Best Ekouaer Pajamas Set – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Ekouaer Pajamas Set

Selecting pajamas without knowing about its best brand feels like eating some fast food when it’s not a cheat day.  Ekouaer, the brand for pajama, sleepwear, and loungewear is one of the bestselling brands, which provides numerous types of pajama sets for males as well as for females.  They also provide for kids too. If you’re a pajama lover, then it’s time to check through this amazing list of the best Ekouaer pajamas sets which will surely help you make the right purchase. 

Best Ekouaer Women Pajamas Set – Product Reviews

Ekouaer Pajamas Women’s Sleepwear

Ekouaer Pajamas Womens Sleepwear

Common Ekouaer reviews of this pajama set show this is in high demand and is a great-looking pajama set for everyday nightwear. Its super comfortable material makes it unique and one of the best-selling products. This short-sleeve PJ set can also be gifted to girlfriends, moms, ladies from the family, and friends.


The Ekouaer pajama set is made with some super soft and cozy fabric, making it comfortable to wear.  It is made with 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex which gives quite a soft and comfy feeling while sleeping at night. Its ultra-smooth texture against the skin gives superior comfort and softness. 

Womens Sleepwear


You can get a quick nice dream sleep if you wear this silky and smooth pajama set during the night. They come with button-down tops and cute boxer shorts which give a cozy feel at home. 


This set is available in two pieces. The two-piece pajama set for women gives a classic casual loungewear style, and the short sleeve pajama top and bottoms are quite good for their soft and comfortable textures. The boxer shorts with chiffon drawstring elastic waist are also very relaxing and comfortable compared to other tight waist shorts.


  • Have soft notch collar 
  • Extremely soft fabric 


  • In some cases, the top and shorts size may vary depending on the body type


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Ekouaer Pajamas Set Women’s  Nightwear

Ekouaer Pajamas Set Womens Nightwear

Ekouaer Pajamas Set Women’s Nightwear Lingerie is skin-friendly and comfortable for nightwear. This is also known as women’s camisole set for sleeping. The set is breathable and comfortable pajamas women set with cute tops and shorts.

Short Sleep PJ sets

It consists of a biforked button’s sides & V neck loungewear top which gives absolute cool and breathable feelings. It doesn’t make us feel hot during summer days. 

Other details 

Along with this, it is made of elastic waist, it is quite neat but still gives a full fashionable Lingerie feel. They are available from small to plus size in women’s nightie sets.

Womens Nightwear

Designer Cami

These sleeveless sexy pajamas for women are available in spaghetti straps on the adjustable shoulder. One can control the length whenever one needs it. The V neck camisole top and button designation with a flattering drape enhance the elegance and beauty of the dress. It makes the body look young, nubile, attractive, and sexy.

Sweet Pyjama Set

Ekouaer is best known for its cute, sexy pajama set and Lingerie. This women’s sexy sleepwear set is wonderful and comfortable to wear. It has close-fit but stretchy pajamas which look very sexy. 

Ekouaer Pajamas Set


  • The light spaghetti straps make it look sexy
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Cannot wear on cold days

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Ekouaer Satin Pajamas Women’s Short Sleeve Sleepwear

Ekouaer Satin Pajamas Womens Short Sleeve Sleepwear

The Ekouaer Satin Pajamas Women’s set is available in short sleeves. They are used as sleepwear. The soft silk button-down in the top makes it easy to wear. This loungewear Pajamas Set is available from S size to XXL.


Ekouaer Satin Pajamas Women’s Short pajama set is made of satin. The premium 96%Polyester and 4%Spandex is the main composition of this satin fabric. It gives an ultra-soft silk feeling to this sexy Ekouaer sleepwear set.


This specialized brand comes in a silk two-piece pajamas set which giving classic sleepwear style. The set has a short-sleeve sleepwear top and short pajamas. The high-quality material makes me feel comfortable. The sleepwear set is stitched with superior quality threads and perfectly lined hems. It is completely breathable and comfortable to wear as a sleepwear set.

Short Sleeve Sleepwear

Pajama Top

The short sleeve sleepwear top from the Ekouaer pajamas set comes with a notch collar button front pajamas shirt which contains one chest pocket, it enhances the design of the shirt. These silk pajamas for women are extremely lightweight and skin-friendly. This upper part of the set is great for sleeping, casual wear, or lounging for the whole day long.

