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Women deserve to move freely being always discreet about any physical odds. Incontinence is an inconvenience for women that need to be dealt with the most convenient methods. It basically means the loss of bladder control that comes with different types of fluids and odours than menstruation. To deal with them you need something more than a normal period pad. Fortunately, there are products that have dedicated specifications to deal with incontinence for women. There are different incontinence products that are designed to provide protection from incontinence and bladder leakages. There are women who have urinary incontinence because of a sensitive bladder, which we feel should not be a problem for them anymore after getting through this article. But apart from this, there are some other reasons why a woman should use incontinence liners or pads.

  • Feel fresh All Day: Regular liners or pantiliners specifically are very comfortable to be worn every day that help you stay dry, fresh and confident all day.
  • Manage Discharge: A woman can use pantiliners every day to manage any discharge of the private organ.
  • Catch Sudden Periods: A lot of women wear daily liners to be safe in case of an unexpected period. It protects you from getting embarrassed anytime, anywhere.
  • Absorb The Postpartum Flow: New moms may use daily liners for the management of postpartum flow that occurs after giving birth.
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If you are thinking that these problems can be solved with regular menstruation pads and you do not need any incontinence products for such, then you are in the wrong direction. To clarify things better for you, we will be discussing the advantages that incontinence liners or pads have over regular pads.

  • Leakage Barrier: Incontinence liners come with elastic barriers whereas the normal menstruation pads do not. It is more comfortable and prevents bladder leaks better.
  • Top Sheet: The top sheet is specially designed for incontinence products with distribution layers to protect the rapid flow of urine, which is unlike the normal menstruation pads.
  • Absorption Lower: The normal pads have lower absorption power whereas the incontinence pad has super absorbent polymers to absorb and lock in heavy amounts of liquid quickly.
  • Odor Control: Normal menstrual pads use deodorant masks and the incontinence liners use pH balance and control odour that neutralizes odours instead of masking them.

After getting to know all these, you must be wondering about selecting the right incontinence product that will suit you best for being protected from incontinence. This article is intended to cover incontinence products from the most prominent company that dedicatedly provides solutions for incontinence of women.

Always Discreet: The Company Overview

Always Discreet Brand is the ultimate solution for women, as it provides bladder protection products for the light-sensitive bladder to heavy sensitive ones. They are geared towards providing the best products for women’s bladder leak problems by helping them manage their incontinence. Their product range includes a variety of designs according to customer-specific demand. With their best offerings, they are determined to empower women so that they can move freely and happily without bothering about their incontinence. They have a wide variety of features included in their products some of which are:

  • Unique product line to protect bladder leakage
  • Complete feminine protection with the right combination of form, function and feminine design.
  • Partnered with women and feminine organization
  • Unconditional money-back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction
  • Highly absorbent pads can hold much more fluid than menstrual pads making them
  • They are full-length liners or pads or come as underwear that helps to protect against leaks where they happen.
  • The technology used in odour protection helps neutralize the odours specific to urine.
Always Discreet
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Always Discreet Products

The company’s incontinence products are designed for user-specific needs ranging from incontinence liners, incontinence pads, incontinence underwear, and incontinence boutique underwear. The incontinence pads and liners come in different shapes and sizes making it easier for you to find the right fit for your incontinence nature and body shape. Liners are wider and longer than pads providing a better ‘front-to-back’ protection. On the other hand, pads are usually curved containing elastic on the sides so as to stay close to your body. The incontinence underwears with built-in protection styles range from pull-on with elastic legs and waists which resemble a traditional cloth panty. As far as the size and shape of these products are concerned, it is important to give you a brief idea before getting into any details. The size liners and pads are available in regular and long lengths. In terms of their shape or capacity to handle incontinence, the liners are supposed to be very light whereas the pads are available in light, moderate, heavy, and extra heavy shapes depending upon the nature of incontinence. The incontinence undergarments are available in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes. Now it’s time to get into the details of each of the four incontinence protection products.

Always Discreet Liner, Incontinence Liners, Very Light, Long Length, 44 Count – Pack of 3 (132 Total Count)

always discreet liners

To start the Always Discreet Liners review, we must say they can help you get bladder leak protection better than ever. These super absorbent liners come with a rapid dry core that transforms liquid into gel to help lock away bladder leaks and odours instantly. They are designed in a thin texture that helps you to be yourself without altering your poise while waking.   This liner is mainly focused on dampness caused by light leaks. The thin design, light absorbent nature, and long length make you comfortable anytime, anywhere. They provide incontinence panty liners that can lock the wetness of the fluid and neutralize odours to keep you fresh all day long. One of their most sought after liners for providing such extra protection is the Always Xtra Protection Daily Liners. These are ideal for women with moderate to severe bladder leakage.


