BRABIC Women Post-Surgical Sports Bra Review 2020

BRABIC Women Post Surgical Sports Bra

The Brabic is designed for both the women involved in sports activities and also the ones undergoing any breast procedure. This Post-Surgical Sports Bra is meant to provide you a number of conveniences like reducing pain, correcting back posture, providing perfect compression, speeding up the healing, and lifting the breast up. You can consider this amazing bra for almost every use.

Suitable for Different Occasions

This bra can be used for your home leisures and sleeping. But we are discussing it here because these can also be used on different outdoor and indoor activities such as exercising in the gym, fitness training, yoga, daily wear, and so on. Yet this bra is specially designed for the ones undergone post-surgical procedures regarding breast augmentations like reconstruction, reduction, mastectomy, etc.

Comfortable Fabric for Daylong Wearing

This post-surgical bra is constructed with the exclusive Lycra material that features excellent elasticity, softness, and breathability. It doesn’t irritate the skin and incision rather provides comfortability to wear it all day long. Besides, it’s fine stitching and flat seams remove indentations on the skin and prevent any marking on the external clothing.

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Excellent Breast Support

This BRABIC adjustable women sports bra comes with the semi mold cup having no paddings in it. This makes it feel smoother with full coverage to your breast. It comes with very moderate compression to reduce pain and heal quickly. It lifts up your breast to provide comfort and support in the post-operative period.

Great Back Support

This strappy sports bra comes with criss-cross back to reduce back pain and boost the posture. It prevents the straps from sliding off. It also has a rubber band and narrower elastane to provide stability and prevent from shocks. It provides optimal lifting and allows air to get in to keep you cool and comfortable.

Easy to Put On and Off

This support bra comes with 3 front row hooks and 2 adjustable straps. You can easily put it on or off. The sports bra zip-front closure provides convenience in breast checking if needed. The adjustable straps provide better support with optimal tightness.

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What Customers Say

This Post-Surgical Sports Bra is a popular choice for women who have undergone any breast procedure. Its performance can rest assured.

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