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To start the Always Discreet Liners review, we must say the can help you getting bladder leak protection better than ever. These are the super absorbent liners that come with a rapid dry core that transforms liquid into gel to help lock away bladder leaks and odors instantly. They are designed in a thin texture that helps you to be yourself without altering your poise while waking.  

This liner is mainly focused on dampness caused by light leaks. The thin design, light absorbent nature, and long length make you comfortable anytime, anywhere. They provide incontinence panty liners that can lock the wetness of the fluid and neutralize odors to keep you fresh all day long. One of their most sought after liners for providing such extra protection is the Always Xtra Protection Daily Liners. These are ideal for women with moderate to severe bladder leakage.


  • These liners for bladder leakages are 4 times more absorbent than the leading menstruation liner
  • These receptive incontinence panty liners are shipped discreetly
  • The core is designed in a RapidDry method that can turn liquid into gel and lock away wetness of the fluid and unwanted odors to make you feel fresh
  • The pantiliners are thin, flexible and lightly-scented, providing incredible protection against bladder leaks
  • Always extra protection daily liners regular come with exclusive Odor-Lock Technology that neutralizes odors in seconds to get you through the day with dignity.

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