10 Best Snorkel Set for Women: Reviews and Buying Guide

Whether you are a nature lover or an ever-enthusiast traveler, it goes without saying that there are truly only a handful of other ways than snorkeling to appreciate the wonderful undersea life. Dive into the deep sea, watch schools of colorful fishes swimming away, or a bunch of giant turtles cozy-ing up their tiny babies – you just need a snorkel set to experience magic! In this article, we have picked the 10 best Snorkel sets for women and discussed their pros and cons along with a quick buying guide that will help you choose the perfect one for your needs.

10 Best Snorkel Set for Women: Reviews

Ninetails Mask Fin Socks Snorkel Set

Ninetails Mask Fin Socks Snorkel Set

Ninetails is a 4 in 1 Snorkel Set with full foot pocket adjustable flippers, anti-fog mask, dry top snorkel, and diving socks. This kit makes for the top choice among expert snorkelers for all kinds of underwater adventures. It is flexible, adjustable, lightweight, and is a perfect fit for any age group.

Flexible Fins 

The snorkel fins accompanied in the set have adjustable straps and non-slip full foot soles. They are very flexible and highly comfortable for every foot type. What’s even better is that the diving flippers are short, lightweight, and efficient, and give a smooth kick. The Ninetails snorkel fins have a beginner-friendly design and are perfect for training purposes in the pool.

Mask Fin Socks Snorkel Set

180° Panoramic View 

The diving mask boasts a 180°panoramic view of the underwater. The tempered glass with an anti-fog coating makes this view even more clear and enjoyable. The soft silicone skirt has highly efficient water sealing yet has an adjustable strap to fit comfortably.

Snorkel Set


  • High-quality Neoprene swim socks
  • Highly safe
  • Smooth and comfortable fins
  • Panoramic view
  • Efficient purge valve


  • No con

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Phantom Aquatics Dry Snorkel Set 

Phantom Aquatics Dry Snorkel Set 
Image Source: The Adventure Junkies

Phantom Dry Snorkel Set has a streamlined design and comes with a range of impressive features from a high-performance mask to superior dry performance and a wide field of view. You are surely gonna love this dry snorkel set if you don’t like the wet snorkel experience that much. 

Mask features

This snorkel features a single lens with a seamless side window to grant a panoramic field of view. The mask lens is made of robust tempered glass which increases its longevity.

Aquatics Dry Snorkel Set
Image Source: Viator

Clear vision

The snorkel offers a crystal clear range of view underwater with sufficient intake of light. The lens has a crystal clear double feathered edge made of silicone which means it is sufficiently waterproof, long-lasting, and also offers a clear underwater view. 

Ease of use

The swivel has push-button buckles for easy removal and wearing and you also get a swivel adapter for easy mask mounting. Moreover, the snorkel also features a very useful low-profile dry top and an angled purge chamber for easy removal of water. Lastly, the easily removable and replaceable mouthpiece makes it one of the best choices. 



  • Long-lasting
  • Clear vision
  • Silicone material
  • Easy to use


  • Uncomfortable
  • Difficult to breathe

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Zeeporte Snorkeling Set and Gear

Zeeporte Snorkeling Set and Gear

Zeeporte’s dry top snorkel set is the ultimate travel companion and is suitable for snorkeling, swimming, body surfing, boogie boards, and much more. This is a full mask snorkel set with adjustable fins and a superior mask. With a panoramic view of the ocean and an unobstructed breathable dry top mask, there’s no going back.

Panoramic view 

The snorkel mask is made of a four-window design to provide a panoramic view. The tempered glass lens has high longevity and the hypoallergenic silicone skirt is fully tested to be safe. 

Safe and non-toxic

The mouthpiece is safe being made of food-grade silicone. The skirt is also made of hypoallergenic silicone and is fully tested to be safe for all ages. The mouthpiece creates a watertight seal and does not smell pungent which is a deal-breaker for many consumers.


