7 Best Professional Nail Dryers: Reviews and Buying Guide

Who doesn’t dream of a professional salon-like nail session at home with the perfect colors and smooth glide? But for this dream to come true, a professional nail dryer is a mandatory device. While there are different kinds of nail dryers available on the market, you have to choose what’s best for your requirements.

Moreover, so many versatile and numerous options make people confused easily. So, we have put together a list of the 7 best professional nail dryers for use at home as well as in salons. These 7 dryers give professional salon-like results at home and are also long-lasting, which makes them an ideal gift or even a self-care instrument. We have also put down a useful buying guide for everyone to easily figure out the best nail dryer for them.

7 Best Professional Nail Dryers

Easkep 120W UV LED Nail Dryer

The Easkep nail dryer works with high-quality LED beads with optimal function. There are a total of 12 lamp beads on the top and 24 on the side, which means the distribution is very ideal and the drying process is faster. Also, the lamp works on 120W high power, which cures nails 2X faster than any other 80W dryer. It is comfortable and safe to use while bringing a professional salon-like experience to your home. The only con is that this is not a nail dryer machine for regular polish. 

Easkep 120W UV LED Nail Dryer

Versatile application

The nail lamp is irradiated by dual light, each with a 365nm + 405nm wavelength. The lamp is suitable for curing nail gel, LED gels, nail builder gel, nail sculpture gel, rhinestone gem glue, Shellac, and all other types of gels.

Ease of use

The dryer has a large LCD display that displays the usage time. You can set the timers from 10s to 99s for a professional nail styling look. Moreover, even if you don’t preset the time, due to the smart infrared sensor, the device switches on and off automatically by detecting your hand. Hands in switch on the light; hands out turn off the light. 

Nail Dryer

Temperature Protection 

The UV LED nail lamp comes with temperature protection to guard your hands and tender skin from burns or tanning. 


  • Temperature protection
  • Auto switch-on and off
  • Wide application


  • Not for normal nail paint

Easkep Nail Dryer

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Portable Nail Dryer By TOUCHBeauty

Unlike the previous nail dryer, this one is suitable for drying normal nail paints as well. This product makes for an excellent gift for teenagers, kids, and anyone who is crazy about nails. This nail dryer has some of the most useful features, including being highly portable.

Portable Nail Dryer By TOUCHBeauty

Wide application

This nail dryer is fitted with both fans and LED lights, which are great for curing normal nail polish, whether it is your toenails or fingernails. 

Safe and easy to use

The non-UV technology makes it safe for even kids and does not pose any risk of cancer in long-term use. The process is painless and does not blacken hands or skin. 

Portable Nail Dryer

Focused Nail Drying

This professional nail dryer is embedded with a press switch and a superiorly engineered finger plate to ensure precision drying. The drying time is also faster and utilizes the least current.


The manufacturer also offers a useful 1-year warranty card with the product. 

Nail Dryer By TOUCHBeauty


  • Non-UV technology
  • Precision drying
  • 1-year warranty
  • Safe use
  • Ideal for normal nail paints


  • Not long-lasting

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Makartt Air Nail Dryer

The Makartt professional gel nail dryer is a large-sized professional nail dryer with a large space to accommodate both hands and feet at once. It also has a useful feature, as it comes equipped with two types of systems: warm and cool breezes. So, you can use it in both summer and winter by setting the breeze temperature to your choice.

Makartt Air Nail Dryer

Safe and useful features

This works without LED light and is thus not harmful to the eyes, hands, feet, or skin. This nail dryer also comes with a ventilation space to let the heat disperse and prevent damaging the dryer. The dryer also contains an anti-slip pad, so the device is very stable when curing. 

Automatic Double Sensors

This nail polish dryer machine is regulated by automatic sensors that power up the fan automatically when it senses your hand. 

Air Nail Dryer


It is suitable for nail polish, dip powder, nail primer, nail bond primer, nail dehydrate, bond prep polish, and basically any gel work. This is indeed the best nail dryer for gel polish.



  • Safe for everyone
  • Automatic Double Sensors


  • Expensive

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UV LED Nail Lamp PHIAKLE Professional Nail Dryer

The PHIAKLE Nail Lamp is an ideal choice for both home and salon use. It is an ideal gift choice for any occasion and for anyone who loves fashion. It is convenient for traveling as it has the best power option. The dryer is also efficient and compatible with gel nail polish, such as shellac, gel, and acrylic.  

