AmeriMark, the loungewear & activewear brand for women

AmeriMark is not a super-famous brand, but it has maintained a fair position in producing high-quality women’s apparel. We imagine quite a few of you don’t have much idea about the brand. AmeriMark is a leading direct marketing company for women’s clothes, shoes, cosmetics, mists, accessories, and several other necessary items.

The direct marketing brand sells its products through nine different catalogs. The catalogs are Anthony Richards, the Complements, the famous Essentials, Harriet Carter, Healthy Living, Beauty Boutique, our favorite Time for Me, FeelGood Store, and Windsor Collection.

For more than 52 years now, the brand has successfully established itself as one of the leading companies to produce super comfortable women’s apparel at exceptionally cheap rates. In this segment, we will learn about the AmeriMark Direct brand and its women’s collection. Let us jump into it directly.

AmeriMark: The History of the Giant

This famous brand was first launched in the year 2000. On a reasonably cool October day, AmeriMark launched itself through the website AmeriMark created the website to ensure that they fully display their range of products technologically and reach a broader mass of customers.

Since their prices were highly reasonable, the brand did well on average compared to other newbies in the fashion industry. The idea behind creating the website was to provide customers with a secure environment to decide what they want from a range of premium-quality products and feel safe shopping.

The cheaper rates just fit perfectly in the scenario, and AmeriMark was a hit in no time. Having said this, like all the other successful fashion companies, AmeriMark too had its share of bumpy roads, but it never stopped them from aiming for the best.

Today, it has become a major secured shopping platform for several internal users and catalog shoppers. Let us discuss the various AmeriMark Women Collection products.

Amerimark Women’s Collection

Loungewear and Sleepwear

AmeriMark Womens Lounger House Dress

AmeriMark is committed to producing the best quality sleepwear and loungewear. For so many years now, the workers have been working hard to produce ultra-comfortable materials to put on.

One of the bestsellers in this category is the AmeriMark Short Sleeve Patio Dress w/ Side Pocket. The house dress is made up of 100% polyester and can be easily washed in the machine. The fabric is lightweight and gives a cooling feeling to the body. Every woman would fall in love with this classy yet straightforward duster house dress.

This versatile piece could be worn as a lounge dress or put on a housecoat, or it could become your favorite nightgown. The dress is also suitable as a kaftan for plus-size lovelies. The dress has slit pockets on both sides that are both cute and useful in fashion. 

Womens Lounger House Dress
Image Source: Early Modern Texts

The quality of the lounge dress is excellent and won’t result in it shrinking or getting wrinkles. Plus, the fabric is hypoallergic and easier to take care of. The dress features no unnecessary buttons or zips. This makes it easier for women to put on the dress.

Overall, we love it and think you’d feel the same way! AmeriMark Patio Dress Floral Print Border is another example. It, too, is a machine-washed dress with a button-type closure system. The short-sleeved dress has a scoop neckline, which adds a breezy touch to it.

The dress is highly body-flattering, and the pleats that fall under the front yoke provide high comfort and fullness. The other features, along with the shirred sleeves, add a classic Hawaiian touch to it. This tropical dress has a vibrant pattern that sends out warm and happy vibes. The fabric consists of 55 % cotton and 45% polyester.

AmeriMark Plus Sizes Collection

Snap Front Duster Robe Housecoat Solid Color with Two Patch Pockets

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date and time indicated on this page and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed at the purchase time will apply to this product.

As mentioned earlier, AmeriMark has taken several initiatives to promote body positivity, among other factors. This section is particularly for plus-size beauties and will surely make them fall for themselves all over again. AmeriMark Cotton Denim Casual Dress with Collar falls under this category. The fabric of this dress is made up of 100% cotton and can be washed in a machine.

This imported dress has a button-type closure and is extremely lightweight and soft to the touch. This denim dress has extravagant pleating, and the hem of the shirttail style hits the knee. All these features make the dress a versatile and beloved piece. 

Sleeveless Denim Midi Shirt Dress

The other example in this category would be the AmeriMark Snap-Front Duster Robe Housecoat. This plus-size housecoat could be washed in a machine. The fabric of this product is incredibly soft and feels comfortable on the skin.

The housecoat features short sleeves that help regulate air throughout and help the body feel relaxed, especially on warmer days. This silky piece of housecloth is everything a woman needs to get into that relaxing mode after a tough day at work.

AmeriMark Dresses

Womens Breezy Casual Sundress Beach Coverup Sleeveless with Side Pocket

AmeriMark Breezy Casual Sundress is one of our favorites. The product has a scoop neckline, is sleeveless, and has a pull-on type of closure. The classy dress fits for a fun outing, picnics, and other activities. It would make an excellent sundress for the beach or even at pool parties.

We bet you would be in awe of this colorful piece. This beautifully crafted dress is made up of 55% cotton and 45% polyester. It does not shrink or get wrinkled quickly. This cool dress is a must-have for your wardrobes! 