Unobstructed breathing 

This is a superiorly built dry top snorkel with a valve that perfectly seals the breathing tube when underwater. The valve is very fitting and does not allow water to get in once you enter the water. Moreover, the lower purge valve facilitates quick and easy expulsion of water so you can breathe freely and easily without any obstruction.


The fins are longer and lightweight, making it easy to swim. They are also made of comfortable and long-lasting rubber that ensures a comfortable fit. The Zeeporte blade gives an excellent thrust with a minimal kick and fully lives up to the expectations. 

Snorkeling Set and Gear

Extra accessories

The Zeeporte snorkeling set comes with 3 essential accessories in one quick-dry mesh bag. The zip-up bag comes with a comfy shoulder strap and is the perfect travel companion. It is also lightweight and packs everything you will need for your snorkel morning!


  • Food-grade, hypoallergenic build material
  • Comfortable fit
  • Long Lasting rubber
  • Smooth thrust (fin)
  • Extra accessories
  • Panoramic view 
  • Unobstructed breathing


  • Somewhat expensive 

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SwimStar Snorkel set for women 

SwimStar Snorkel set for women

SwimStar Snorkel is a 100% dry snorkel coming with a range of user-friendly features which makes it a top choice among family divers. With a range of colors, you are sure to find something matching for your whole team. It is perfectly fitting for all age ranges of women, men, and kids. Moreover, you get an amazingly clear view around you within an unobstructed breathing system.

Anti-fog coating

The tempered glass lens not only provides a clear view but also has an anti-fog coating which further improves your underwater experience. The scuba mask features a single lens design which offers an unobstructed clear view. It lasts longer than regular snorkels and also offers a comfortable fit liquid with a water-tight seal.



The silicone mouthpiece used is made to be hypoallergenic for extreme safety and comfort and is cut for long-term free snorkeling.

100% dry snorkel 

This is a great option for families with kids as it is a 100% dry snorkel and eliminates any chance of water entering the snorkel. It is built with safety as the extreme priority. Although water seldom enters the mask, it is still fitted with a large purge valve which makes it even safer.

Snorkel set for women


  • Anti-fog coating
  • Food-grade silicone
  • 100% dry snorkel
  • Panoramic view
  • Extremely safe for kids


  • Anti-fog coating lasts less than the set

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Zenoplige Anti-Fog Snorkel Set 

Zenoplige Anti Fog Snorkel Set

Zenoplige offers a super user-friendly 3 in 1 snorkel set that includes swim goggles, anti-splash snorkel, and adjustable swim fins – all in one pack. It is suitable for all kinds of water adventures like swimming, snorkeling, free diving, scuba diving, and so on. It is also a very good choice for junior lap swimming and diving learners.

180° Panoramic View 

A wide and clear surrounding view is the most important parameter after breathability for snorkeling. This snorkel set matches both these criteria. The anti-fog coated mask with two large windows gives the best view of the underwater world. The lens is made of high-grade tempered glasses to withstand high water pressure and also offer clear views simultaneously. 


Breathable Dry Top Snorkel 

Zenoplige Snorkel is rated by several expert scuba divers to be highly breathable. The dry top snorkel makes use of a floating ball in the top to keep water from entering the mask when you dive underwater. In addition, a superiorly built lower drainage valve facilitates easy and quick water removal to help you breathe smoothly at all times. Hence, this snorkel set is very good for beginners who often feel suffocating in a snorkel set.  

Anti Fog Snorkel Set


Safety is another primary concern for anyone diving underwater for long hours. This snorkel set is made of a food-grade non-toxic mouthpiece that neither has a pungent smell nor is too tight for the skin. 

Flexible use

The long and wide blades of the snorkel set to boost the power of every kick and give a smooth flow using minimal effort. The fins are open-heel with adjustable straps that can fit different foot types and sizes. 

