ARRUSA, Women’s Practical Inner-wears & Face Scarfs

Some of you have probably heard the name ARRUSA somewhere while shopping. If not, well, you have reached the perfect destination. ARRUSA has been ruling our hearts for almost forever. ARRUSA is an international brand that promotes fast fashion about-face masks, face covers, women’s tights, etc.

This fashion company focuses mostly on comfortable goods and other essentials like accessories of inner wear, tights, face covers, etc. Recently, they have started producing men’s apparel too, but in a quite lesser number. Other fashion items would be a range of neck gaiters, scarves, etc. The most famous collection of face covers is American flag face masks and women’s summer pantyhose.

ARRUSA has managed to reach the top of the women’s fashion industry in a short time. Two of the most exciting factors are introducing one-of-a-kind designs and making available clothes at fairly lower costs. The brand has always had the aim of producing the trendiest clothing for both men and women of all ages, irrespective of their shape and color. The brand believes in the collections being unisex, and the code gives us a message of “BE SELF.”

Why choose ARRUSA?

For many years, ARRUSA has been committed to developing women’s underwear. Combined with high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship, presenting high-quality products to customers is always their aim. At the same time, our after-sales team will help you solve all problems and make sure you have a wonderful shopping experience.

All-match cooling fabric

The cooling face cover can be applied for biking, providing you with good comfort and protection from skin damage from the strong wind. And they also offer you fashionable effects with cool bicycles and outfits.

ARRUSA clothing brand


The bandana fabric is breath-free, reducing the accumulation of water vapor caused by breathing, avoiding overheating the body temperature, and keeping dry and natural. In addition, multi-dimensional air holes and comfortable air permeability can provide you with a comfortable wearing experience.

Vivid Design

Advanced printing technology, elegant color, and luster. Thermal transfer digital printing technology, vivid, clear color, and cracks provide visual impact. Unique design shows your fashion sense when you wear it; based on its advanced technology, the headwear has a big advantage: it is non-fade and non-shrink after you wash.

Multiple wearing ways

The multiple-face scarf can be adopted on the face and used as wrist decoration; when you do not want to wear it on the face, you can wear it as a fashion item on the wrist. Meanwhile, save the bag spaces.


ARRUSA Womens Practical Inner wears Face Scarfs 1

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Play a good skin protection effect

The neck gaiter has a vivid design and is multi-use, which can be used when you go hiking or climbing outside. The face mask has many advantages and solves the difficulties when climbing, which will be anti-UV, sand, and moisture-wicking. With the excellent comfort, let you have a nice trip.

Collections Of ARRUSA

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date and time indicated on this page and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed at the purchase time will apply to this product.

ARRUSA Summer Cool Face Cover

Summer Cool Face Cover

The face cover fabric is cool in summer and has the characteristics of quick-drying. A variety of headbands will meet all your needs. Neck gaiter, headband scarf, sand-wind cover, beanie, hood, wrist protector, chest wrap Perfect for skiing, mountain signing, biking, walking, ball racing, and other sports. The face mask adopts breathable ice silk fabric, quick drying, and good air permeability.

ARRUSA Summer Cool Face Cover

High-quality soft and washable neck gaiter, The headwear ensures moisture absorption and perspiration, is easy to volatilize, and keeps you dry at all times. The face cover fabric can protect against the sun, insect, windproof, particle, anti-UV, and anti-static benefits. Suitable for Fishing/Running/Motorcycle/Bicycle Cycling/Yoga/Hiking

The face scarf can be pulled in four directions; the fast-rebound fabric is durable, with color printing and dyeing fibers. The headwear has no odor, no pilling, and anti-hook silk characters. The bandana scarf has dozens of different wearing methods for adults. The face scarf can be used as a headband, scarf, balaclava, neck gaiter, sand-wind cover, beanie, hood, or wrist protector.

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ARRUSA Women’s Super Sexy Shiny Sheer Pantyhose

ARRUSA Womens Super Sexy Shiny Sheer Pantyhose

Silky, soft, breathable, and hiding imperfections—this is the essence of tights. The design stands by these concepts and adds a shiny design to the tights to make your legs sexier. Put on our tights to make your legs look fantastic and attract everyone’s attention; this is our mission.

These shiny, silky-smooth microfiber women’s tights turn any everyday activity into a show. These high-gloss seamless pantyhose without liners, fully transparent waist panties with a comfortable waistband, are the perfect hosiery choice.

Womens Super Sexy Shiny Sheer Pantyhose

Shiny ladies’ pants no longer have this defect! These fabulous ultra-glossy pantyhose have micro-silicone-coated nylon, giving your legs a fantastic sheer and glass-like smoothness. These sheen, silky smooth, microfiber women’s tights turn any everyday activity into a show. These high-gloss seamless pantyhose without liners, fully transparent waist panties with a comfortable waistband, are the perfect hosiery choice.


