Looking for some shorts, Bermuda, and long track pants for your upcoming trips and activities? Why buy the shorts and long pants separately when you have these convertible pants that can fulfill all your needs. The convertible pants are all in short and long pants, which can easily be convertible whenever you feel cold or hot. These convertible pants are also known as cargo pants or hiking pants, as these pants are readily used for hiking, mountain climbing, trekking, etc. The pants give extreme comfort while walking, running, cycling, or doing any other outdoor activities. If you are still searching for the best convertible design pants, let’s go through this article to get the best reviews of the products. 

Women’s Convertible Pants- Products Reviews 

Torment Women’s Hiking Quick Dry Convertible Stretch Camping Capri Pants

Women’s Hiking Pants with quick-dry convertible stretchy design comes with a lightweight and UPF 40 protection which is comfortable for fishing, safari, traveling, camping. These capri pants have one feature. 


Hiking women Sun Protection

This convertible stretch-woven fabric is built with UPF 50+, which provides great protection against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. The water-resistant and lightweight hiking pants also have some quick-dry fabric that quickly soaks all the sweat away from your skin while you’re busy doing the workout or activity. The product has a ripstop, lightweight, breathable, sun-protective, and water-resistant fabric that keeps the body all the time. This ripstop stretch fabric of the convertible design pants has a triple-stitching build, making it sturdy and flexible to give maximum performance to the user. 

All in one Cargo summer pants

The pants have several deep pockets to hold all your accessories, including phones, wallets, keys, etc. It has nylon zippers which give extra smoothness and durability to the hiking pants. The other two-section detachable hiking pants are made of the zipper on the knee side, which helps remove the pants directly and makes it in shorts style, which is very suitable for the summer, spring, and autumn seasons.

Zip-off Pants 

The Capri has to roll up features around the knee that keep the body cool when hiking and working. The pants hem is gratis, which is more convenient for any sports and game. The elastic waistband makes it easier to fit in all body types. These women’s hiking pants prevent sweat if you wear them for a long time. It also has quick-drying breathability and a good sunscreen effect with UPF 50+. 

Camping Pants

Adjustable Waistband

The pants have an elastic waistband with an adjustable fit. The pants have crafted a slim fit soft 4-way stretchy fabric which gives ultimate comfort and mobility when you are wearing it outside. Apart from this, it also gives you the freedom to flex whenever you want to.

Zippered Pockets

The pants have two slant zippered pockets consisting of a tiny back pocket which provides convenient storage for all the small essentials. Others are casual cargo three zipper pockets to keep necessary items safely like mobile phones, wallets, keys, etc. This product contains two slant pockets, two thigh pockets, one back pocket to keep the necessary items. 

Functional Outdoor Pants 

This product provides quick-dry pants, which are perfect for all outdoor activities. These capris Pants are also suitable for Spring, Summer, and Autumn seasons to style your look. It is also a good choice for outdoor sports, exercises, hiking, camping, hunting, fitness, cycling, fishing, etc. 



  • Comes with sun protection features 
  • Have zipper pockets 
  • Have adjustable waistband 


  • Return and refund are not available.

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Ospetty Hiking Pants with 4 Zipper Pockets 

Ospetty Hiking Pants are exceptionally lightweight pants with a quick-dry joggers zip known as convertible running hiking women outdoor pants. The product consists of 4 Zipper Pockets which makes it more user-friendly. 

Ospetty Hiking Pants with 4 Zipper Pockets

Waterproof and sweatproof

The product is suitable to resist dewdrops and sweat. It is not ideal for heavy rainy days, though. This Hiking Zip Off Pants is perfect for morning walks and outside climbing mountains and other outdoor activities. But it would help if you kept in mind that it is not for heavy rainy days.

Function Pocket

There are altogether four secure zipper pockets that can store the essentials. The pants have one pocket at the back and three pockets at the front. You can keep all the items like leys, cards, tissues, money, etc. The pockets are protected with a safe zipper that doesn’t worry about losing the bags. 

Ospetty Pants

Comfortable Fabric

The pants are made with some quick-dry fabric which makes them super stretchy hiking pants. It is made of 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex. It also has an excellent stretchability to run and walk. The product is made with good elastic, making it exercise worth pants, which gives more comfort and reduces fatigue. You can also wear leggings under it to keep out the cold during winter days. 

Two Ways to Wear

These Hiking pants are not only suitable for Spring, Autumn wear, but you can also wear this with your Summer tees and tops. The removable zipper makes it very comfortable for the summer collection as it has a position of cropped trousers to adjust the length before wearing. These pants can also be worn as trousers or cropped trousers to make yourself a proper summer style icon.

