Best Massage Oils According to Massage Therapists

Body Massage is always considered a preserve of the Bourgeoisie and some elite. Nothing could be more incorrect. While the occasional naughtiness clouds massage parlors it hasn’t robbed it’s relaxing, remedial or importance in the eyes of the community. Nowadays, it is important to relax and loosen stiff muscles. This isn’t tied to only athletes, sedentary workers however for everyone. The use of body massage oils is usually an art, unlike popular assumption that any of us can get it done.

Typically a massage therapist does his/her work using body massage oils. It requires complex workouts against joints, pressure points, muscles often reducing tension. If a massage therapist would not use essential lubrication i.e. massage oil, the probability of scrapes from scrubbing or injury may be great. To prevent this, oil provides lubrication, making massage therapy a safer, smooth and rewarding experience.

Most body massage oils have fragrances of varying levels of concentration. The first is not strange that some may have a painful impact on nasal cavities. Such lube oils double up as aromatherapy agents. Not just in scented oils does one have the advantage of lubrication but the scent, that features a soothing effect.

There’s no question that the current society is gradually accepting body massage as a regular way of living. This is often seen particularly in holiday packages of airlines, hotels, along with hospitality sectors that happily feature them within their product offers. In general, after having a long day’s work, or year, you’ll need the massage oil dipped fingers of a massage therapist, skidding against one’s body for just a moment of relaxation far from all daily life concerns.

Melrose H2Oil – Water Dispersible Massage Oil

Melrose was first in Australia, and maybe the world, to build up the water dispersible concept that is one of the most common massage oil type. Water dispersible oils are usually popular because they not only increase the life of towels considerably but also decrease the possibility of towels catching fire in the dryer.

You can try the dispersibility of H2Oil® by adding one or two drops into a glass of warm water and shake – it’ll turn white – it emulsifies the oil. Add normal washing powder to the wash removes the massage oil from the towel.

Ingredients: Rice Bran Oil, Sunflower Oil, Coconut Glycerides – from Vitamin E, Coconut oil and Polysorbate 85. (Does not contain nut oils)

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Viva Sweet Almond Oil

sensual massage with essential oils

Sweet almond oil is one of the most well-known essential oils for massage among massage specialists. Extracted from almonds, sweet almond oil is light yellow.

It’s a bit oily, which allows hands and fingers to glide very easily over skin. Sweet almond oil is absorbed fairly quickly, but it is not so quickly that you need to keep reapplying it.


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Viva Sweet almond oil is known as a classic base oil for the majority of therapists, it’s full of 100% Sweet Almond oil. It’s Non-allergenic so it usually doesn’t irritate the skin. However, people who have nut allergies are probably recommended to avoid using almond oil, to try a patch test first.

It is available in the unique Melrose cask that keeps the oil fresh into the last drop.

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Apricot Kernel Oil (Prunis armeniaca seed fixed oil)

Apricot kernel oil is similar in texture and color to almond oil but costs a little more. It’s full of vitamin E, a quality that provides a longer shelf-life compared to the typical oil.

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sexual massage with essential oils

The NOW Apricot Kernel Oil has a very light texture that can make it very suitable as a facial oil, specifically for dry, sensitive, mature and inflamed skin. Deeply nourishing and also a useful source of Vitamin A & essential fatty acids.

Like almond oil and apricot kernel oil is absorbed into the skin, so it is not going to leave people feeling oily afterward. This property also makes it an excellent oil to use for aromatherapy massage. Apricot kernel oil is a wonderful alternative to sweet almond oil for those who have nut allergies.

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Coconut Oil

Even if you think of coconut oil as white solid oil, however when heated coconut oil is a  non-greasy, light, liquid oil.

Melrose makes an organic and Unrefined Coconut Oil, This pure unrefined coconut continues all the aroma of coconut. A solid at temperatures below 20C warmed it’s a clear high glide oil with excellent stability.

Melrose also supplies “MCT – medium-chain triglycerides” which is fractionated coconut oil – a light, non-greasy, liquid oil. It is called fractionated coconut oil because it comes with basically a fraction of the whole oil. The long-chain triglycerides have already been removed, leaving only the medium-chain triglycerides.

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Jojoba Oil

Jojoba is a wax extracted from the seed from the jojoba plant. Jojoba is a great choice for most people prone to back acne because it is thought to have anti-bacterial properties

Jojoba has a very long shelf-life, so it will be a good choice if you do not apply it regularly. It’s very well absorbed, which makes it a favorite provider oil for aromatherapy. Jojoba is normally not irritating to skin.

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Other Massage Oils include

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is pressed through the avocado fruit. Deep green in color, avocado oil is known as a heavier oil and it is usually combined with lighter massage oils, for example, sweet almond oil. Those people who are sensitive to latex could be sensitive to avocado oil so that we suggest to try a patch test or don’t use.

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is really rich and it has a distinct chocolate aroma. It is actually solid at room temperature and contains a heavy texture, so it should also be combined with other oils or used mainly for very small areas. Generally, this ingredient can be used in balms and ointments combined with waxes for a massage balm which needs a bit more grip.

Grapeseed Oil

In many respects, grapeseed oil makes a great massage oil. It has little-to-no odor, and it contains a  silky and smooth texture without being oily.

However, most grapeseed oil is extracted from grape seeds by using a solution (instead of being pressed from the seeds), which some aromatherapists say make it an inferior oil for aromatherapy massage.

Olive Oil

Lots of people are familiar with olive oil as cooking oil, but it’s sometimes used for massage. It’s a heavy oil with a sticky or greasy texture and recognizable aroma that many associate with cooking, so it is usually not used on its own for massage.

Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is a rather heavy oil that could leave skin feeling oily, therefore it could be combined with lighter massage oils. The unrefined oil contains a strong aroma.

Shea Butter

Extracted from the seeds of a tree native to Africa, shea butter is a solid at room temperature. Like shea butter, cocoa butter is heavy and may leave an oily feeling on the skin, so it’s generally not used on its own for massage. It might be blended or used in very small areas. Usually, this can be used in balms & ointments. Shea includes a natural latex, so people who have latex allergies must do a patch test before using it.

Wheat Germ Oil

Wheat germ oil is too heavy to use on its own as a massage oil, but it could be combined with lighter oils. Wheat germ oil is containing more Vit E.

Note: Sometimes instead of massage oil, massage therapists may use specially-formulated massage gels and massage lotions and massage balms depending on the style of massage, i.e. deep tissue, and whether they are after more grip or glide from the massage oil.

Massage therapists could also use essential oils for massage to make their special massage blend. The Oil Garden has created a few off the shelf blends listed under romance oils and essential oils.

In addition we recommend blended creams like the Fisiocrem Solugel, Natural Solution for Joint  and Muscle Pain and the Premax range.

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