90% nylon and 10% spandex fiber for optimum stretch and durability; the soft material provides a slim body curve for women. The comfortable and flexible high waist design lifts the buttocks and holds the stomach well, and the footed design can stretch better and fit like a soft sheer pantyhose with a control top that stays up and doesn’t fall. Stockings make your waist sexy and your legs curvy, perfectly matching any clothes, slim skirts, and sexy slit dresses or minis.

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ARRUSA Super Durable Plus Size Tights

ARRUSA Super Durable Plus Size Tights

Everyone has the right to pursue beauty, no matter what kind of body type they have. ARRUSA Plus Size Stocking is a unique design for Big Lady. These tights have several advantages. First, these are 100% nylon. Especially designed for plus sizes between 130 and 220 lbs. These high-waisted pants have better elasticity than normal sheer tights, making them fit most big ladies.

Super Durable Plus Size Tights

Combining a double-stable design with advanced material technology provides incomparable stability for these top control tights. That means it is easy to stretch and hard to break! You can hardly make it laddered even with the sharp object to rub it!

The material of these high-waisted stockings is skin-friendly, shiny, soft, silk-feeling, and breathable. It fits your waist and hips perfectly. You will feel comfortable after you adapt to the elastic. 15D design makes this shiny top control tights very thin, so you can feel cool in the summer.

The stockings can cover spots or marks on the skin. Meanwhile, block out the sun and protect your skin.

After thousands of experiences, we put more material and elastic at the high waist part. As a result, it can slim your body. Specifically, control your tummy and show your body curve perfectly.

ARRUSA Durable Plus Size Tights

Every lady wears tights for beauty. It can shape your legs and, meanwhile, cover the blemishes on the legs. Ladies like to wear skirts in the summer. It’s easy to get your legs tanned when you go out with bare legs. At this time, tights can help your legs block the sun.

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ARRUSA Winter Thermal High Waist Opaque Tights

ARRUSA Winter Thermal High Waist Opaque Tights

90% synthetic fiber and 10% spandex have the best breathability and sweat-absorbing effect, letting your skin breathe freely. The legs have a stylish matte finish, and the ultra-soft cashmere lining material is very comforting and warm.

The comfortable and flexible high-waist design creates a flat belly and sexy hips. The 2-3cm high waistband is designed with a controlled top to prevent slipping but won’t squeeze your abdomen too tight. The footed design stretches and makes the fit better, providing comfort and a slim and curvy body.


The high elasticity makes the product suitable for most people; as long as you are below 160 pounds, you can wear these tights. This saves you the trouble of blindly choosing the wrong size or the fuss of having to do measurements. Daily wear, for work, for home, etc.

The variety of classic colors is perfect for dresses, skirts, boots, high heels, etc. This is a must-have accessory and is essential to have in any wardrobe.

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ARRUSA Women’s TIK Tok Yoga Shorts

Womens TIK Tok Yoga Shorts

ARRUSA’s unique sports aid technology provides you with twice the result with half your effort! The obvious buttlifting effect occurs the instant you slide into the sexy yoga shorts. Ergonomic design can perfectly carve and highlight your natural, sexy curve! A real butt bomber!

The wide, high-waisted band ensures the tummy-control yoga pants comfortably compress and thin your waist and lower abdomen instantly. Trending bubble and honeycomb sports tights add more charm to you! Perfect match with other sports outfits or bras! 

ARRUSA Womens TIK Tok Yoga Shorts

Different from the common cotton or aramid sports shorts, ARRUSA yoga tights have above-average stretch and elasticity, which can wrap your lower abdomen, waist, and buttocks 360 degrees with a flexible rebound but no cracking or peeling. 

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ARRUSA Women’s Cold Weather Winter Cardigan

ARRUSA Womens Cold Weather Winter Cardigan

The batwing sleeve is also known as the ‘Dolman’ or ‘Magyar’ sleeve. This can make you stand out from ordinary clothes. To be the shiny one in your group! We provide different basic colors for our cardigans. Make it easy to match other types of clothing, like T-shirts, jeans, and shorts. The material of this sweater is skin-friendly and super soft. You will feel no tingling when you wear it directly. 

Womens Cold Weather Winter Cardigan

The cardigan is stretchy enough, suitable for most body types. And our “return-free policy” can guarantee that you can buy the size that suits you for free. Return for different occasions like daily, casual, office, school, autumn, and winter. Show your charm everywhere!

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ARRUSA aims to design a fashionable, practical, and comfortable neck gaiter. It uses professional fabric to make a perfect face scarf. Meanwhile, it’s the best choice for you to make as a birthday gift to show your fashion sense. All designs can be found here at ARRUSA. So get in on the fun!

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