Womens Beaded Open Front Jacket Palazzo Pants and Dress

AmeriMark Beaded Jacket Palazzo Pants and Dress 3-Piece Set would be the other example in this collection. The dress piece could be easily washed in the machine.

You could wear the set together or just put on one of the pieces and pair it with other items. The entire set is perfect for a formal meeting, a formal brunch, or a casual outing with loved ones. The set is gorgeous, and we know it!

AmeriMark Activewear

AmeriMark Activewear

One of the bestsellers in this category would be the AmeriMark Multi Stripe Casual Pants Set. The fabric of this piece is made up of 100% cotton, and it can be washed in a machine. This casual activewear is fashionable yet comfortable.

The huge pockets are to store your essentials. You no longer have to carry your wallet, mobile, keys, or other objects in your hands while out. Now you can easily store them in your pockets. This set is available for women of every size. AmeriMark Striped Sweat Suit Set is the other example in this category.

This set could be easily washed in the machine. The pull-on type closure outfit is beautiful, and it rises as low as the ankle region. The pockets are designed and crafted in a slant position, and this makes the piece more unique.

AmeriMark Lingerie

AmeriMark Lingerie

AmerMark produces beautiful and highly comfortable lingerie pieces for women of every age and size. One of the products in this category is the Platform Hi-Waist Girdle.

The body fabric is 77% nylon and 23% spandex, while the panel is 81% nylon and 23% spandex. The sturdy, long girdle gives women the most control and comfort.

There’s a panel for Powernet tummy control along with a 2waistband that does not and sits firmly on the skin. The great decoration adds to the beauty of this product, and we are sure you would love it just as we do! 


Women’s Plus Size Full-Coverage Slimming Posture Bra is the other example. The body fabric of this bra is 100% polyester, and its lace material is 100% nylon. The imported bra has a hook and eye closure system.

The bra provides excellent support and maintains the body’s posture all the time. Other than that, this everyday bra is useful as workwear and casualwear. It gives ultimate comfort, lifts, and adds shape to the body. The bra’s body-hugging fabric also gives a slimming effect and helps every woman dress the way she wants to without feeling uneasy.

AmeriMark Bottoms

Womens Knit Capris

One example of this category would be our favorite AmeriMark Knit Skort w/Pocket. The fabric of this skort has both cotton and elastic mixed together. It has a drawstring closure, and the length drops to the knees. As you might already know, skorts are one of the most valuable inventions in sports fashion for women.

This is a part of activewear with the knit built-in shorts. All people adore the skort, which is available in various sizes. The addition of pockets enhances performance in sports. Overall, the features of this skort add feminine comfort and feminine style to sports fashion.

We suggest that everyone should own at least one of these beautiful skorts because your wardrobe deserves them. You could wear it to golf classes, the gym, or any other activity. 

Womens Stretch Knit Skort

AmeriMark Knit Capris with Stretch Elastic Waist is another example. This 100% cotton capri has an elastic closure and rises till mid-calf. This product comes in various sizes and fits women of any age.

The fabric is extremely stretchable, breathable, and perfect for your morning walks, runs, or tiring gym sessions. You don’t need to worry about your little essentials while out because these pants have highly useful pockets.

AmeriMark Tops and Tunics

Tunic Tank Top

If we are talking about tunics and tops, one of the bestseller items to check out would be the AmeriMark Fleece Cardigan Sweater. The scoop neckline of this snap-on type of closure sweater is both stylish and comfortable for women of every age.

This soft fleece sweater is excellent for cool winter days and features patch pockets on either side at the front of the cardigan. The pockets are large enough to make your palms feel warm, along with storing some of your essential items while you are out.

So now, you can roam around the streets or have a fun, adventurous day out with your friends without having to worry about losing or misplacing your essential little items like wallets, keys, etc. This product is great for layering and comes in solid shades or prints. You could layer the cardigan and pair it with a cozy pair of jeans and boots. 

Womens Fleece Cardigan Sweater

AmeriMark Tunic Tank Top with Scoop V-Neck is the other product. This imported 100% cotton tank top is the length of a tunic and features gentle yet smooth pleats. This ensures a loose top fit and is of great advantage to women who love to wear tanks or always feel warmer than others. Therefore, this piece might become a necessity in your wardrobe in no time.

This flowing tunic tank top goes well with basic or patterned leggings. Your old, stuffy wardrobe will breathe with this product. This goes well with tiny skirts or jeans for a fun occasion. Get this adorable item today!


Today, the brand has a family as big as over 700 workers. The employees, consisting of the management team, designers, laborers who stitch and weave the fabric, etc., work together and create beautiful pieces. The beautiful craftsmanship speaks to the company’s good name and ensures its position at the top of the list in the industry.

You know you have correctly put your faith in the right company when placing an order with AmeriMark. Customer care is highly efficient and will not rest until they resolve every bit of your issue. These features make the company one of the most trustworthy sites to shop from, and we hope to see more positive growth with each passing year.  

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