Pajama Bottoms

The lower part of the pajama shorts is made especially for women with a soft elastic waistband that fits properly on any body size. It gives a relaxing moment as much as possible. If you are still planning to buy pajama sets for the upcoming summer, this will be the best women’s sleepwear, nightwear, or loungewear, giving extreme comfort to the body.

Other details 

The smoother, better, and soft fabric gives a smooth touch on the skin. This classic pajama set is perfect for pajama parties, sleepovers, dorm rooms, and fun family pictures. This pajama shorts set can be gifted on a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year, Wedding, and any other holiday gift for mother, wife, daughter, and girlfriend.


  • Comes with a soft silk button 
  • Suitable for summer 


  • The button may get detached if used regularly. 0


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Ekouaer Girl Pajamas Set 

Ekouaer Girl Pajamas Set

If you want to make your princess sleep well or make her night full of wonderful dreams, this is the best choice for a kid’s lounge set. This perfect set for everyday sleepwear brings comfort and cuteness all in one to your baby.


The 2 piece girls pajama set is made only for kids so it is made of 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton. This makes the cloth more body-friendly for the kids. The soft fabric can protect the child from getting uncomfortable. 

Pajamas Set

Flutter sleeve tee

A cute crew neck and short flutter sleeve tee make the pajama set look more lovely. The soft printed ink for a unicorn, ballet girl, and rainbow image on the front of the pajama set gives an extra cute look to the top.

Elastic leisure shorts

Along with the top, matching shorts are available with adjustable waistbands which gives a comfortable fit to the waist of the baby.

Ekouaer Pajamas Set


  • Have elastic leisure shots
  • Soft printed unicorn, rainbow print on the top


  • Cannot be used on super hot summer days.
  • The design may irritate the kid if they are not used to this kind of loungewear. 

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Ekouaer Pajamas Set Women’s Long Sleeve Sleepwear 

Ekouaer Pajamas Set Womens Long Sleeve Sleepwear

Ekouaer Pajamas Set Women Long Sleeve Sleepwear is available in a two-piece. These cute sleepwear pajamas contain a long sleeve top and pants which give a relaxed fit to every body shape and size. This short-sleeve PJ set can also be gifted to girlfriends, moms, and anyone from your family and friends’ circle.


This super comfortable set of Ekouaer long sleeve sleepwear pajamas is made from 95% Viscose and 5% elastane from premium-quality materials.

Long Sleeve Sleepwear


The tops contain a button-down sleepshirt that hits at the hip, the chest pocket with a notch collar which gives the set a cute look and is perfect for the nightwear.


The pajama pants have a chiffon drawstring elastic waist which makes the body as comfortable as possible. This comfortable and lightweight sleepwear for women is the best pajamas for good sleep.


  • Contain button-down sleepshirt 
  • Elastic waistband button 


  • Available in full sleeves which cannot be worn during winter. 

Womens Long Sleeve Sleepwear

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Ekouaer Women’s Pajama Set 

Pajama Set

Ekouaer Pajamas Set Long Sleeve Sleepwear Womens got a relaxed fit, casual, cute look, and perfect for lounging around the house in some comfortable wear. They are also soft and comfortable at night. These women’s 2 piece pajama sets have 1 round neck long sleeve top and elastic waist long pants. A cute star print is printed on the whole pajama set to give it a cute look. 


The Ekouaer pajamas long sleeve star print sleeve comes with 97% Polyester and 3% Spandex. The Ekouaer pajamas set is made of soft lightweight fabric and cozy. They are breathable and offer good comfort and shape to the body. The women’s long sleeve pajama set is made with 200g of fabric which is thinner. But later extra 20g has been added to make it thicker. This 220g fabric makes the color thicker and non-see-through.

Ekouaer Womens Pajama Set


The soft, smooth and breathable pajama features a round neck, long sleeve, and playful star print top which can be worn as nightwear as well as everyday wear.


The long pajama pants feature an elastic waist which gives as relaxing comfort as other normal shorts. These full-length pants come with side pant pockets and narrow pants legs which will not let the legs feel tight or uncomfortable during sleep. The fit is always true to size according to your body size. 


  • Has got some cute star print which makes it look cool and attractive. 
  • Non-See-Through 


  • The bottom comes in full-length which could be an issue. 

Ekouaer Womens Pajama

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Ekouaer Silk Women’s Pajamas Gift Set 

Ekouaer Silk Womens Pajamas Gift Set

This ideal Ekouaer Silk pajama set for women is available with a total of 7 pieces of satin sleepwear which are really soft and very comfortable for the night. This set can be gifted to any lady starting from girlfriend, wife, mother, sisters, or friends on their birthday, Christmas Day, new year, valentine’s day, honeymoon vacation, or for other festivals like an anniversary.


