessions, Capezio Unitard Collection should be on the top of your list! The Unitard could be worn for running, yoga, even at times for swimming (yes, you read that right). How many times did it happen that you never find that perfect swimwear for yourself? Either the waist is too tight, or the shoulder straps are too loose. With Unitard’s firm spandex fabric, you can keep swimming for as long as you want to, without having to worry about your swimsuit. The fabric provides the body’s full coverage and supports to perform any moderate activity. The stretchability is unmatched and ensures comfort too. 

Dancewear Brand
Capezio Dancewear Brand

The products from the Unitard collection have stood the test of time in every way possible. Capezio Women’s Unitard is one of the examples of the Women’s Unitard Collection. The material of the Unitard is 90% Cotton and 10% Lycra Spandex. The unitard sports self-fabric that ensures support and comfort. The fashionable edge to the product is given through a moderate v-back. The shelf bra is generously sized and ensures maximum coverage. This Unitard holds the body in great posture and is durable. 

The other example under the unitard collection is the Capezio Women’s Long-Sleeve Unitard. It is made up of 100% Nylon fabric. This one-piece Unitard has long enough sleeves. It also sports long pants and a scoop neckline. The product has seams in the center, front, and back. This is also part of the Basic Collection and is a bestseller item for women who participate in dancing, cheering, or costuming. The soft and breathable fabric ensures comfort, and the design gives a stylish look to the Unitard.

Capezio Women’s Skirts and Tutu Collection

Capezio Skirts Collection
Capezio Dancewear Brand Skirts

Skirts Collection

Like any other dancewear brand, Capezio has a separate collection of tutus and skirts. The tutus are designed keeping in mind the comfort that should be assured to the sophisticated look of the product. Tutu and skirts bring out the natural beauty in dancers as they sway and twirl with the tune. Capezio Women’s Romantic Tutu is one of the bestseller products under this gorgeous collection. It is made up of 100% Nylon. The elastic closure ensures coverage and stretchability that the dancers require to take turns and move around gracefully. The tutu has a skirt length of 24 inches with two full layers of tulle mesh with moderate stiffness. All this adds to the look of the romantic tutu. 

Capezio Women’s Circle Skirt is another top choice. The skirt constitutes 91% Polyester and 9% Spandex. The elastic closure ensures coverage. The invisible waistband is a unique addition to the skirt that helps create smooth lines. The skirt gives a perfect tulip shape and complements Capezio’s diamond lattice. The skirt has a vintage look, with the front being slightly shorter than the back. Overall, it is a beautiful product, and anybody would love to have it in their wardrobe.

Capezio Women’s Tops Collection

Tops Collection
Capezio Womens Tops Collection

Tops are a regular part of every woman’s wardrobe. Whether you are into sports, dancing, or nothing related to vigorous activity, tops rule every wardrobe. Capezio has worked hard over the years to come up with trendy, comfortable tops and provide maximum support to the body when performing any activity. One of the examples is the Capezio Women’s Self Tie Wrap Top. It constitutes 90% Cotton and 10% Lycra Spandex. The product has a drawstring-type closure that ensures a perfect fit. The wrap top has ¾ sleeves with V-neck. This top is great to wear in rehearsals on colder days. A self-tie present at the back could be made into loose knots or bows. Overall it is a beautiful top and is correctly priced. 

Capezio Women’s Turtleneck Long Sleeve Top is the other example under this collection. The top constitutes 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex. The product has midriff length. Top from renowned brands might feel cheap with the irregular fit. This top from Capezio has excellent fabric that is thicker to ensure maximum durability and stretchability. In addition, it has moisture-wicking properties, so it is suitable for other activities. We assure you will be very satisfied with this purchase.

Capezio Women’s Bras Collection 

Capezio Bra Collection

The bras are double layered for extra support and comfort. The bras also have adjustable and removable straps. The bras come in several shades; the most loved shade is the nude shade. The bras have a moisture-wicking property that keeps the body cool and dry throughout. These factors ensure better durability of the bra. The sleek nature adds to the classy yet natural look of the bra. It is a bra that every wardrobe should have! Capezio Seamless Clear Back Bra With Transition Straps is one of the most popular choices. It is 90% Tactel Nylon and 10% Spandex fabric. The pull-on closure and the adjustable straps ensure maximum closure and support. The bra gives a perfect shape to the body and provides an excellent fit. 


The other example under this category is the Capezio Women’s Team Basics Bra Top. This camisole bra top is a versatile piece that could be worn alone or with few layering. The bra top has a scoop front and a bandeau-type back that gives a classy look to it. There is a front lining by self-fabric. The bra has adjustable straps that come with loops and stylish metal sliders. It is one of the bestselling items in this collection and is loved by women as an everyday or work bra.

Capezio Women’s Tights Collection

Womens Tights Collection
Capezio Womens Tights Collection

The tights under this collection are ultra-soft fabric with a transitional property. The moisture-wicking property of the tights allows the body to be cool and dry while dancing. In addition, the tights have the option of being footless or footed. This new feature helps each person choose their comfort zones carefully and perform the activity. The Capezio tights differ from normal tights as they add a new, edgy look to the appearance. We strongly recommend that every dancer purchase these tights from Capezio to look graceful while performing on stage. 

One of the examples from this collection is the Capezio Women’s Ultra Soft Transition Tight. The tight is made from 86% Tactel Nylon and around 14% Spandex fabric. The tight has a matte texture, and it gives a semi-opaque look. The product has been engineered to ensure excellent comfort and support to the body. The moisture-wicking property of this tight guarantees unparalleled performance. There is an easy transitional opening option that gives the dancers a choice between wearing a footed or footless tight. This Capezio tight won’t slip down, thanks to the plush elastic waistband with a 1-inch width and the new dyed-to-match gusset property. 

The other example is the Capezio Women’s Studio Basics Fishnet. The tights are 83% Nylon and about 17% Spandex. This tight does not have a back seam. This tight, too, gives premium quality comfort to the legs. The plush elastic waistband prevents the tight from slipping down. The fishnet design gives a classy and flattering look to the tights. The tight comes in multiple sizes to suit every woman and has a wide range of colors to choose from.

Tights Collection


The brand has faced several hurdles in these 130 years and yet emerged to be one of the leading dancewear brands globally. The founder, the legend himself, Capezio, dedicated most of his life to the betterment of dance and theatre. Mr. Ben Sommers, too, shared the same idea, and today, the brand Capezio is a name dedicated to welfare and advancement in dance. Here, technology meets with creativity to build something for the artists. We have high hopes from Capezio in bringing more diverse communities together to enjoy and perform art through their craftsmanship.

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