Zenoplige 1


  • Anti-fog coating
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Smooth gliding fins
  • 100% dry top snorkel


  • Loose straps in some packages

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Tongtai Snorkeling Set 

Tongtai Snorkeling Set

This is a top choice among the best snorkel sets for women that you get today. It has high-grade sealing with a sufficiently wide space (7.09 X 3.54 in) to fit an adult face comfortably. Moreover, the view is awesome too within an affordable range.

Clear panoramic view

The Tongtai Snorkel set comes with 180º Panoramic swim goggles that provide an unobstructed clear view as far as light is present. The tempered glass lens is also embedded with an anti-fog coating that eliminates fogging. 


Comfortable and safe

This snorkel mask is suitable for any adult woman (and men too) as it has a wide mask with 7.09 inches in length and 3.54 inches in width. It has sufficient space to fit an adult face comfortably. Moreover, the adjustable elastic silicone strap makes it fitting to different faces easily. The snorkel is also highly safe as it is made of soft food-grade silicone and ensures unobstructed breathing at all times. 

No water leakage

The soft silicone liquid skirt creates a strong sealing and hence there’s no need of worrying about water leakage. Moreover, an advanced anti-splash built of the dry-top valve prevents water inflow into the snorkel. On the other hand, the lower purge valve expels water quickly and easily. Thus, no water enters the breathing tube.

Snorkeling Set

Perfect for all age group

The adjustable headband easily fits the mask straps to give the perfect fit to any diver’s face. It is perfect for adults and teens alike.


  • No water leakage
  • Breathable
  • Highly safe
  • Dry snorkel, anti-splash technology
  • Panoramic view


  • Rubber makes the view darker

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Kustar Snorkeling Set 

Kustar provides one of the most durable, professional-grade snorkel sets with unique features not found in most others. Its notable features include impact-resistant and explosion-proof material which is also lightweight making it easier to carry for long hours.

Kustar Snorkeling Set

Professional Grade Material 

The snorkel set as well as each of its components is made of professional quality and is used by many expert snorkelers. The swim goggles are of tempered glass and have an impact-resistant and explosion-proof built. This not only improves the underwater adventure experience but also makes it 3X times more durable and strong than other snorkel sets. Not even the hardest knock from any heavy object or high water pressure can crack the lens. 

Perfect fit

The user can adjust the button according to his/her comfortable fit to adjust the goggle length. Hence, the mask is highly comfortable and eliminates any tightness over the head area. Moreover, the food-grade silicone face skirt perfectly fits any face shape without any pungent odor or toxicity. 

Snorkeling Set
Image Source: seavenger.com

Water sealing

The water sealing is perfect and ensures no water enters the breathing tube so that you can breathe clearly when underwater. The ribbed design provides extra support to the water sealing.

Crystal-clear Vision

The crystal clear tempered glass lens is also embedded with anti-fog technology. The lens thus provides a crystal clear view of the surroundings underwater. 

Kustar Snorkeling
Image Source: Road Affair

Full Dry-top Snorkel 

The Kustar set is a fully dry-top snorkel set with a splash guard and purge valve. The advanced anti-splash system leaves no stone unturned to give 100% sealing from water while the purge valve is flawless in the easy evacuation of water and cleaning of the gear.


  • Anti-splash technology
  • Impact-resistant
  • Anti-fog tech
  • Efficient purge valve 
  • Crystal clear view


  • Anti-fog technology is average

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Cressi Silicone Snorkeling Set

Cressi Silicone Snorkeling Set

The Pano 4 & Supernova Dry combo is the first dry snorkel by Cressi and is designed in Italy. Cressi, an Italian brand, has been a pioneer in the manufacture of equipment for scuba diving, snorkeling, and swimming since 1946. Hence, their expertise and innovation are crystal clear in this snorkel set. 

Very good experience

The panoramic view of the mask is perfect for any underwater adventure – from scuba diving to snorkeling. The experience you get from this set is unmatchable to any other as it thrives to give the greatest visibility. 