UV LED Nail Lamp PHIAKLE Professional Nail Dryer

Safe to use

This dryer has the best combination of UV and LED. The dryer offers a painless nail salon experience that doesn’t hurt or burn your hands. It is also not harmful to the skin or eyes, and it does not overheat. 

Efficient Power

The dryer comes with 15 LED white light beads uniformly distributed, which means the drying time is short. Thus, it is suitable for sensitive skin. It comes with three timer settings for the 30s, 60s, and 90s. 

Convenient powering

It is very convenient to charge or power the dryer as it has multiple options for USB charging. The connector/cable offers a lot of options for powering the device. Surprisingly, you can even power it using a PC, laptop, or power bank.

UV LED Nail Lamp

Automatic sensors

This nail dryer is built with an automatic sensor that can automatically regulate the working of the lamp when it detects your hand.


  • Convenient powering options
  • Automatic sensors
  • Safe to use


  • UV embedded

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Nail Lamp, Larbois 96W Nail Lamp Dryer

This nail lamp is a treat for buyers, as it is equipped with world-class features that make nail drying less time-consuming and more efficient. It comes in a size that can accommodate two hands or a hand and feet at the same time, so now you do not have to worry about taking a long time off from your busy schedule to dry your nails. It also works with almost all of the nail gels, so it is versatile too. 

Nail Lamp Larbois 96W Nail Lamp Dryer

Spacious and Timesaver

This is the main advantage of this nail lamp: it has the perfect space for filling in two hands or a hand and a foot at a time. It uses LED beads in an ideal layout to power its light, which aids in flawless coverage and quick curing while avoiding dead zones. It consists of 36 LED beads along with 96W UV-ray LEDs, so it can cure nail gel polish in a blink. 


It has several modes that can give a world-class nail cure treatment, and it is also compatible with almost all nail gels. Its double-light setup makes it easier to work with every nail gel, including acrylic gel, builder gel, tough shellac nail gel, LED gel, sculpture gel, UV gel, artificial nail gel, and hard gel extensions too. This nail lamp can be used at home or at a professional salon too. 

Nail Lamp

Safe and Advanced usage

This nail lamp has some of the best features and sensors that make it super safe and easy to use. It comes with an in-built LCD screen that shows the curing time and also has a time memory function. Its sensors work very well; when you take it out or just slide your hands or feet, it turns off or on the nail lamp. Its light and heat are safe, so your hands won’t get tanned. 


The Larboi nail lamp provides a 12-month money-refund or free replacement warranty, and the company claims 50,000 hours of application. So you can contact the company at any time if you have any problems regarding the product. 

Larbois 96W Nail Lamp Dryer


  • Safe
  • Fast drying
  • Spacious
  • Warranty


  • Non-uniform function

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Gugusure 168W Nail Curing Lamps

The Gugusure Nail Curing Lamp is one of a kind, as it provides a total of 168W of power with 42 strong LED beads that allow fast and safe nail curing. It is a versatile nail dryer with plenty of cool features that make nail drying more interesting. It is spacious so that both hands can accommodate it easily, and its LCD touch screen allows the user to use it efficiently. 

Nail Curing Lamps

High-Power Light 

The nail dryer comes with a maximum power of 168W and also has 42 LED beads. This helps in faster and more effective curing and can work with any hard or soft nail gel easily. The 42-beam LED helps in covering a larger area, hence giving it an advantage for curing both hands at a time. 

Safe and convenient

In spite of having high-power LED lights and a large number of beads, it provides safety against sunburns and eye harm with the help of its UV LED setup. It also comes with smart infrared sensors that just work fine. 

Gugusure Nail Curing Lamps


It is a user’s paradise because it has an LCD screen that is touch-sensitive and LED and UV lights that make it simpler to cure any nail gel, including common soft gels and unique hard gels. It has infrared sensors that work very well and fast, and it also helps in avoiding any dripping due to the thick layers of nail gel applications. 

Friendly features

It comes with 4 settings for the timer, including the low heat mode for 10/30/60/99s. You can simply set a timer and rest your hand in the dryer. It also has a removable base that comes in handy while cleaning and passing out the heat. 