 Pants with 4 Zipper Pockets

Adjustable Size

The elastic waistband and cuffs make the waist look thinner. The trousers are very extensible and also have a belt to adjust the waist size. The tightness of the trousers fits all the leg shapes and sizes very nicely without being too tight or too loose. 


  • Sweatproof 
  • Waterproof 
  • Adjustable Size 


  • It cannot be wearable during heavy rainy days 

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Unitop Women’s Hiking Convertible Cargo Pants

Unitop Women’s Hiking Pants with quick-dry technology is lightweight convertible cargo pants from women’s sections. 

Womens Pants
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These women’s hiking pants are made of 88% nylon and 12% spandex whi, making them very lightweight and breathable. It also has quick-dry, light, and stretchy materials to maximize breathability and comfort for occasions.


The women’s cargo pants are comfortable, durable, and well-designed to fit all body types. It also has a zipper fly with button closure with the partial elastic waist on both sides, which keeps the pants in the perfect place while slipping off. Along with that, the belt loops offer a perfect waist fit.

Unitop Womens Cargo Pants


These convertible pants for women have two side-entry slant pockets, two side leg pockets, and two back cargo pockets to keep all your necessary items separately. It is also durable, breathable, and provides excellent bags with enough storage space to keep essential things.

Convertible design

The women’s hiking pants can be converted from camping pants into shorts whenever you are feeling hot. The hiking joggers are also suitable for hot and cool weather and seasons because of their convertible design. It also has a quick-drying feature that is helpful for workouts, hiking, rock climbing, camping, bike commutes, traveling, running, etc.


  • Got bottom closure 
  • Convertible design 
  • Come with six pockets 


  • The exchange policy was not available.

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Asfixiado Women’s Convertible Hiking Pants 

Women’s Hiking Pants with Convertible Quick features come with lightweight stretch zip-off pants. The pants are suitable for any outdoor trekking, fishing, traveling, and also for workouts.

Asfixiado Womens Pants

Active Fit

The pants are made with very lightweight and breathable material, which comes with zipper closure. It is also helpful for any casual and outdoor recreation wear.


The cargo pants for women come with five zipper pockets which contain two side pockets, two thigh pockets, and one back pocket for convenience and efficiency.

Womens Pants


The pants have a black stretch with a partial elastic waist which gives a comfortable fit. The pant also has other features like

  • 2-way stretch
  • loose fit
  • wear-resisting
  • Freedom of movement
  • breathable.

These women’s pants have an elastic waist which makes them suitable for any exercise. It has a high waist, regular fit, 3D cutting, loose, and is also ideal for casual and outdoor recreation wear. You can go hiking, hunting, traveling, camping, mountaineering, cycling by wearing this loose-fit convertible design.

Convertible Hiking Pants


  • Loose fit
  • Wear-resisting
  • Freedom of movement
  • Breathable


  • No return and exchange policy 
  • Not suitable for plus-size 

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MIER Women’s Convertible Hiking Pants

MIER Women’s Convertible Hiking Pants are very lightweight and have a good stretch. These outdoor pants come with six pockets and quick dry features. The pants are also water-resistant and can be worn during light rainfall. 

MIER Womens

Comfortable Fabric

Miflex fabric developed MIER cheap hiking pants, which are one of the best-selling products on the market. These MIER hiking pants are lightweight, water-resistant, wicks moisture, dries quickly, and are friendly to the skin. It keeps the body cool.

Exciting Feature

The convertible pants turn into shorts without being removed from the body or shoes. The Zip-off legs help to convert it easily and quickly into shorts for summer days. 

Stretchy & Comfort

The 4-ways stretch fabric is more flexible and gives extreme comfort while running, walking, or doing any big outdoor activities.

MIER Womens Pants

6 Multifunction Zipper Pockets

The pants have two front slash zipper pockets, two thigh zipper pockets, and two rear zipper pockets. The zip-closure gives extreme security to the pockets and keeps your things safe. The items won’t come out quickly unless you want to take them out from the pockets.

Abrasion Resistant

The pants have a tough abrasion-resistant and scratch-resistant fabric. These pants are a perfect choice for hiking, fishing, travel, camping, trekking, outdoor activities, or everyday casual wear. It is also very user-friendly. 



  • Got six multifunctional pockets 
  • Abrasion-resistant 


  • Not suitable for plus-size.

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After reviewing all the products, we know that the pants are incredibly lightweight and breathable to give you support all day long. Also, its sweatproof features make it dry quickly whenever you are sweating while doing any exercise or outdoor activities. Some of the pants have waterproof features but still cannot be wearable on heavy rainy days. Try this all-new convertible 2in1 hiking and cargo pants to enjoy both short and long pants together.

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