Cressi Silicone

Comfortable and safe

The fit is very comfortable as it is specifically designed for diverse face shapes and sizes. The mask is also made of hypoallergenic soft silicone that ensures flawless water-tight sealing. Moreover, this snorkel has an added benefit of a soft nose pocket for even more comfort. Lastly, the push-button buckles are also easy to use and adjust the strap length.

Cressi Snorkeling Set
Image Source: Our Globetrotters


  • Efficient bottom purge valve
  • Comfortable fit
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Soft nose pocket


  • No impact-resistance

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VillSure Anti-Fog Snorkeling Set 

VillSure Anti Fog Snorkeling Set

VillSure dry snorkel set has an easy breathing system with a dry top and is the best fit for adults. It features a full dry top design and a specialized float valve mechanism. All the useful features ensure a great diving experience. With a high safety index and quality assurance, there’s no need for worrying.

Water-tight and breathable

The top of the tube features a specialized float valve. When the snorkeler goes below the water level, the float moves upward to prohibit water from flowing inside the snorkel. The leak-proof silicone face skirt ensures no water enters the breathing tube and the fit is also not uncomfortable.

VillSure Snorkeling Set

Clear view

The snorkel set has an anti-fog, tempered glass lens. The lens is sufficiently impact-resistant and gives an unobstructed clear view surrounding you. The impact resistance prevents it from getting damaged by any sudden impact.

Safe and non-toxic

The silicone material in the mouthpiece is food-grade without any peculiar smell. Thus, it is safe for the skin and also durable. All the components are fully tested and passed quality assurance for the best experience and safety.

Anti Fog Snorkeling Set


  • Safe and quality-assured
  • Float valve mechanism
  • Water-tight sealing
  • Unobstructed view


  • Water sealing not good

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U-S Divers Snorkel Set for Women 

U S Divers Snorkel Set for Women

US Diver’s dry top snorkel set is the ultimate travel companion and is suitable for snorkeling, swimming, and many other water sports. This is a full mask snorkel set with adjustable fins and a superior mask. With a panoramic view of the ocean and an unobstructed breathable dry top mask, there is no superior snorkel matching its standards.

Clear panoramic view

The US Divers set features a four-window design that gives an unobstructed panoramic view being made from a clear tempered glass lens. 

Snorkel set for women 1 1

Safe and comfortable

The silicone skirt is also hypoallergenic for ultimate comfort. A comfortable nose pocket facilitates smooth equalization with easy and effortless purging. Thus, you can breathe comfortably at all times. 

U S Divers Snorkel Set


  • Dual composite vented blade
  • Clear panoramic view
  • Breathable
  • Comfy nose pocket


  • Expensive

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How to stop your snorkel mask from fogging?

An anti-fog technology embedded snorkel mask will itself prevent fogging. However, if the technology is poor, you can supplement it with a mixture of baby shampoo and water. Just simply spray it in your mask and swish it throughout the surface of the glass lens for the best results.

What is the best snorkel set to buy?

Different snorkel sets offer different advantages. However, to name a few, the Kustar, Cressi, and Zeeporte snorkeling sets are highly recommended by most users.

Why are full-face snorkel masks dangerous?

Full-face snorkel masks have a high potential for carbon dioxide build-up and poisoning leading to dizziness, headaches, or unconsciousness. This is especially true for long hours of snorkeling sessions.

What does a dry snorkel cost?

You can get a basic dry snorkel set for a cost of $30-150 and even above for some professional-grade sets.

What does a dry snorkel mean?

A dry snorkel has a specialized mechanism of the float valve. It seals the snorkel tube when completely submerged. The float valve prevents water from entering the breathing tube hence allowing clear, unobstructed breathing.

Buying Guide for the Best Snorkel Set for Women

Snorkeling, however much of an interesting adventure sport across the globe, is also very risky and equipment-dependent. The snorkel gear you are using will govern the major portion of your underwater experience – no matter how experienced you are at this sport. Moreover, a small defect in the gear can also mean a heavy risk to your life and cause a life or death situation. Hence, it is very important to first thoroughly check the specifications to ensure a safe and satisfactory snorkeling experience. 