  • 4 timer settings
  • Safe and convenient
  • High power


  • Not fast

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GreenLife UV LED Nail Lamp 

GreenLife is among the very few brands that truly deliver what they claim. From a super-fast drying experience to wide space and portability, their nail dryer is as perfect as it could be. They even provide a 1-year warranty along with a 12-month money-back guarantee. It is applicable for UV gel, nail gel, nail engraving gel, rhinestone, CND shellac, and LED nail glue.

GreenLife UV LED Nail Lamp

Fast drying 

GreenLife boasts a fast nail drying experience, just like a salon. It takes only 30–60 seconds to dry gel nail paint and make them smooth as glass.

Ease of use

The large LCD screen is very easy to follow and displays the time of usage and other things. The dryer also has three timer settings: 30s, 60s, and 99s, along with low heat mode. It also has an automatic sensor that detects your hands.


The GreenLife nail dryer is an LED nail lamp that generates non-UV white light that is safe for the eyes. At the same time, this nail dryer does not cause your hands to blacken or dry out.


The 18 pieces of beads are long-lasting, and the manufacturer claims approximately 50,000 hours of use.



The nail lamp is spacious enough to fit your hands comfortably together. Moreover, the space is also enough to accommodate the feet. 


The lamp is very small in size which makes it very suitable for traveling. It has a compact, ergonomic design with a lightweight body, which takes up very little space and weight in your bag. 


If these aren’t enough, the manufacturer even provides a lucrative 12-month warranty for quality problems along with lifetime maintenance services.

UV LED Nail Lamp


  • Portable
  • 1-year warranty
  • Spacious
  • Safe Non-UV technology


  • Expensive

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Buying Guide for Professional Nail Dryer 

Before buying a professional nail dryer, it is of utmost importance that you know what options and useful features you should look for in today’s market. In this buying guide, we have listed the main features that you must look for in a professional nail dryer to ensure the best salon-like experience at home.


You should be able to fit both of your hands together comfortably in the space the nail dryer provides. This will not only be cost-effective but also time-saving. At the same time, having adequate space means the dryer can also accommodate both your feet together at the same time.

Non-UV and UV-mediated dryers

Generally, there are two kinds of nail dryers: UV and non-UV-driven technology. The UV light present in nail dryers is not only bad for the skin, eyes, and hands, but it also causes chronic diseases in the long run. UV light also burns or tans your skin when curing the nails for a longer duration. Hence, most people nowadays prefer non-UV nail dryers that are fitted with LED lights. Safety is a prime factor that will determine the dryer you finally buy.

Drying time and technology

Generally, the light beads present in a nail dryer are responsible for drying the gel polish. The thumb rule to know here is that the distribution or placement of these beads should be uniform and present in all the corners of the drying area, which will ensure proper curing of nails at all corners. The drying time is usually shorter if the beads present are larger. Moreover, most dryers come with multiple time settings, from 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, and 90sec. 


Whether you are buying it for personal, home use, or professional salon sessions for your customers, portability is a major factor. It makes it easier to carry wherever you go. Always go for lightweight dryers and those that have a compact, ergonomic design to tap the full benefit.


Since these items tend to go faulty after a few uses, it is best to look for a product that accompanies a lucrative warranty or a lifetime maintenance guarantee from the manufacturer. Mostly, you get a year of warranty from popular manufacturers, but not more than that.

Our recommendations

People with different purposes will find different dryers to be best suited for their needs. However, if you are looking for a salon dyer for professional use for your customers, we found the Gugusure 168W Nail Curing Lamps to be the best because of its customer-friendly features. It comes with a high number of beads (42 in total), which makes the drying time super fast and uniform.

It is suitable for both regular polish and gel polish. Moreover, it is also comparatively safer in the long run. On the other hand, if you are wanting a personal, professional dryer with all the cool features of one dryer, the GreenLife UV LED Nail Lamp is ideal, as it is highly portable and has a lightweight and compact build. It is spacious, prevents burns and tanning of the skin, and has useful timer settings.


Nail dryers come in handy if you run a salon and no doubt make for a great self-care tool for your self-care Sundays. Having said that, there are a lot of options in the market with various features that give tough competition to each other, making it extremely difficult to choose.

To help you in this process, we have listed down the 7 best professional nail dryers, along with a super useful and comprehensive buying guide that will aid you in your search for the best nail dryer for gel polish or regular polish. Overall, no matter for what purpose you are looking for a nail dryer, portability, efficiency, and safety should be the prime concerns.

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