  • These liners for bladder leakages are 4 times more absorbent than the leading menstruation liner
  • These receptive incontinence panty liners are shipped discreetly
  • The core is designed in a RapidDry method that can turn liquid into gel and lock away wetness of the fluid and unwanted odours to make you feel fresh
  • The pantiliners are thin, flexible and lightly scented, providing incredible protection against bladder leaks
  • This Always extra protection daily liners regular come with exclusive Odor-Lock Technology that neutralizes odours in seconds to get you through the day with dignity.

always discreet pads

Incontinence Pads, Maximum, Long Length, 64 Count

When it comes to Always Discreet Pads review, these are the most diverse incontinence product that the company has to offer for bladder leaks. Similar to the liners these incontinence pads are also thin, flexible, and super absorbent having the RapidDry core that helps you stay dry and fresh. There are 3 different incontinence pads. They are:

  • Always Discreet Incontinence Pads With Light Absorbency: It helps you protect yourself from lighter and occasional leaks. You can barely feel any discomfort with this one. These are super absorbent with the trademark RapidDry core. They are specially designed for women who have lighter leakage and are ideal for them. The wrapping is discrete and convenient.
  • Always Discreet Incontinence Pads With Moderate Absorbency: As the name suggests these incontinence pads have moderate absorbency to protect from the occasional moderate bladder leaks. They are very comfortable, especially with the long length version and give you continuous freshness with the RapidDry core.
  • Always Discreet Incontinence Pads With Heavy Absorbency: In case of frequent bladder leakage the heavy absorbency pads are there to help you.  No discharge is heavy enough to get past through these pads. These pads are extra heavy and super absorbent that also called Always Discreet Ultimate Long Length Pads or Extra Heavy Long Pads. In terms of size, the extra heavy incontinence pad is available as the Always Discreet Size 5.


  • These pads are four times more absorbent than regular menstrual pads of similar size
  • Shipping is discreetly done for these super-absorbent incontinence pads
  • These incontinence pads are surprisingly thin for excellent bladder protection
  • Available for 3 types of absorbency levels with RapidDry super absorbent core
  • Lightly perfumed with exclusive OdorLock Technology that neutralizes odours and keeps you fresh.
  • Full-length incontinence pads are available with double leak guard protection for an extra bit of comfort.

Incontinence Underwear for Women, Maximum Absorbency, Extra-Large, 45 Count

With Always Discreet incontinence underwear for women, your sensitive bladder gets the ultimate solution. It is probably the most absorbent bladder protection available around. If you are worried about getting something with heavy coverage then this underwear was designed for your incredible comfort.  They come with soft Dual LeakGuards for preventing leaks where they mostly occur. It has the Advanced Triple Layer Core ready to pull, trap, and lock away the wetness of urine.  There is a soft cotton-like waistband that gives you comfortable protection from incontinence. Apart from these, it comes with the regular OdorLoack technology that is exclusive to the company for keeping everything discreet with the instant neutralization of urine odour.  It also features very feminine designs with a purple waistband indicating the back. They are also available in different sizes like the Small/Medium, Large, and Extra Large. With this underwear, nothing will stop you from being yourself!

always discreet free sample


  • The RapidDry Core in this underwear is designed to pull, trap and lock away dampness and odour. It also provides coverage from front to back for daylong heavy leak protection discreetly.
  • Double LeakGuards with full-length coverage help prevent leaks in the most likely places.
  • Counterpoises odours instantly to keep you poised all day long.
  • These comfortable incontinence underwears come with three exclusive feminine designs in each pack.
  • These are made with gentle fabric with a soft waistband that follows for extra comfort.

Boutique Incontinence Maximum Protection Underwear for Women, Large, Peach, 18 Count- Pack of 2 (36 Count Total)

Nothing could be prettier than getting the maximum incontinence protection with ALWAYS DISCREET Boutique Underwear. The secret to such a great offering is the core having super-absorbent techniques to turn liquid into gel to absorb even the heaviest secretion of your bladder. You can barely feel anything wrong with it as it comes with the most feminine design to make you feel like real underwear. This design very much defines the silhouette and follows your curve-hugging having been made of silky-soft material with delicate lacy prints. Unlike adult diapers, they allow maximum protection from incontinence discreetly as well as prettily.

always bladder pads


  • Beautiful feminine design with lacy prints and made with excellent soft silk material to ensure your maximum protection with maximum comfortability.
  • The curve-following design makes it super smooth to fit under clothes as it keeps it close to your body.
  • The super-absorbent core provides excellent protection as it turns liquid into gel.
  • Double Leak Guards remove the dampness from the sides for secure protection
  • OdorLock neutralizes the odour instantly and gives you a sense of freshness all day long.
  • Shipping is always done discreetly


There are more than 12 million people suffering from bladder leakages or incontinence. You may be one of them who cannot properly laugh or sneeze. These products from Always Discreet are delicately intended to protect you from urinary incontinence with the most convenient ways to make you feel absolutely normal and confident, as this goes with the purpose of the company which is to empower women everywhere that they can enjoy their lives to the fullest.

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