The main aspect that most snorkelers check for in their gear is the view – whether it is a single or double lens mask. Usually, a single lens mask offers a clear unobstructed panoramic view of the underwater world which is the prime concern as that is what you want to experience through snorkeling. A double lens mask can also provide a panoramic view but is mostly not that long-lasting. Hence, experienced snorkelers recommend going for a single lens mask. The prime factor should be that the view is authentic and neither obstructed nor manipulated by any colored costing in the glass lens.

Water sealing

The next most important factor is the water sealing factor of the snorkel gear. It is very difficult to snorkel with loose water sealing as you will find your entire mask filled with seawater. It is not only uncomfortable but also unhealthy for the eyes and face. Hence, the water-sealing capacity should be very potent. Usually, silicone skirts are used in the face mask to ensure a tight water-sealing because silicone is safe for the skin when it is of food-grade quality. Moreover, silicone also does not impart an uncomfortable fit on the face. Most snorkelers also come with a purge valve for easy and quick evacuation of water if it enters by chance. So, always ensure that the snorkel set you have chosen fulfills all these criteria of keeping out water as much as possible.

Snorkel set
Image Source: My Cruises


The snorkel set should also be comfortable no matter the age and gender of the diver. This is especially important when you are going on deep-sea dives for long hours. An uncomfortable fit or strap will mess up the entire experience. Hence, ensure that you check reviews of the product before buying it. Mostly, consumer reviews are a true representation of the comfort level of snorkel gear. Also, ensure the size and shape of the snorkel gear you are choosing by checking the size chart attached with the product. This will help you choose one that fits your face shape and size.


Safety is of utmost importance because if some unpleasant incident happens due to a defect in the gear when you are several feet down the water level, there’s no going back. It can have a fatal effect on the diver’s life. For this reason, safety should be kept at first priority. The tube should work efficiently and have no defect otherwise the breathing tube will get filled with water as soon as you enter the water. Ideally, a snorkel set should be built with food-grade silicone which is safe for the skin.

Build and longevity

Most snorkel sets are made of silicone which is sufficiently waterproof and soft not to feel discomfort on the skin. However, the build quality should be checked, and useful features like impact resistance. Otherwise, a hit by any object or even any sea animal will damage the lens and make it difficult to survive underwater.


The budget is a very important concern for all scuba divers but safety should not be compromised for that. You can get snorkel sets for women within $30-$150 and some professional-grade snorkel gears also come for a higher price. 

Our Recommendations

Our top recommendation is the Ninetails snorkel gear that includes a full pack of swim goggles, fins, mask, as well as the snorkel. It is beneficial for both experts and newbies in this sport. If you are someone who gives top priority to safety and quality, the Ninetails and the VillSure snorkel set are two top choices as they have passed standard tests and thus guarantee full safety. Moreover, if you want an affordable set with a very professional grade build (used by experts), you can go for the Kustar Snorkeling set. For others who are starting new, a cheap set having a sufficiently high safety index is the best when you are just trying out the sport and have not yet decided whether to continue it for a long time.

Smart Buying Tips

One important tip that will help you is to look for a comfortable fit in the fin. This will give enough thrust with minimal force spent. When you are going for long hours of snorkeling, this will be very beneficial as you will save a lot of energy and also feel comfortable in it. To test if the fins are aptly comfortable for your feet’ shape and size, wear it and walk around a bit for some time. Also, after buying any snorkeling set, never dive deep sea without first testing the gear in shallow water like a pool or just shallow seawater. This is a very important life-saving tip. No matter how professional-grade it is made of, there are always chances of defects being present. Any small defect in the float tube can be fatal to your life. Our top picks in a snorkel set for women are the best ones from all aspects and shall keep you sorted whether you are a professional or a beginner.

Image Source: Amazon

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