The Ekouaer silk pajamas set is available in various colors and sizes. The sizes are starting from XS to XXL. One must choose the right size and color for their own body. Before buying the product, the customer should go through the size chart as this brand size is smaller than the US standard size. All the detailed description of the dimensions is given on the size chart. 

Ekouaer Silk Womens Pajamas


This pajama set is the most exy Lingerie Set made only for stain silk sleepwear. They are available in long sleeve woman pajamas. This set is available in sizes from S-XXL. The tip has adjustable shoulder straps and bow decorations. And on the other hand, the shorts have a fine condole belt. It is available in 7 pieces. 


The Ekouaer pajama set is completely eco-friendly. The brand always uses a good fabric to make the body feel comfortable. It is made with 95.6% Polyester and 4.4% Elastane. This fabric is imported.

Womens Pajamas Gift Set


  • Available in 7 piece 
  • Available in different sizes 


  • The brand size is smaller than the US standard size

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Buying Guide for the best Ekouaer Pajamas Set

Selecting pajamas must be a hectic process for few people. That’s why we are here with our buying guide to make the work easy for all pajama lovers. 


When it comes to pajamas, comfort is the main thing that comes to our minds. If someone is constantly turning, fussing the collars, popping the buttons, and stretching out the elastic, then maybe that is not perfect for your body fit. Ekouaer Women’s pajama sets are known for their extraordinary comfort. This brand provides cute, sexy, and attractive sets of pajamas. To add more to it, this brand provides pockets, Buttons, Collars, or round neck designs to every product to make it unique. If you don’t want to wear shorts or the pajama with the elastic waistband, there are drawstrings to tie the pants in place. These pajamas will be part of your sleeping routine, and comfort.

Pyjama Fabric

This brand of pajamas is made from different materials, where some mixed varieties of Polyester, silk, cotton are used to make it body friendly. Women’s cotton pajamas set is the most popular as it is lightweight and breathable. The fabric can lower the body temperature during hot weather. Flannel is popular for its warmth, but it cannot be worn in warmer settings due to its heavy composition so this is not used in this brand. The best option they kept was silk. These silk clothes are made from natural fiber, balancing the body temperature in cool and warm climates. 


Fit is the one important factor when it comes to loungewear or sleepwear. It makes a big issue if they are buying online, as sometimes the size doesn’t vary properly. That’s why this brand gives a proper size chart to make sure the customer checked the measurements before purchasing and gets the correct product.

Sleepwear Style

When it comes to sleepwear, everyone wants some cute sweet pair of clothes to wear before sleeping. This also makes the body comfortable as well as makes it fashionable because of its prints and patterns. Ekouaer products are classy and have solid-toned coordinates of fashion. They are available in the burst of colors and patterns with some fun shapes like unicorns, rainbow, stars.


When you are investing so much money just for some branded pajamas set then it must stay for a longer time. This brand gives extreme longevity if you are also using it daily. 


Size is the most important feature of any clothing product. Without the size, the cloth doesn’t fit well and creates an uneasy feeling while wearing. For that, the brand provides every product for different sizes. It started from small size “S” to extra large size “XXL”. Some products also contain plus size for extra size women. 


When it comes to brands, there is no chance to avoid them without taking care. The pajamas should not be washed regularly. It’s better to dry wash it once or twice a week. Regular fabrics will require machine wash, but your hand-wash is the best for silk and satin. They don’t damage the products and make them usable for a long time. 

Our Recommendation

From the above review, we all came to know that this brand is extremely passionate about the comfort of its customers. Ekouaer Silk Women’s Pajamas Gift Set can be the best choice for all women as it contains 7 unique pieces of sleepwear starting from inner and short to long pajamas and shirts. It gives extreme comfort and is breathable. Another from the kid’s section, Ekouaer Girls Pjs Set is well known for its comfort and fabric touch. The whole set is made with cotton fiber which is comfortable for babies. 

Quick shopping tips

The right pair of pajamas is truly not any less than a luxury for every woman. It gives extreme comfort, good sleep, and a smooth texture. Paying attention to all these small details will lead you to choose the best fabric, style, and fit. Ekouaer, the brand provides extraordinary comfort and it’s worth the money if you purchase your sleepwear from here. Good sleepwear will make you sleep well and then it is a “good morning”. If you haven’t tried this brand, give it a try once as it will be worth your money and mood.

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